Sunbeam FPSBHS0302 Review

Sunbeam FPSBHS0302 Review 

Sunbeam FPSBHS0302 Summary

4.5 out of 5

The Sunbeam FPSBHS0302 Stand Mixer is for when you are not sure whether you need an expensive, large and noisy stand mixer always sitting on your kitchen countertop. It is practical and economical. Doubles as a hand mixer when you really need it and comes with a compact 3-quart work bowl plus two stainless steel hooks. Let’s get more personal with this handy creation and see how well it matches up to the best stand mixers.

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Sunbeam FPSBHS0302 Introduction

Cheap does not necessarily mean unreliable or useless. The Sunbeam FPSBHS0302 Stand Mixer is testament to this fact. Not only is it affordable but also sensible in its design by being a two-in-one mixer. Quick release button immediately converts the stand mixer to a hand mixer letting you quickly mix up ingredients or whisk eggs without sullying the 3-quart work bowl. Sunbeam even includes a rotating base so when you do need the work bowl, it will gradually rotate thus ensuring complete mixing and kneading of the ingredients inside.

This stand mixer comes with just 2 basic attachments in the form of a whisk and kneading dough, not that you need a lot. As for the powerhouse, there’s a 250-watt motor encased within the top unit that operates over a 5 speed setting. When you need that extra spurt, there’s a quick burst button to instantly spike the speed. Granted, this isn’t a KitchenAid but for a typical home cook who probably needs a mixer every few days, it is an affordable and reasonable acquisition.

Our Sunbeam FPSBHS0302 Review

First off, do not make any assumptions as to what it can and cannot do. Frankly because of the low cost, it can be tempting to brand this as an occasional appliance but do not. Yes, the Sunbeam FPSBHS0302 Stand Mixer is dirt cheap as opposed to professional large and bulky units but it isn’t designed for heavy duty applications. So, what is it designed for then? Well, it is a handy sidekick that can do a lot of things satisfactorily provided you are willing to stand vigilant. Yup, it practically will do anything that a $300 stand mixer can only if you can afford some time to scrap the sides, help a little with the initial mixing and at times hand mix the preparation.

Now to the things it does really well. Whisking egg whites for any recipe and adding ingredients into the mix is quick and simple. Preparing cake batter, cookie dough and the likes is just as easy. The hand mixer stays firmly fixed to the base and with the rotating work bowl, you only need to use the spatula in the beginning to get everything into a nice gooey mix. Once, that’s done you can let it be. As for preparing bread dough – why bother when you know that this stand mixer is not designed to handle that kind of intricacy? Those who complain that this mixer is worthless should have realized that for less than $30, you can’t really get a super-powered sturdy stand mixer. What it is though is a good reliable jack-of-all-trades.

5 speed setting is actually a lot since we found most of our tasks complete with a maximum of three speeds. So the 250 peak watt motor does a decent job powering the hooks. Next up, the detaching button is nicely positioned alongside the speed selector toggle and the power burst button. So basically, all your controls are easily accessible with your thumb. Although, the buttons are a tad bit hard. Thankfully though they ease up over time. Coming to attachments, this was probably the one area where we felt the Sunbeam FPSBHS0302 could have done better. Take the Hamilton Beach 64650 for instance – it too is a dual mode mixer but comes with 4 attachments. This Sunbeam though offers up just two hooks, one for whisking another for kneading. Not that it is much of a bother but it would have been nice to see more attachments. Thankfully though all attachments including the 3-quart work bowl are stainless steel so they ought to last really long and clean up easy every time.

Sunbeam FPSBHS0302 Specifications & Pros/Cons



Key Features

  • Stainless Steel – Any component that really matters such as the hooks, work-bowl and other attachment points are all stainless steel. This not only helps with longevity but also to clean up afterwards.
  • Compact and Easy to Store – While the 3-quart work bowl is a tad small for our liking, the good news is that this stand mixer is compact and stores away easy when not in use. You need not dismantle the unit just to keep it hidden in a kitchen cabinet.
  • Dual Nature – The ability to quickly move from a stand mixer to a hand mixer gives this model ample versatility. It isn’t always that you need a stand mixer but you can almost always rely on a hand mixer.
  • Top Light – Being a hand mixer that affixes to a base, the entire motor unit sits inside the top detachable unit. This however does not add all that much weight since it still feels as ergonomic as a full-fledged hand mixer.
  • Affordable – Probably the biggest advantage of the Sunbeam FPSBHS0302 Stand Mixer is that it costs a fraction of expensive models. Besides the construction is reliable so you won’t be nickeled and dimed to death.
  • Warranty & Repair – AT less than $30, do you really have to care for warranty and repair? As long as this stand mixer goes past the three month mark you can just discard it when it goes bad and get a brand new unit!
  • Not suitable for heavy duty tasks such as making bread dough and hard cookie mixes. For everything else a little helping hand is all it needs.
  • The buttons are a tad bit hard to press so initially it can be a bother but eventually, the buttons wear out enough.
  • Plastics seem a little flimsy to start with though the unit instils confidence as the days go by.
  • 3-quart is small for even an occasional baking enthusiast, could have done with at least a 5-quart bowl.
  • 250 watt peak power is just about sufficient though the highest two speed settings become useless since there isn’t much torque produced at those speeds so you practically won’t use them unless you are whisking.
  • 3 quart stainless steel work bowl might not be huge but it is sufficient for most kneading and whisking tasks. Wide design allows for easier access during operations plus auto-rotating base eliminates the need to periodically scrap the sides and use a spatula.
  • 250 watt peak power motor with a total of 5 speed settings provides ample degree of control and finesse over operations. And when the need arises, there’s a burst button to supercharge the mixer.
  • Dual purpose design with a detachable top unit immediately converts the classic stand mixer to a hand mixer.
  • Comes with whisk and kneading attachments.
  • All components are stainless steel so cleaning up afterwards is quick and painless.
  • Available in total of two colors – dark and light. Only the plastics are colored and finished, not the steel components.
  • Weighs approximately 7 pounds and measures a proper 8 by 12 by 13 inches.

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Our Final Conclusion For The Sunbeam FPSBHS0302

It isn’t often that you get to see innovation and thoughtfulness at a decent price point. The Sunbeam FPSBHS0302 Stand Mixer however manages to do just that. Not only is it ultra-affordable at less than $30 but also happens to be a dual purpose kitchen appliance. Designed as a classical stand mixer, a push of the button detaches the top converting it into a full-fledged hand mixer. Plus, let’s not forget all the stainless steel components it boasts of. We totally recommend this stand mixer to anyone who loves baking but only dabbles in the kitchen every few days a month. Granted, it won’t be a perfect replacement for an expensive KitchenAid model but it sure does come close to being one!