FoodSaver GameSaver Big Game Review

Foodsaver GameSaver Big Game Review 

Foodsaver GameSaver Big Game Summary

4.2 out of 5

Designed for big game meat, the Foodsaver GameSaver Big Game is a massive vacuum sealer with the ability to vacuum seal non-stop up to 70 bags at once. This is just what you need if you are a big game hunter.

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Foodsaver GameSaver Big Game Introduction

Designed for fishers and hunters, the FoodSaver Big Game GameSaver is a rugged and updated vacuum sealer with rubberized buttons and a large carrying handle. The new design includes an extra-large drip tray, 15-foot-long 12V power cord and built-in storage space for the retractable hose attachment. This vacuum sealer will handle any sealing task ranging from small birds to big game meat. Thanks to its free rugged design with 12V power cord, it plugs into any pickup, RV or boat offering portability and power.

The FoodSaver GameSaver vacuum sealer promises 80 consecutive seals and is rated at 240 pounds of game. The question is, can it seal non-stop and is it fast enough to do that? Yes, it is portable, large and looks rugged but to qualify as Big Game vacuum sealer, it has to seal quickly and handle large chunks of meat. That is what we try to find out in this review.

One thing is for sure that there aren’t many portable vacuum sealers around with the ability to plug into a portable power source such as a boat or pickup.

Our Foodsaver GameSaver Big Game Review

Foodsaver Gamesaver is supposed to be for outdoor enthusiasts who hunt and fish. But, that does not mean it cannot be used as a replacement for a basic countertop vacuum sealer. FoodSaver advertises this as the perfect outdoor companion that does everything a regular vacuum sealer does but only better. It is designed like a tank, has ergonomic features and can draw power using a Universal 12 Volt travel adapter that plugs into compatible RV, pickups and even boats. However, at its heart, it still is a traditional vacuum sealer.

Probably the first thing you will notice is just how heavy this vacuum sealer is. For its size and capacity, it is a good 4 pounds heavier. The material used is rugged and rubberized in many areas to help maintain a good grip. We love the placement of the handle as it allows you to move the sealer around with just one hand. The buttons and latch are both big and rubberized. As far as construction goes, this vacuum sealer appears rugged and sturdy. One possible problem area is the lock mechanism. Because of the latch design, it will eventually wear out and need replacement. But from what we hear, this particular model should last a decade or so before finally giving up.

Let’s get started with the bagging and sealing process. To create your bag, you can use any FoodSaver roll. Place it in the roll compartment inside the vacuum sealer. To get there, you need to release the latch to the open position, which pops the hood of the sealer. Once you place the roll in the chamber, pull out the open end and drag it all the way across the heat seal line. Close the lid shut and press the large seal button to create the bottom seal. Then pull the roll material farther out until you are satisfied with the length of the bag. Use the cutter to create your bag. Voila! In three simple steps, you have made your first bag. Unfortunately, there is zero automation in this process, hence to create another bag you have to repeat the process all over again.

With your bag ready (you can use premade FoodSaver bags and pouches) you can start the vacuum sealing process. Once again bring the latch up to the open position and place the mouth of the bag just beyond the heat seal line. Close the lid down and move the latch to the closed position. You will hear a click. Just press the vacuum and seal button to begin the entire process. This device is more than capable of handling 240 pounds of product in a single sitting or 80 consecutive seals. The only caveat is that you have to wait 10 seconds between each seal. If you make your bags, then this should not be a problem. However, if you use premade bags, then the ten-second wait can get annoying.

Vacuum sealing with the Foodsaver Gamesaver is relatively straightforward though it involves quite some steps if you use a heat seal roll. Unfortunately, the promise of 80 consecutive seals is a bit misleading as in reality it is around 40 seals since you have to wait 10 seconds and we don’t think anyone can stand waiting for 800 seconds in total! Nevertheless, as a portable big game vacuum sealer, it does the job well.

If you drive a pickup or go fishing on a boat that has an Auxiliary 12 Volt point, this vacuum sealer will let you preserve your fresh catch immediately before the freshness goes away. Yes, it is bulky and not quick, but it is reliable and handles larger quantities with ease. The only problem we noticed is with big game meat that has a lot of bones in it. The unit fails to completely evacuate air as small pockets remain at the bottom of the bag. The only workaround we found is to cut up boney meat to smaller pieces.

One last thing, because this is not an automatic vacuum sealer, you can double seal your products. It works best when you pack moist or liquid items.

Foodsaver GameSaver Big Game Specifications & Pros/Cons



Key Features

  • The vacuum sealer is designed for the outdoors. It is rugged and has a carrying handle for portability.
  • Works away from home as long as you have a 12-volt source.
  • You can make your bags with this vacuum sealer though it takes time.
  • Can easily handle up to 240 pounds of meat at a stretch without losing efficiency.
  • Big rubber buttons and latch help operating it outdoors.
  • Honestly, for the price, we were expecting a lot more.
  • The latch mechanism does not inspire confidence. We do not believe it will hold up for a decade.
  • 80 consecutive seals are more of a stretch as you have to wait 10 seconds between every seal to let the seal bar cool down.
  • Rugged Construction – As far as vacuum sealers go, there aren’t many designed for the outdoors. The Foodsaver Gamesaver Big Game vacuum sealer is robust in every aspect and can survive abuse.
  • Full Mouth – The wide mouth of the sealer lets you use larger bags and rolls that usually would not fit into conventional home use vacuum sealers.
  • Easy to Make Your Bags – The built-in roll and cutter mechanism lets you make your bags and save money. We suggest preparing your bags before you go on your hunting or fishing trip to save time.

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Our Final Conclusion For Foodsaver GameSaver Big Game

The construction and design of the Foodsaver Gamesaver Big game vacuum sealer give us confidence that it will last longer than any average home use sealer. Yes, the latch is its weakest link but the quality of materials used and its overall design should help improve its life. If you are a hunter, fisher, outdoor enthusiast then this vacuum sealer is perfect for you. Moreover, if you do all your vacuum sealing once per month and seal a lot of products, then the ruggedness of the Gamesaver will help you.

However, for everyday home users, the Gamesaver is just not right. It needs a lot of manual intervention, is bulky and costs more than competing models and brands. For the average user, the Gamesaver is just overkill. Instead try the FoodSaver V4440 Home Vacuum Sealer