Foodsaver V4440 Review

FoodSaver V4440 Review 

FoodSaver V4440 Summary

4.2 out of 5

A built-in roll feed with a cutter, rapid marinate mode, and a retractable handheld sealer is the other reasons to consider FoodSaver V4440. However, the primary reason why you should think of getting this sealer is for its size. So capable and versatile, it takes up less counter space than competing automatic sealers. Instead of using counter space, it uses vertical space and is taller rather than wide.

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FoodSaver V4440 Introduction

What is better than a handheld vacuum sealer and a standard sealer? It is a FoodSaver that does both! The FoodSaver 4440 is a 2-in-1 vacuum sealer is versatile with its dual sealing functionality. It automatically detects the bag type and seals accordingly in just two simple steps. When you need to seal canisters, containers or zipper bags use the pull-out retractable sealer without having to add any attachments. It does delicate food items such as cookies and muffins. The Foodsaver V4440 is a complete package for all your sealing needs.

The FoodSaver works with all kinds of Foodsaver bags, canisters and marinators. It even accepts zipper bags and can automatically detect the bag to begin vacuum sealing. Just remember to use bags specifically designed for this vacuum sealer, and you will always have an air-tight seal that helps prevent freezer burn. With the retractable sealer, you can even reseal frequently used pantry items and refrigerated foods in a double zipper reinforced bag. One final functional feature of the 4440 is its Rapid Marinate Mode that lets you marinate in just a few minutes rather than hours.

This vacuum sealer features a full-sized roll storage area with a cutter that automatically creates custom bag sizes. If you seal a lot of food items, this functionality is the single most important reason to buy the FoodSaver V4440. You save anywhere from 30 to 40 percent with FoodSaver Rolls.

Our FoodSaver V4440 Review

The biggest advantage of the 2-in-1 FoodSaver V4440 vacuum sealer is its ability to detect any FoodSaver bag automatically. The moment this vacuum sealer detects the presence of a bag, it does all necessary calculations and starts the sealing process automatically. No more pressing a button or setting the sealing time with this vacuum sealer.

Such level of automation ensures hygiene as you can package and store anything without the fear of cross-contamination. Prepare all items you wish to seal by placing them in bags. Then all you have to do is put each bag in the mouth of the FoodSaver 4440. That is how easy it is to vacuum seal.

Not everyone likes using expensive FoodSaver bags or even the generic variants. If you prefer using vacuum rolls, then you will love the built-in storage space and cutter. Pick the right size of the roll and feed it into the top compartment of the vacuum sealer. The machine does all the cutting and sealing making the entire process seamless and straightforward. Compared to cutting bags out of rolls with a scissor, the machine produces perfect straight lines in a fraction of the time you typically need.

Another fantastic feature of the FoodSaver V4440 is the Rapid Marinate Mode. This mode lets you quickly marinate any food in a matter of minutes rather than several hours. You retain the taste factor minus the time necessary to achieve a perfect marinate. Remember, when you marinate using vacuum sealing, you remove as much air as possible from the bags. The vacuum created within a sealed bag pulls on the pores and opens the meat up, allowing it to absorb the marinade quickly. To further reduce the time required, put your sealed bag in the freezer.

Because of all the automation, the FoodSaver V4440 vacuum sealer comes at a premium compared to other models from FoodSaver. However, it is the level of automation that makes sealing such a quick and easy process. Besides, it has a shorter learning curve. Also, since you don’t fiddle with the bag or the process, the heat seal integrity is top notch.

There’s an additional unit on the left top side of the sealer that is a retractable handheld sealer. It works with FoodSaver marinators, canisters and two kinds of zipper bags. The advantages of a handheld sealer are obvious but what you should mostly use it for is to save counter space by squeezing in ingredients into smaller containers.

There are two vacuum speeds, both automatically regulated by the unit’s programming depending on the food type inside a bag and the quantity. However, if you want minute control over the process, you can switch to the Pulse Vac mode that allows you to decide just how much time the sealer takes to evacuate air from a heat seal bag.

Vacuum sealing can be a messy affair, especially with liquids. Because the machine works on its own, it has a drip tray underneath the entire mechanism that collects any spillage or overflow. Though not much of an advantage when sealing containers, jars or dry items in a bag, it does maintain cleanliness of your work surface when working with moist and liquid items. In case you were wondering, this drip tray is dishwasher safe and BPA free.

FoodSaver V4440 Specifications & Pros/Cons



Key Features

  • With almost the entire process automated, there isn’t much that you have to do for a perfect seal.
  • It works with all kinds of FoodSaver bags, containers, jars and even zipper bags.
  • The device automatically detects the presence of a bag and content within to decide on the temperature and time.
  • Handheld Sealer is retractable.
  • At less than $180, this FoodSaver is also a money saver.
  • The drip tray helps in keeping your kitchen counter clean. It is also dishwasher safe.
  • Built-in roll tube with cutter eliminates the need to prepare your own bags. You can simply get a roll, place it in the roll container and let the machine decide the length and cut size.
  • Vertical design saves counter space, and it slots inside cabinets too.
  • Because of its unique design, it can be difficult gauging the end of the bag. It takes time, but you will eventually get used to the lack of sight.
  • Automatic Sealing – Everything about the FoodSaver V4440 is automated. From deciding the size of bags to make out of rolls to the speed and suction, the machine handles all the calculations for a perfect seal.
  • Retractable Sealer – It does not depend on extra attachments or feeds to seal containers, jars and zipper bags. Instead, it features a retractable sealer for this purpose. Press the start button, and it begins sealing on its own.
  • Roll Compartment – If you are the type who prefers saving on rolls then the built-in roll chamber will excite you. Use a compatible roll from FoodSaver and choose the length of roll you need for a perfect seal. Once ready, start the process, and the machine will finish up by cutting the roll precisely where required and always in a straight line.
  • Rapid Marinate Mode – The V4440 has a separate marinate mode that quickly sucks up all the air inside a bag until the marinate remains. What should take hours in a freezer will now take a few minutes thanks to this mode.

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Our Final Conclusion For The FoodSaver V4440

If you have used a vacuum sealer in the past, then you know just how much time it takes for the heating rod to warm up. You also need to know the duration for wet and dry items for a perfect seal. Not to mention the pain of wasting bags just because it was not perfectly aligned along the heat rod. The FoodSaver V4440 does away with all these complications thanks to its automatic mechanism.

It senses when there is a bag in its mouth, decides the time and heat based on the content within the packet and starts the sealing process automatically. All you have to do is put the items in the vacuum bags.