Weston Pro 1100 Review

Weston Pro 1100 Review 

Weston Pro 1100 Summary

4.2 out of 5

A built-in roll feed with a cutter, rapid marinate mode, and a retractable handheld sealer is the other reasons to consider Weston Pro 1100. However, the primary reason why you should think of getting this sealer is for its size. So capable and versatile, it takes up less counter space than competing automatic sealers. Instead of using counter space, it uses vertical space and is taller rather than wide.

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Weston Pro 1100 Introduction

Vacuum sealing food extends the usable life by at least five times. Fresh vegetables that last no more than a week or two in the refrigerator can now go on for months if vacuum sealed and frozen. Meat can be preserved for years. You need not spend a lot on a vacuum sealer for these activities. However, if you plan on vacuum sealing a lot of things, especially some wet content, then you cannot go with a cheap vacuum sealer. No, what you need is an all-inclusive sealer that gives you minute control over every single factor.

The Weston Pro 1100 is a vacuum sealer designed to last a lifetime with features that ought to turn you into a master of vacuum sealing. Entirely made from stainless steel with a roll feed at the back and a large see-through workspace to the front, this machine has a large control unit with big LEDs. It looks industrial grade and works like one too. You can use any vacuum sealer bag, or you can use a vacuum roll and make your bags. Yes, the Weston Pro 1100 has a cutter to create the right sized bags you need quickly.

The Weston Pro 1100 Vacuum sealer nearly matches the performance of a chamber sealer at a fraction of their cost. Granted chamber vacuum sealers do a fantastic job with liquids and wet items, but the Pro 1100 doesn’t do badly either.

Our Weston Pro 1100 Review

Before even getting into a detailed discussion, you should know that the Weston Pro 1100 is a commercial grade equipment but not a chamber vacuum sealer. It is heavy duty and designed to work nonstop for several minutes without dying on you. We have recently reviewed another similar product from FoodSaver called the GameSaver Big Game Vacuum Sealer. We were impressed by the build and performance though we had a few reservations regarding the price and overall usability. This review is primarily in response to the GameSaver as we believe the Weston Pro 1100 is perfect for fishers, hunters and restaurateurs or mini-chefs.

Right around the time we received our Weston Pro 1100, we had a large batch of waterfowl and pheasants to process for the winter. We wasted no time at all breaking in the machine. Now, with a conventional vacuum sealer, you need to let the heat strip cool down after every bag for at least 10 seconds before you can start again. The Weston Pro 1100 vacuum sealer thankfully does not need 10 seconds to cool down. It works just fine up until the 20th bag, after which the seal bar gets hot enough to melt through any bag.

Now, for big game hunters, we understand this can be a problem as you have a lot of meat to process and package before the day runs out. For us, the heat bar cooled down sufficiently enough after 30 seconds or so. So for every 20 bags, you spend 30 seconds to cool down. That’s much better than 10 seconds between each bag! Keep in mind though, Weston advises you let the seal bar cool for a good 20 seconds before using it again. Thankfully, the Weston Pro comes with replacement parts. You get an additional foam chamber seal set and a heat tape. If and when they go bad, you have replacements waiting so your big game meat gets packaged without a hitch.

While you can use just about any generic vacuum bag designed for external vacuum sealers, the Weston Pro has a roll holder at the back built into the unit. It also has a flip-up cutter to make your own bags. Using the bag maker for custom sized bags is easy though it takes a little practice.

The other thing that caught our attention was the pulse button. While you can manually set everything up and let the machine run on its own, there are times when you need to have complete control over the vacuum process. That is when the Pulse button comes handy. Lock the bag in place and press on the pulse to start the vacuum pump. The pump stops when you release the button. Just press the manual seal button to finish up. It is great if you are working with crackers, cookies, bread or even fresh cased sausage.

Is the Weston Pro 1100 a perfect vacuum sealer? No, absolutely not. There are better vacuum sealers in the market that make life so much easier but when it comes control and performance, the Weston sure does beat all others. It has its quirks like the annoying lid lock mechanism and the time it takes to prepare bags, but those are small complications that you get used to over time.

Weston Pro 1100 Specifications & Pros/Cons



Key Features

  • Stainless steel body and interior should stand the test of time.
  • The powerful pump can generate sufficient pressure to package big game meat.
  • Plenty of controls including a manual seal and pulse option for delicate items.
  • Bag maker unit fitted at the back with a cutter to make your bags.
  • Can handle up to 20 bags at once before needing a 30-second rest.
  • Works with bags, jars, canisters and jars. Does not need specific brand or type either.
  • You get replacement components for parts that usually go bad first.
  • The lid is difficult to unlock and takes a little practice. It can get annoying especially if you want to make a lot of bags from a vacuum roll.
  • The pump is noisy, and none of it is filtered with dampening material.
  • Well-built – The Weston Pro 1100 is entirely made from stainless steel. Only the see-through lid is plastic, but it too feels sturdy.
  • Powerful – The pump on this vacuum sealer can generate a lot of suction pressure. You get the option to keep the pump on as long as you need using the Pulse button.
  • Plenty of Options – The control panel offers you speed, pressure level and several other options for the perfect vacuum sealing experience.
  • Comes with Replacement Parts – Weston understands that the heat tape and the foam chamber seals are the first to go bad over time. That is why they package an extra pair with the original product.
  • Lid Latches Securely in Place – The lid does not wobble or need additional pressure. Once it locks in place, it holds the bag securely against the heat tape.

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Our Final Conclusion For Weston Pro 1100

Usually, we recommend chamber vacuum sealers for folks who deal with a lot of bags on a regular basis. From commercial establishments to big game hunters and fishermen, there are plenty of folks who will love the Weston Pro 1100 because it is cheaper than any chamber sealer and yet just as adept at packaging large chunks of meat without any fuss.

Just the fact that you can control the entire process from start to finish either by setting the time and pressure level or using the pulse button is reason enough to purchase the Weston Pro 1100 vacuum sealer. In fact, if you want to use generic bags, rolls and do not like waiting in between each bag but want an inexpensive solution, you should get the Weston Pro 1100. You will not be disappointed.