VacMaster VP120 Review

VacMaster VP120 Review 

VacMaster VP120 Summary

4.6 out of 5

A complete chamber vacuum sealer, the VacMaster VP120 is adept at wet and dry sealing. It can also seal canisters and containers using the auxiliary port.

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VacMaster VP120 Introduction

You may have a hard time trying to wrap your head around the astronomical price tag of the VacMaster VP120 if you do not know much about vacuum sealing. However, if you have used a vacuum sealer in the past and disliked the fact that you could not seal liquids, soups, sauces and gravies, then the VP120 is sure to blow your mind. This chamber vacuum sealer can seal anything and everything under the blue skies. Dips, marinades, stock, sauces to cookies, biscuits, bread and even plain water!

Where other vacuum sealers have a hard time removing air from a bag containing liquids, the VP120 creates a void in a matter of seconds. All you have to do is decide just how long to vacuum for and what pressure to maintain. Once you get the hang of the settings, there isn’t anything that you cannot vacuum seal and extend the shelf life.

From a technical standpoint, the VacMaster VP120 can maintain anywhere from 27 to 29 Hg of pressure. A typical FoodSaver external sealer can only do 24 to 26 Hg at best. The fact that this vacuum sealer has a button to raise and lower the lid just adds to the efficiency and speed. Big game hunters, fishers, and folks who buy in bulk ought to forget cheap sealers and invest into something sturdy like this VacMaster.

Our VacMaster VP120 Review

The VacMaster VP120 weighs around 48 pounds. That is a lot of weight, and most of it is stainless steel. Naturally, this machine isn’t moving anywhere soon. You may want to fix a spot for it on your kitchen countertop. But because of the weight and durable construction, it is rugged and durable. Moreover, liquid spills or juice leaks will not stain the material or damage the interiors.

Unlike other vacuum sealers, the VP120 differentiates between dry and wet items. Once you set the nature of food you are sealing, you can decide the duration of vacuum and seal. Naturally, the abundance of configurations makes it a perfect solution for sous-vide cooking.

The chamber is deep and to give you some perspective, we were able to fit a small chicken inside it! That’s not all. You can do lettuce, greens, freshly baked cakes, bread, muffins, soft fruits and anything else you want without worrying about the end product.

It manages to seal around 20 bags in less than 10 minutes, so speed isn’t a concern. However, what caught our imagination was the lid button that automatically raises and lowers the hatch. Just position your bag in the chamber, set the timer and pressure gauge, press a button and walk away. The trap clamps down and the machine starts the vacuum process. Once it completes the seal, the hatch opens up automatically.

The VacMaster VP120 did come with a few bags and a thin vacuum roll, but the freebies will last less than a week. Good news though, it does not care what brand of vacuum bag you use as long as it is designed for vacuum sealing. We suggest generic bags or even cheaper vacuum rolls and make your bags. In fact, use the free bags and rolls to learn how to use the machine. It will take you at least a couple of days. Read the manual and watch a few videos online. Once you know what you are doing, the VacMaster will be your new best friend in the kitchen.

Some folks say that a chamber vacuum sealer needs a lot of maintenance. While it applies to the majority of chamber sealers, the Ary VacMaster VP120 does not require a lot of care. Just keep it clean on the outside and inside. The pump will need occasional oiling, and the inner seal bar detaches in the event you need to replace it, which is highly unlikely. Unfortunately, Ary does not offer more than the 1-year warranty on the product and considering what they charge; they should reconsider their buyer policy.

Does the VacMaster VP120 do all that it promises to? Yes, absolutely! It is convenient and time-saving regardless of what you do. You can even seal jars with this machine. Double seal wet items, prepare your marinades, juices and other sauces for quick storage without the need to freeze them first. In fact, by the time you learn all the tricks of the VP120, you might just begin Sous Vide cooking, if you haven’t already.

VacMaster VP120 Specifications & Pros/Cons



Key Features

  • Gourmia has invested a lot of effort in reducing the footprint of this vacuum sealer and building a product that looks and feels sturdy.
  • Does not spill juices when sealing wet food items.
  • You have complete control every single variable involved in vacuum sealing from pressure, time to double sealing.
  • The lid button is a handy addition to previous models as it eliminates the need to stand near the vacuum sealer while it operates.
  • Stainless steel body and construction ought to resist stains and rust. Basic care is sufficient to keep it functional for years.
  • Powerful pump that can maintain high-pressure levels of 29Hg.
  • It weighs a lot and will need a permanent space on your kitchen counter. Because of the size, you cannot store it hidden away either.
  • The pump is powerful but unfortunately all that power results in higher noise levels.
  • It can take you anywhere from two days to a week to figure out all the controls and settings of this vacuum sealer.
  • It costs a lot of money for someone who wants a basic vacuum sealer capable of sealing wet food items.
  • Durable Pump and Design – The VacMaster VP120 is made entirely from stainless steel. It feels more commercial than consumer grade and is even priced as such. Moreover, the pump is durable, albeit a little loud.
  • Perfect Seal – Because the heat seal bar is wide and clamps down on the mouth of the bag, it always produces a perfect seal. With wet items, you can double seal the bag just to be sure. This option is available on the control panel.
  • Multiple Modes and Options – The control panel does not have easy one-press operating buttons. It needs a complete set of instructions such as time, pressure level, type of product and seal duration to complete one cycle.
  • Works Wonders with Wet Items – Chamber vacuum sealers usually do an excellent job with wet food and hence are preferred by Sous Vide enthusiasts. The VP120 is no different.
  • Lid Button – The lid open/close button is such a convenient feature. Just place your bag and its mouth between the heat bars, select all your options and press the lid button to lower the lid automatically. It even raises the cover once the process is complete.

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Our Final Conclusion For VacMaster VP120

The VacMaster VP120 can become the most important kitchen appliance in your arsenal if you can spend over $500. There are plenty other brands and models, but this particular model from Ary VacMaster is a maestro at what it does. Durable body, minute control over every single variable and the ability to vacuum seal any bag, pouch, vacuum roll, jar, canister or otherwise – why would you not want this vacuum sealer?

Remember, to spend some time reading the user manual for the VP120. It isn’t exhaustive, but it gives you a good idea of what to do with different food items. If you do not mind the price tag and the time required to learn the steps, we promise you won’t be disappointed.