Vacuum Sealer Comparison Chart

Our Vacuum Sealer Comparison Chart collates all of our reviews together to help you easily choose your next vacuum sealer. We’ve compared the model, price range and our total review score to give you an easy on the eye comparison chart. Once you’ve found a vacuum sealer that matches your price range, simply click on the review link to get our comprehensive review.

Home Use Vacuum Sealers Comparison Chart

Commercial Use Vacuum Sealers Comparison Chart

Vacuum Sealer ModelPurposePriceOur ScoreVacuum Sealer Review Link
VacMaster VP210Commercial$400+4.9 Read Our Review..
Weston Pro 2300All-Round$400+4.8 Read Our Review..
VacMaster VP120Home$500+4.6 Read Our Review..
Vacupack EliteHome$400+4.6 Read Our Review..
VacMaster VP215Home$400+4.5 Read Our Review..
VacMaster VP112SHome$400+4.1 Read Our Review..