Sunbeam 2371 Review

Sunbeam 2371 Review 

Sunbeam 2371 Summary

4.4 out of 5

Compact, affordable and packed with attachments, the Sunbeam 2371 attempts to undercut the competition and stand out as a versatile performer. 2 glass bowls of different sizes is what caught our attention and made us review this stand mixer. Read our review to see whether we approve its performance and who we feel will benefit most from it.

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Sunbeam 2371 Introduction

The Sunbeam 2371 MixMaster is your extra set of hands in the kitchen. This mixer is loads of fun and helps make prep work simpler. From making pizza doughs to pancake batter, birthday cakes to cookie batter, it can multitask rather well though it isn’t designed for regular heavy duty work. In fact, considering the price this mixer retails for, it is best used as a lightweight mixer for lightweight activities.

What sets the Sunbeam apart though is its powerful 350-watt motor that provides 12 different speed settings. You get the options to whip, cream, mix, blend, stir, knead and so much more because of the numerous speed options and attachment heads. Plus, this mixer features a soft start mechanism that minimizes flour puff and splatter. It even packs in a power burst mode for when you need those extra few RPMs for a stubborn batch of ingredients. Speaking of accessories, this Sunbeam stand mixer packs in total of three attachments that include chrome beaters, whisks and pair of hooks. Each accessory is solidly built and performs various activities that are detailed in the accompanying instruction booklet. Also, this stand mixer provides two work bowls. Both are glass and while one can hold 2-quart, the other larger bowl is rated at 4-quarts. Sitting pretty atop the bowls is the appliance head and beater attachment that isn’t exactly centered. The reason for this odd arrangement is to let you add ingredients with ease while the mixer operates.

Our Sunbeam 2371 Review

The Sunbeam 2371 stand mixer is a versatile mixer with many advantages but if not used in the right manner, might appear as an underpowered unreliable machine. First of all, who will benefit most from this tiny kitchen appliance? Those who don’t heavily rely on the stand mixer and aren’t into heavy duty mixing such as bread dough and ice cream batter. Secondly, if you intend on making large quantities at once then this definitely isn’t the right stand mixer for you. Even though it ships with two glass bowls, one of which is 4-quart capacity – your quantity options are pretty limited because of the bowl designs. Basically, this stand mixer is perfect for folks who occasionally dabble in mixing and need something that can handle small batches pretty well without being limited by the recipe.

Coming to the overall design, probably the most stand out feature of the Sunbeam 2371 is its detachable head and off-center placement. The head doesn’t detach so that you can use it as a portable mixer. This is only for the purpose of storage and easy cleaning. As for the off-center placement of the head and attachment inside the bowl, this helps adding ingredients mid-way through or scraping the sides even while the mixer operates. Both of which, are handy design implementations. As for the attachments, they are sturdy and useful thanks to the option of 12 speeds. By the way, at higher speeds this mixer will vibrate because of the gap between the head and the base attachment point. Plus, the entire unit is made from high-grade plastic and not metal. Not an issue for us however because the mixer’s size limits what you can do with it and the need to go with higher speeds is seldom.

As for the performance, the 350-watt motor and its 12 speeds are ample for almost all kinds of recipes. Even for bread dough, this mixer does a decent job though it heats up a lot. On the positive side of things, cleaning the mixer is quite easy thanks to its detachable head. You get two glass bowls, one for 2-quart and another for 4-quarts. The larger bowl is what we probably used most of the time anyways since it has a lower chance of splattering and leaving a mess. Not sure where to use the 2-quart bowl unless you only plan on mixing a few ingredients together. By the way, because the bowls are made from glass they can be used to store your mixes or heat in a microwave too.

Sunbeam 2371 Specifications & Pros/Cons



Key Features

  • Total of two glass bowls with varying capacity helps multi-task better plus being glass they are microwave friendly too.
  • Detachable head makes it easier to store and maintain.
  • The off-center arrangement of the head and attachments helps in scraping the sides and adding ingredients without needing to shut down the appliance.
  • 350-watt motor is powerful enough to handle larger batches of preparations or even mix together ingredients that similarly sized and powered devices might struggle with. Power and speed wise, this mixer is sufficiently endowed.
  • Sunbeam 2371 is way cheaper as opposed to competing models and at this price you get a lot of accessories with it. For an average homeowner, this is the versatile mixer to get unless you intend to make huge batches at once.
  • 2-year warranty from Sunbeam does give some amount of satisfaction knowing that your purchase will last for at least couple of years and if it does not then Sunbeam is there to offer repairs or replacements.
  • The head vibrates once you cross 6 or 7 speed levels. This is primarily because of its detachable portion and the use of plastics overall.
  • 2-quart work bowl won’t always come handy in most recipes.
  • Higher speeds tend to heat up the motor faster so be careful with certain recipes that might put too much strain on the motor unit.
  • The bottom tends to hold onto ingredients and is not easy to reach without raising the head first.
  • Power Plus Speed – The Sunbeam 2371 might be compact but it packs in a powerful motor that is rated 350 Watts and the output from this motor can be gradually adjusted to match total of 12 speed settings.
  • All The Attachments You Need – Sunbeam packages total of three mixing heads that include a whisk, beater and couple of hooks. Plus, you get two different sized work bowls. Don’t think you will be needing any more attachments.
  • Off-center Arrangement – The mixer head and attachment do not exactly sit center of the work bowl but more towards a side. This is to help add ingredients while mixing simultaneously.
  • Compact And Light – This stand mixer weighs just 17.5 pounds and measures about 13.74 by 12 by 14.9 inches. Basically, it has a light compact footprint so you can easily store it along with all its accessories inside a kitchen cabinet.
  • Detailed Manual – The mixer offers a complete instruction booklet explaining each attachment and the dos and don’ts of the mixer. Additionally, this manual also offers a few starter recipes.
  • Soft-grip Handle – The head features a large handle with soft grips to help pull the head up or push it down into a toughened batter.
  • Removable Head – The head on this stand mixer detaches for easy cleaning and maintenance. Note that the head cannot be used in this manner.

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Our Final Conclusion For The Sunbeam 2371

Sunbeam 2371 stand mixer is priced lower than most competitors but without sacrificing on accessories or performance. For those who occasionally need a stand mixer, but might indulge in a variety of recipes, this is the perfect mixer to have. If you are searching for a heavy duty do-it-all model though, there are more expensive and sturdy models out there from Sunbeam and other brands too. But, for an average user, the 2371 will do a splendid job.