Breville BOV800XL Review

Breville BOV800XL Review 

Breville BOV800XL Summary

4.9 out of 5

The Breville BOV800XL is our number one rated Toaster Oven. It firmly scores the top position for combining technology, affordability and durability. In particular, the Breville BOV800XL boasts a powerful cooking system – making it capable of cooking daily foods with ease. A must have all-rounder Toaster Oven.

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Breville BOV800XL Introduction

As technology creeps more and more into the kitchen, appliances are improving all the time. Ovens however, are still very much being left behind. Most domestic ovens have hot spots and cooler spots in them. To, for example, bake a cake and end up with very good results the person cooking it needs to know how that particular oven heats and where to place the cake to achieve the best effect. The temperature gauges can be a little inaccurate as well.

A fan oven help give a more even distribution of heat but there are still areas that are at a different temperature to others. One very good solution is the toaster oven. A toaster oven is generally smaller than conventional ovens and as such they heat up quicker, use less power (and cost less to run), to heat and distribute the heat where it is needed better. Toaster ovens generally cook quicker than conventional ovens. And a very good example of a toaster oven is the Breville BOV800XL Smart Oven 1800-Watt Convection Toaster Oven with Element IQ. It has 5 heating elements 3 on the top and 2 on the bottom.

There are also 9 preset cooking options ranging from making toast to baking a cake to cooking a frozen pizza. The ‘Element IQ’ in the name because on each different setting the heating elements work in a different way to ensure the best result. For example to toast bread you want just the outside of the bread toasted while the inner stays moist and soft. A cake on the other hand wants an even temperature throughout to ensure even cooking. This takes a great deal of the guess work and having to keep checking that the cooking is proceeding as it should. Just set the oven and forget until the food is done.

Our Breville BOV800XL Review

The Breville BOV800XL is a larger sized convection toaster oven. Externally it measures 18.5 x 16.25 x 11.25 inches and internally it is 13.5″ wide, 11.5″ deep and 6″from the tray to the top. It has a capacity large enough to take a 13” pizza (it manages this by having a curved back to take round dishes) or 6 slices of toast. Even though this is quite large for a toaster oven it only weighs 22 lbs. the outside of the Breville BOV800XL is in stainless steel which will sit well in all kitchen designs while the inner is a nonstick surface. As the door is opened the heating tray is magnetically pulled out to half way. This stops you needing to reach into the oven and risk burns.

The Breville BOV800XL has 9 preset cooking functions; bake, broil, roast, cookies, reheat, pizza, bagel, toast and warm. They can be adjusted by the user to suit individual tastes and the Breville BOV800XL will store those in its memory and use them from then on. If the power is interrupted or it is unplugged from the wall, the user adjusted setting will be lost and it will revert to factory settings. What makes the Breville BOV800XL stand above many other toaster ovens is its ‘Element IQ’ heating system. It adjust the power to different elements depending on what is being cooked. For example when you have toast you want the outside browned but the inside moist.

To achieve this the Breville BOV800XL switches the heating elements so that the heat is on a high setting to quickly brown the toast without it drying out. A cake though needs to be cooked in an entirely different way as it needs to be cooked evenly throughout the cake. In this case the power to the elements is reduced. This results in an even temperature throughout the oven, ending up with a cake that is baked all evenly the way through and that will rise as it should. Cooking a frozen pizza is different to cooking a fresh pizza. By using the frozen function the heat and cooking will be adjusted to suit either.

The controls on the Breville BOV800XL are simple and straightforward. It features an easy to read backlit LCD screen, which is orange when heating and cooking and turns blue when the cooking is complete. The screen shows which function is being used, the time and whether defrost is being used. There is a useful temperature conversion button to switch between Celsius and Fahrenheit and a defrost button. The door is insulated with a glass window.

Marked on the window is the position that the tray should be in for different program settings. For larger families the Breville BOV800XL probably isn’t big enough to be the only oven and a conventional oven may be needed to cook larger roasting joints for example. For those who are single, couples or smaller families the Breville BOV800XL is larger enough to not need a conventional oven to supplement the toaster oven.

Breville BOV800XL Specifications & Pros/Cons



Key Features

  • The Element IQ feature of the Breville BOV800XL is what enables it to cook everything so well and makes the Breville BOV800XL stand out from the others.
  • Easy program selection of cooking programs to suit the type of food being cooked.
  • Can take up to a 13 inch pizza.
  • Easy to use, intuitive controls.
  • Convert from Celsius to Fahrenheit at the touch of a button.
  • 1 year warranty.
  • Auto-eject cooking tray.
  • 9 preset cooking programs including bake, broil, roast, cookies, reheat, pizza, bagel, toast and warm which can be adjusted to suit user preferences.
  • None readily apparent although a few users have complained about telephone customer service.
  • Element IQ – the ability for the Breville BOV800XL to adjust the power to each of the elements depending on the program that has been set ensures that the oven is heated just right for which ever program you have selected for the food you are cooking in the oven.
  • Automatic tray slide out – the tray magnetically ejects half way when the door is opened, saving having to reach in the oven to lift out the cooked food and risk burns.
  • Tempered glass door – with marking to show the position of the cooking tray depending on the program being used.
  • 9 separate cooking programs – including bake, broil, roast, cookies, reheat, pizza, bagel, toast and warm which can be adjusted to suit user preferences.
  • Temperature conversion button – switches between Celsius and Fahrenheit to save having to convert manually.
  • Button for selecting frozen food – adjusts the cooking accordingly to suit frozen food.
  • Large capacity – will take up to a 13” pizza or 6 slices of bread for toast.
  • Quicker heating and cooking – lower power bills.
  • Cooking trays included with oven – includes a 13” pizza tray, a baking pan and a broil rack.

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Our Final Conclusion For The Breville BOV800XL

It is important to try and be objective in a review and try and find something negative rather than just look for the positives. With the Breville BOV800XL it was very hard to find a negative. A great deal of though and design work has gone in to this toaster oven and the end result is very good indeed. Some users did mention that it is a little big but how can it have the capacity it has and not be the size it is.

Everything that was cooked in the Breville BOV800XL was cooked perfectly. Even with its quite compact size when compared to a full sized conventional oven, it could cook a 13” pizza comfortably. Even though the oven is 11 1/2 inches deep a clever curve at the back of the oven allows it to take circular dishes up to 13” in diameter. For single, couples or small families the Breville BOV800XL could easily replace a conventional oven.

This is the bestselling oven in the convection oven class on Amazon and had a rating of 4.5 out of 5 from over 3,000 customer reviews, with over 86% rating the Breville BOV800XL as either very good or good.