Vacuum Sealer Buying Guide

How do I know what to look for when purchasing a vacuum sealer?

The first thing that you want to do, typically before purchasing anything, is consider your list of needs – the purpose you have for buying said item and the makeshift “requirements specification” that it will have to adhere to. Not only will you avoid buying things that you don’t really need – but you’ll also have a clear idea of exactly what you want which makes sifting through the makes and models considerably easier.

  • How frequently do you plan on using it – will it be consistent during these times or will it vary depending on any other times – to prepare food for national holidays such as Christmas?
  • Are you going to vacuum seal the same food on a regular basis?
  • Do you already own Mason jars or similar canisters that could be put to good use, but are currently sat on the shelves collecting dust?
  • How much are you willing to give yourself as a budget for the purchase of a food vacuum sealer?
  • Is the above budget reasonable?
  • Are there any particular brands of good reputation that you’re already considering – do you own another reliable kitchen appliance by them?
  • Do you know of any family or friends with a food vacuum sealer? (If so, you could consider asking for their input)
  • Do you want a cost efficient vacuum sealer?
  • Are you going to be ready Vacuum Sealer reviews?

There are some vacuum sealers that will allow you to cut a length of special plastic from a larger roll, seal up one end and make your own bags – which is good if you know for certain how much plastic you need, too little or too much and you’ll just end up wasting it, unless you wash out the plastic bag when you don’t have enough of the plastic and reuse it for another food item. On the other hand however, there are food vacuum sealers that don’t seal right at the end of the bag but instead a good few inches away from it, which also wastes the plastic – perhaps more than the previous option, it all depends on how good you are at gauging how much of the plastic you will need. Our reviews will let you know all of this – making it much easier to choose a model.

Do I know what to avoid when purchasing a vacuum sealer?

It’s all well and good going onto an online e-commerce store (such as Amazon or Ebay) and searching through the results, but you’ll want to avoid making certain mistakes:

  • Going by the perceived size of the appliance from the picture on the product page, especially one on a blank background – always read the product description and look for the dimensions (measure the space in your kitchen where you think you would store it and compare the two) as, another easy mistake is to read something along the lines of “ 10” by 9” by 13” “ (not a massive machine) and think that it sounds reasonable, yet when it arrives you don’t have as much space as you thought you did.
  • If you have injuries or illnesses that prevent you putting too much pressure on your hands and wrists .e.g. arthritis, then you may want to consider checking out the weight and putting something equally as heavy in your hands – can you hold it comfortably, is it awkward etc.
  • Virtually under NO circumstances (unless you’re looking to purchase a vacuum sealer for your company) should you buy a thermoforming, or rollstock, vacuum sealer (also known as vacuum packaging machine) as these are built to industrial sizes and will NOT fit into your home . Never minding the fact that nowadays, a lot more people who stock and sell items expect you to be able to re-package it and send it back in order to get a refund; you’ll end up losing far more than you get. Our reviews will let you know whether the sealer is suitable for consumer or commercial use.

Where do I purchase a vacuum sealer from?

Much like most kitchen appliances you can purchase vacuum sealers from numerous places – markets, trade fairs, brand websites, online retail stores, and online e-commerce stores; each with their own advantages and disadvantages.

Place of purchase



Market/Car bootOn the market or car boot sale you can get information about the vacuum sealer you’re purchasing first hand – is that particular sealer good at marinating meats, or better with fruit and vegetables etc. Prices can be very cheap.The information given to you may be biased. Prices can also be very expensive. You may get ripped off – it may not be the make of vacuum sealer that you’re led to believe it is. There won’t necessary be any vacuum sealers present.
Trade fairExperts and professionals to offer free advice (and demonstrations so you can see them in action). Any questions you may have are answered straight away. Variety of vacuum sealer types and brands.Information may be biased. Group demonstrations are often fast and you may not catch everything. If there are a lot of people in a demonstration, then it may take a while for the stall holders to answer your questions. If you’re not nearby a trade fair, you’ll have to pay to get to the trade fair on top of ticket prices (alternatively, there may not be a trade fair on at all). The trade fair may not be using or selling vacuum sealers.
Brand websiteVery unlikely to have information on the website that can’t be backed up as brand reputation on the line. Direct access to vacuum sealers to purchase with little hassle.Less likely to get deals or honest reviews from people that own a vacuum sealer as reviews are most likely vetted to ensure that the company is portrayed in a positive light.
Online retail storeVacuum sealers likely to be sold by “hottest deals” so you’re likely to get good prices for your vacuum sealer. You can also read reviews from customers who have purchased the item.There may be a long response time regarding any queries that you may have with the vacuum sealers on offer.
Online e-commerce storeMultiple different brands, dealers and prices. Un-censored honest reviews from a variety of different people including those that use them with no real prior knowledge of what to expect. E-Commerce stores usually publicize customer reviews of vacuum sealers – so you’ll be able to identify the best model yourself.As not all of the vacuum sealers available to purchase will necessarily come from the same place, or sender – then you may not get the same high quality service as claimed in some of the reviews – although the product itself will be of the same standard, providing that there hasn’t been any anomalous faults in the construction, and also bearing in mind that reviews – wherever you get them from, are subjective.

Choose your best options

Have a look at the above lists and choose the places you would consider purchasing a vacuum sealer from and then shop around for vacuum sealers that best fit your requirements specification – going back over those you think would be appropriate and checking that your initial needs haven’t changed.

  • Have you had to make new allowances in terms of your budget having seen the vacuum sealers already on display?
  • Have you checked to see if we’ve reviewed the vacuum sealer you’re thinking of getting to get an expert opinion?
  • Have you looked at the available reviews to see the layman opinion?

Once you’ve got down your shortlist it’s just a matter of deciding what you would like best – and that’s all there is to it. It may seem a bit of a long drawn out process, but it will benefit you greatly in the long run. Read our vacuum sealer reviews today and let us help you make a better buying decision.