Foodsaver FM2435 Review

FoodSaver FM2435 Review 

FoodSaver FM2435 Summary

4.2 out of 5

A vacuum sealer that holds a roll and a roll-cutter in a compact space, reduces wastage by 40% and is easy to use, even for those who have never used one before – the FoodSaver FM2435 is a godsend.

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FoodSaver FM2435 Introduction

FoodSaver has upped the game once again. The FoodSaver FM2435 is a significant improvement on the FM2000, which in our opinion was already an excellent piece of machinery. It had a smaller footprint, used less material and could work for hours without needing rest. The FM2435 is yet another upgrade that retains all the advantages of the FoodSaver 2000, adding to it with certain extra features.

The first major update is the preference for stainless steel over basic plastic. Though this makes the sealer heavier than before, it does add to the durability and confidence. Next, FoodSaver has increased the warranty to 5 years! Does this mean that the FM2435 is a better product than the FM2000? We don’t necessarily think so though having five years of warranty is much better than just two years. Finally, this FoodSaver vacuum sealer includes a roll storage and cutter mechanism that automatically vacuums, seals and cuts for a truly hands-free operation – no more scissors required.

You get a single 11 by 10-inch roll, 2-gallon pre-cut bags, 2-gallon vacuum zipper bags, 3-quart zipper bags and 2-gallon pre-cut bags plus a handy portable sealer and holder clip. You aren’t just paying for a vacuum sealer but a complete package that should last you at least a month, if not more.

We don’t mind the price tag on this product considering all that it comes with and neither should you. But, in the event you feel the FM2435 is expensive for your needs, read our FoodSaver FM2000 Review, it is just as adept but cheaper with fewer freebies.

Our FoodSaver FM2435 Review

There’s something about flip down models that makes them so much better than the kinds where you stick the end of a bag into a slot to vacuum and seal. The FoodSaver FM2435 needs you first to use the latch to secure it into place tightly. Once locked, you can begin the sealing process with or without vacuum involved. An immediate advantage of using a flip down model is the reduction in bag wastage. Don’t believe anything you read. If you want to reduce bag expenditure, a flip-down model is a thing to get.

The locking mechanism on the FoodSaver FM2435 uses three positions. The open position lays bare the innards, which reveals the top and bottom seal bar plus the roll storage area with the cutter. Place your bag with no more than a quarter inch of excess on the vacuum strip and then move the latch forward to the store position. Here you can adjust the bag just right if in case it is not aligned parallel to the sealer. Once ready, move the latch forward to the operating position, and your machine is ready to begin sealing.

With the sealer in the lock position, you have to choose between dry and moist settings using the first button on the left. All that’s left is to either seal without vacuuming or vacuum and then seal. Because the latch secures the bag in place, you do not need to apply any pressure on the machine for a perfect seal. By the way, if you wish to stop the vacuuming process mid-way and seal straight away then just press the seal button.

Compared with the FM2000, the wet and dry options are a new addition. Though we haven’t yet seen a significant difference between the two modes, we presume the wet mode takes extra care to seal your bags just in case there is moisture build-up around the mouth of the bag. Thankfully, using the moist option eliminates the need to double seal an edge when dealing with liquids or damp items.

The bag storage space in this sealer is an excellent addition especially with the cutter though it isn’t automated. In our opinion, the lack of automation is a good thing. Not only are you in full control of how much material to use but also decide on whether to double wrap or single wrap. The FoodSaver FM2435 comes with a roll and a few different sized bags and zipper pouches. Obviously using a roll takes time but it saves money in the long run. Thankfully, with an assortment of bags and rolls, you get to decide what is the easiest and most efficient method for you.

Finally, this vacuum sealer features the hose attachment, which is different from previous FoodSaver models. It works great with specially designed zipper bags allowing you to reuse them more often than before. Moreover, it is backward compatible with all foodsaver jars.

The only valid issue we found with this particular model is the vacuum level. Because you do not have any control on the vacuum duration, the results can at times be less than satisfactory. One workaround is to stop the vacuum process midway is to release the latch from operate to store, and then re-lock it to begin vacuum sealing. Just remember to press the seal button when you believe, your bag is ready to be sealed.

The things you can do with the FoodSaver FM2435 are just staggering. From sealing all kinds of seeds in pint sized bags to resealing zipper bags containing an assortment of your food items, the FM2435 does a fantastic job. You can preserve more than just dry and moist food items. You can use it to pack lunch for the office, a road trip, camping or just store any leftovers for the next day. Just remember to stock up on an assortment of bags, zipper pouches and rolls if you intend on using this vacuum sealer a lot.

FoodSaver FM2435 Specifications & Pros/Cons



Key Features

  • The flip down design of the vacuum sealer eliminates the need to keep the lid pressed continuously for a perfect seal.
  • The latch mechanism is easy to use and helps you seal a lot more bags than you normally would.
  • Option to either vacuum and then seal or seal without vacuum increases the usability of this machine.
  • This vacuum sealer already comes with an assortment of bags, rolls and zipper pouches. You can use them all and decide what you wish to reorder. Remember to use only FoodSaver products or generic ones that are compatible with a FoodSaver machine.
  • The attachment hose is backward compatible. It works with old jars and containers plus zipper bags.
  • The roll and cutter compartment isn’t all that helpful as it is completely manual. You still have to cut your length of the bag because the machine does not do this for you.
  • At times, the vacuum is not strong enough to evacuate all the air out of your bag. Unfortunately, there is no way you can prolong the vacuum process. You have to abort midway and restart the process all over again.
  • Compact Design – For a vacuum sealer that holds a roll and a manual cutter, this is a pretty compact design. It is functional and yet somehow smaller than previous models.
  • Latch Mechanism – Thanks to the latch, you no longer need to hold down on the sealer for optimal results. Just lock the mouth into position and start the sealing or vac-sealing process.
  • Money Saver – Every new addition to the FM2435 is designed to save money. The built-in roll with cutter reduces costs as you can make your own bags, to exact specifications. The clamp down design now let’s you save bag space by using just a quarter inch for sealing and vacuuming.

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Our Final Conclusion For The FoodSaver FM2435

FoodSaver has made some amazing vacuum sealers over the years, and they keep getting better with time. The FoodSaver FM2435 is an excellent update of the FM2000 with some handy extra features. Stainless steel body, roll with cutter compartment and an extended five years warranty is all the reasons why we believe this is a way better choice than the basic FM2000. Yes, it costs more, but the returns are fantastic, especially when you consider the free ensemble of bags, pouches, and roll.

Newbies who have never tried vacuum sealing will love the user friendly design and limited steps required for a perfect vacuum seal. Experienced folks will appreciate the ability to seal any kind of FoodSaver compatible container, jar or bag. The FM2435 is definitely a game changer and you better get yourself ahead of the game if you want to save money on a daily basis.