Hamilton Beach 31333 Review

Hamilton Beach 31333 Review 

Hamilton Beach 31333 Summary

4.1 out of 5

Good things rarely do come cheap. The Hamilton beach 31333 however breaks this stereotype by not just being an amazing toaster oven but also offering baking and convection capabilities in under $50. Besides, it also happens to be easy to clean-up and maintain.

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Hamilton Beach 31333 Introduction

Finally, a toaster oven that has ample space and is easy to access. The Hamilton Beach 31333 Convection Toaster Oven is not just efficient but also designed ergonomically. It features easy sliding curved glass doors letting you see your food cook. Not just that but the large curved sliding doors makes it easy to access food, once done. Now make your favorite dishes in this convection toaster oven without burning your hands in the process. By the way, the crumb tray slides out too letting you quickly gather up all the crumbs without soiling the inside.

As for capacity, it is ample enough with space to accommodate a perfect 12-inch pizza or make 6 toast slices. Best of all, you get the option of either baking or convection cooking. Using the bake function, you can make desserts, cakes and plenty more things but if you want golden-brown pizza then go with convection. Simply put, this toaster oven does more than just brown your toasts.

All settings are easy to understand and use. Simply pick the appropriate temperature ranging between 150 – 450 degrees Fahrenheit and select the time to start cooking. Because of convection cooking, this oven cooks 25% faster than normal and more evenly too.

Our Hamilton Beach 31333 Review

First off, not many toaster ovens feature a convection cooking system without costing an arm and a limb. This practically puts the Hamilton Beach 31333 in a league of its own. We found that while it is first and foremost a toaster oven by design, it does multitask pretty well as a baking unit and a convection cooker. However, you need to be experienced enough to use this convection toaster oven for more than just browning your toasts. The manual is not all that expressive so, you need to experiment a bit to get things right.

First, in our temperature tests, we found that what you set the unit for is often times about 10 degrees higher in reality when in convection mode. However, in the baking mode, it tends to be 10 degrees less than what you set. Basically, in convection you need not worry but if you plan on baking any recipe that needs precise temperatures, then better set it 5 to 10 degrees higher than required. Having said that, we realize that this unit costs less than $50 so a little DIY does not bother us. Oh! If you plan on toasting your bread slices, then please remember to turn the timer knob all the way past 10 minutes and then back again otherwise it might just char your bread! Once you get used to the process though it becomes second nature.

About the build quality and maintenance, it is actually a simple oven to take care of. The crumb tray gathers spills, drips and crumbs completely and you get the option of either having it slide out when you open the front glass doors or stay in place if in case you are just checking up in between cooking. A tiny hook on the front window attaches with the crumb tray allowing it to come out with the glass door. We prefer attaching it when we make toast or reheat pizza. As for cleaning this unit, it does not spill much or splatter so a simple wipe with a dry clean cloth once it cools down should do the trick.

Is it amply powered and precise? No, not exactly like your typical kitchen oven but it comes close enough for those with sufficient experience to use it for quick baking and convection recipes. If you are a beginner with baking, then you might not get the desired results but practice a little and give yourself a month with the Hamilton Beach 31333. At the end of a month, you will become a baking expert, guaranteed!

Hamilton Beach 31333 Specifications & Pros/Cons



Key Features

  • Pretty Easy to Clean – Yup, cleaning this toaster oven is a breeze thanks to the crumb tray at the bottom and its easy slide out nature. Besides the wider space inside and the bigger glass doors lets you access every nook and cranny.
  • Convection Works Well – The convection mode actually maintains proper temperatures letting you cook up more than just brown toasts. It also reduces the cooking time by at least one fourth.
  • Baking Is an Option – While not a proper baking oven, it does a pretty decent job baking simple recipes. Just do not expect perfect results in the first try.
  • Cheap and Affordable – The Hamilton Beach 31333 is actually an affordable toaster oven considering it sells for less than $50. For this price, you get more than just toasting capabilities.
  • Glass Doors – The see-through glass doors lets you keep watch over the cooking process and helps keep the front of the oven cool too.
  • Precise Controls – Total of three settings, ample temperature variation and a timer that can go all the way up to 30 minutes with a stay warm feature makes for loads of precision control.
  • Large – Does not appear large but it can comfortably take in a 12-inch pizza with a little room to spare!
  • The convection mechanism does give out eventually but this is nothing to complain about since it does come for less than $50.
  • To toast bread, you have to turn the time knob past 10 minutes and then quickly turn it back to 0. Not the simplest but at least it isn’t overly complicated.
  • Convection tends to cook fast, chances are if you aren’t experienced enough you just may burn through your recipes before you even realize it. Observe through the glass doors for any signs of overcooking.
  • Large curved sliding glass door provides easy access and lets you oversee the cooking process. Makes it easy removing and adding ingredients
  • Designed in such a manner so as to accommodate more than a conventional 6 slice toaster oven, it can take a 12-inch pizza with ease.
  • The Hamilton beach 31333 can bake, toast and even do convection cooking – letting you do more than brown toasts.
  • Settings include quick options for broil, bake and toast
  • Total of 30-minute timer with a ready bell and “Stay On” setting too. You can pick the temperature between 150°F to 450°F.
  • Thanks to convection technology, it is about 28 percent faster and 71 percent efficient as opposed to conventional kitchen ovens.
  • Works great when reheating precooked frozen food such as chicken nuggets, sausages and burger patties.

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Our Final Conclusion For The Hamilton Beach 31333

As a toaster oven, the Hamilton Beach 31333 does a splendid job. It takes in 6 slices in total without feeling too cramped and produces even toast, just the way you like it. But, it does more than just toast. Being a convection oven, it can bake and broil too. Considering what it sells for, we believe this convection toaster oven is well worth investing in. Not only does it make toasts but reheats pizza, bakes your favorite cakes and cookies without spending too much electricity or time. And let’s not forget that it cleans easy too without making a scene thanks to the pull-out crumb tray. Once you get this oven, you will never again cook in your conventional kitchen oven!