We’re Zozanga – one of the world’s leading online review platforms, specialising primarily in kitchen appliance reviews.

Each day, millions of people suffer through not having access to proper kitchen appliances. With health and nutrition becoming so important, it’s imperative that all households have access to the most common kitchen appliances. Whether that’s a food processor, juicer, toaster oven, microwave or anything else – everybody deserves to have the most basic appliances.

As part of our ongoing commitment to delivering excellence in local and regional communities, we are launching the World Donation Scheme.

What Is The World Donation Scheme?

The World Donation Scheme is our way of giving back to local communities through gifting kitchen appliances, no strings attached.

Whether that’s a food processor or a juicer – we believe that by simply gifting a kitchen appliance, we can help households all over the world to live happier lives.

More and more of us are using appliances to live healthy and enjoyable lives. Take Juicers for example. Juicers are an appliance where you can easily juice Fruit and Vegetables, and create delicious drinks packed full of nutritional goodness. As most of us know, the quality of the juicer is often really important – and the sorry fact is, many households don’t have enough expendible income to afford a high-quality, well rated Juicer.

What Are You Gifting?

The World Donation Scheme will run on a yearly timeline.

Every year, we will gift a different appliance to successful applicants.

For the year of 2017, we are gifting Food Processors to our loyal readers who feel they could benefit from one.

Here’s a timeline of our projected programme:

2017 – Food Processors – Between 50 and 200 models

2018 – Juicers – To be confirmed later.

2019 – Toaster Ovens – To be confirmed later.

2020 – Stand Mixers – To be confirmed later.

2021 – Slow Cookers – To be confirmed later.

2022 – Rice Cookers – To be confirmed later.

2023 – Pressure Cookers – To be confirmed later.

2024 – Blenders – To be confirmed later.

How Do You Decide Which Models To Give Away?

We use our independently judged food processor reviews to help ensure that we are giving away the absolute best models on the market at the time of award.

For 2017, we are giving away between 50 and 200 food processors to priviledged households through the United States. We are actively working to identify low income households that are living without access to a Food Processor.

How Can I Help?

Interested in helping Zozanga to improve our World Donation Scheme?

Contact us at wds@zozanga.com to learn more about the program, or to see what we’re up to!

We’re particularly interested in hearing from companies, organisations, websites, not-for-profits and even individuals who want to contribute to the scheme by donating second hand, or brand new Food Processors. We can take second hand food processors, refurbish them and gift them away as part of the program!