Hamilton Beach 64650 Review

Hamilton Beach 64650 Review 

Hamilton Beach 64650 Summary

4.5 out of 5

Compact, dual-mode operation and over 6 speeds to select from – the Hamilton beach 64650 is currently the top seller on Amazon and elsewhere. Find out what we think of this stand mixer and its detachable hand mixer top – does it popularity stem from its affordability or is it actually a decent kitchen appliance to have around?

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Hamilton Beach 64650 Introduction

The Hamilton Beach 64650 6-speed Classic stand mixer is the fastest selling stand mixer on the internet. Naturally, you would be excused for thinking it is expensive, but the truth is that this mixer does not burn a hole in your pocket. It costs ten times less than top KitchenAid models and delivers similar performance, if not the exact same superiority in construction and quality.

Now, a stand mixer is supposed to mix things, right? Well, it is what this 6-speed classic mixer does all day long. Kneading sticky dough, shredding chicken even – whatever your need, the Hamilton Beach comes good. It seems that the designers at Hamilton Beach decided at the last moment to make the mixer unit removable thus letting you instantly change over from a stand mixer to a hand mixer! Not to mention that this mixer comes with all sorts of attachments so you won’t be needing new ones any time soon. And finally, 290 watt of peak power plus the 4-quart work bowl complete the traditional stand mixer ensemble, though removing the mixer unit lets you practically mix and knead wherever you feel like. Need more reasons to get the 64650?

Our Hamilton Beach 64650 Review

Still deciding whether a $300 plus mixer is what you need? If you have never before used a stand mixer in your life but have always wanted one simply because your hand mixer isn’t as capable as a decent classic stand mixer, then the Hamilton Beach 64650 is a pretty decent step up. Granted, it isn’t as powerful or adept as a super expensive KitchenAid or some other pretty chef’s sworn brand but it does the job well enough.

One of the biggest advantages of having something this cheap is that even if it breaks down after a few months you won’t feel a thing because a brand new replacement costs a fraction of what it takes to repair a KitchenAid model! Yup, that’s how cheap this baby is. So, save on your $300 and spend that on recipes and ingredients instead because this classic stand mixer will do almost everything it is asked. Say you decide to whisk up eggs and flour for a recipe but don’t want to use the work bowl and make a mess of things. Fret not, just pull out the stand mixer head by pressing the detach button to the left side under the handle and it converts into a hand mixer. What if you want to shred chicken? Yup, it can even do that. Same goes for kneading bread dough, cookie dough and just about anything else you plan.

The only real flipside to things is that while this stand/hand mixer combo is capable of doing everything an expensive mixer does, it takes much longer than usual. But, then again this is to be expected considering the mixer is powered by a small 290-watt motor. Good news though is that you never have to purchase another attachment since it ships with 2 different beaters, 2 dough hooks and one whisk. And before you get confused with the array of attachments, know that the accompanying manual does a decent job of introducing each attachment and what kind of recipes they are best suited to.

Now coming to things that we felt were below par with the Hamilton Beach 64650, the good news is that none of them are actually deal breakers. Yes, the motor is just 290 watt peak power but we did not once feel it struggling. What we found to be slightly annoying is the rotating base design. When you use the dough hooks, because of the odd shape of the work bowl and the rotating base – the hooks do not reach the bottom evenly. So, if you happen to drop dry ingredients in while the unit is running, chances are it will stick to the bottom on one side. Fortunately, a little scraping with a spatula does the trick. Additionally, the 6-speed option is more of a gimmick. It really does offer only 3 speeds, not that we are complaining but, why overcomplicate something?

Hamilton Beach 64650 Specifications & Pros/Cons



Key Features

  • Dual Design – Unique dual design lets you double your returns. When necessary just detach the top unit and use it like a hand mixer. At all other times though it works like a conventional classic stand mixer.
  • Loads of Attachments – Yup you get a lot of attachments for something that costs less than $40. Not that you won’t get additional add-ons but the need to purchase aftermarket attachments is practically absent.
  • Elegant – Brushed stainless steel finishing with all attachments and main components made from stainless steel gives the stand mixer a posh finish – not something that you would expect in such an affordable unit.
  • Does It All – Wish to stir up a batch of cake premix? How about some cookie dough? From making bread to baking cookies, the Hamilton beach 64650 does it all with ease.
  • Affordable – Probably the biggest selling factor for the 64650 unit is the price Hamilton Beach set. If you have never before used a stand mixer or simply want something for occasional use then why pay hundreds of dollars? Pay less than fifty bucks and get this instead.
  • 6 speed setting is actually at best a 3 speed setting of high, medium and low. The ones in between give a slight boost at best.
  • Rotating base design is a nice afterthought but it kind of hampers even mixing. You need to occasionally stir with a spatula to get ingredients from the bottom and sides back into the center.
  • 290 watt motor does a good job overall but it does heat up and work at full power almost all the time. This may eat away from its longevity though it does not hamper performance.
  • 4-quart work bowl is small and because it is small, anything you do will lead to a spill so run this mixer away from appliances and other things in your kitchen.
  • Probably the most lucrative feature is its ability to transform from a classic stand mixer to a more portable hand mixer unit. A large button is all you need to press for this amazing transformation.
  • All possible attachments are included in the packaging, no need to purchase extra add-ons.
  • All parts prone to heating or wear and tear are made from stainless steel. This includes the 4-ounce work bowl and all the attachments thus making most of the unit easy to clean and dry. Rest of the components like the housing and top are plastic.
  • Total of 6 speeds plus a QuickBurst button for instant whipping. The speed and other settings are controlled via a slider plus buttons on the top of the handle.
  • 290 Watt peak power should be sufficient for almost all kinds of mixing and kneading tasks. By the way, this stand and hand mixer combo does an excellent job shredding chicken too, so you know it has ample power.
  • Attachments include a traditional beater, set of dough hooks and a whisk.
  • This stand mixer weighs approximately 5 pounds without any attachments and measures about 11.1 by 9.4 by 15.4 inches.

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Our Final Conclusion For The Hamilton Beach 64650

Not that it is the best at what it does, the Hamilton Beach 64650 is actually an ultra-affordable stand mixer that doubles as a hand mixer – and this is the only reason to purchase it. Consider that to extend warranty to over 2 or 3 years from a third party, it costs less than $5 and you can understand why we are impressed by its price and performance. Does almost everything a typical home baking enthusiast needs and more, stop yourself from spending huge on something that you won’t really use on a daily basis and get the 64650 classic stand mixer instead.