FoodSaver V3240 Review

FoodSaver V3240 Review 

FoodSaver V3240 Summary

4.9 out of 5

The FoodSaver V3240 is a remarkable piece of kit that has consistently received positive reviews from the community. In our independent studies, we found that the FoodSaver V3240 is able to seal as effectively as other, more expensive models. Currently, the FoodSaver V3240 is one of the most affordable and effective vacuum sealers available on the market.

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FoodSaver V3240 Introduction

The FoodSaver V3240 Vacuum Sealing System is the ideal vacuum food sealer for anyone that feels comfortable with the vacuum sealing process and wants to have the ability to assert their own control over it (in order to make it more efficient in terms of cost, space and time) instead of using the generic vacuum sealing process for beginners where everything is done automatically with little to no control (which is great if you’re still learning, but if you know what you’re doing then it may well benefit you to be able to control the entirety of the process in itself).

The FoodSaver V3240 vacuum sealer affords the user more than just great features that allow them to customize everything to just the way they like it, it also has a vertical design to save space on the kitchen counter so that there’s no need to push everything off or to struggle to fit the vacuum sealer on as well as the other important appliances or equipment, such as baking trays to flash freeze food in order to evenly distribute moisture throughout the food before vacuum sealing it in an airtight environment to ensure that you get the highest quality of vacuum sealed food again and again.

If you’ve been worrying about the more delicate food and how it should be handled, then worry no longer. With the ‘CrushFree Instant Seal’ your not-so-rigid foods e.g. stuffing will stay intact in the freezer – a great timesaver for Thanksgiving and Christmas as when you’re pulling out all the stops even the slightest time saver is greatly appreciated, not to mention how dessert (apple crumble) won’t be reduced to a pile of biscuit crumbs covered in fruit bits instead of the other way around, leaving you with less mess and therefore less to clean up.

Our FoodSaver V3240 Review

The FoodSaver V3240 vacuum sealer is completely programmable with two options for speed, two options for your food type, the opportunity to just seal or to vacuum seal – whichever is most appropriate. The FoodSaver V3240 puts the power in your hands allowing you to make use of the ingenious technology the FoodSaver V3240 has to offer, you don’t have to know the full mechanisms of the vacuum sealing and regular sealing process to manipulate the vacuum sealer to carry out the programs which best suit you and the food that you wish to vacuum seal.

And if you vary which foods you vacuum seal and in particular their different sizes, then the heat seal roll holder and bag cutter will definitely make your vacuum sealing more cost efficient as you have complete control over the sizes of the food vacuum seal bags meaning that you waste less plastic and the vacuum sealed food also takes up less space wherever it’s being stored (whether the refrigerator, freezer, in your cupboard or on your pantry shelf) and you don’t have to worry about storing a large bird whole, a full size turkey can fit within one food vacuum seal bag providing that the width doesn’t exceed that of your heat seal roll (which needs to be purchased separately).

The FoodSaver V3240 vacuum sealer allowed us to vacuum seal a large range of foods from meat, fruit and vegetables, to vacuum sealing whole meals, such as cottage pie, or desserts – you can always make your two lots of your ffavoritedessert, vacuum seal one of them, put it in the freezer and save it for a rainy day – an instant pick me up.

The FoodSaver V3240 vacuum sealer functions just as well as any automatic vacuum sealer we’ve come across – there is no loss in quality due to the fact that you have complete control over the vacuum sealing process thanks to the full set of manual controls on the vacuum sealer allowing you to have input for each part of the vacuum sealing process (or just the sealing process as you can choose to do that).

FoodSaver V3240 Specifications & Pros/Cons



Key Features

  • The FoodSaver V3240 is greatly affordable. In fact, it’s one of the most affordable Vacuum Sealers currently available on the market.
  • The two vacuum speeds are perfect for deciding how you want your food sealed. Do you lack time? Speed it up! Want a very tight seal? Do it slowly!
  • The CrushFree feature is simply awesome. No longer do you have to worry about crushing delicate foods like bananas, for example.
  • The Roll Holder and Bag Cutter are life essentials – every kitchen needs one, especially when regularly sealing.
  • The FoodSaver V3240 seems a bit on the flimsy side. We didn’t notice any defects though, and it does seem like it will last for years to come.
  • When using the fastest vacuum speed, we found that very occasionally, some foods wouldn’t be tightly sealed. As such, we recommend using the slow setting for maximum effectiveness.
  • Two vacuum speeds – perfect for ensuring that vacuum sealing your food takes place without any mishaps again and again – and if you’re in a rush you don’t have to worry about hanging around waiting a long time for the food to finish being vacuum sealed before you put it in storage, as there’s barely any time to wait. On the other hand, however, if you like to be cautious about ensuring everything is vacuum sealed properly (even though you’ve checked the vacuum sealer, heat seal roll and food again and again), then the slow vacuum speed is for you.
  • CrushFree Instant Seal – great for protecting any of your more delicate foods (soft fruit and vegetables etc.), you don’t have to worry that your food will be crushed during the sealing process.
  • Moist or dry food settings – to ensure that you get the most out of the FoodSaver V3240 vacuum sealer, the user has the ability to program whether they’re vacuum sealing moist or dry food, therefore the seal used with either dry or moist food will be attuned to the correct food type meaning that the seal can stay intact for longer.
  • Roll holder and bag cutter – the FoodSaver V3420 also allows users to use their own bags and cut them to custom size – saving space and so allowing more food to be stored, and also wasting less plastic and therefore being more cost efficient.

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Our Final Conclusion For The FoodSaver V3240

If you’re looking for a way to be able to vacuum seal a wide variety of food and food types, including both wet and dry foods, whole birds and leftovers without losing the ability to control exactly how the vacuum sealing process is carried out (and in some instances be able to choose to only seal the vacuum seal bags instead of vacuum sealing them depending on what food is inside), then look no further than the FoodSaver V3240.

With buttons for two speeds, two food types (moist or dry), seal and vacuum seal, not to mention the heat seal roll holder and bag cutter, you have the option to customize as much as you want right at your fingertips.