Hamilton Beach 63325 Review

Hamilton Beach 63325 Review 

Hamilton Beach 63325 Summary

4.7 out of 5

The Hamilton Beach 63325 is one of the finest stand mixers to hit the market. Unlike some other models, the Hamilton Beach 63325 focuses completely on back-to-basics mixing. With an affordable price tag, this particular model is well within reach for every home user.

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Hamilton Beach 63325 Introduction

Hamilton Beach make 2 of the top 3 selling stand mixers on Amazon, the 63325 being the 3rd top seller. They achieve their high sales levels because they are well made and competitively prices stand mixers that do exactly what they are meant to do. The Hamilton Beach 63325 is a 3 ½ quart capacity mixer that uses the same mixing action as the highly rated KitchenAid range of stand mixers yet is about  one third of the price. The Hamilton Beach 63325 does not have any costly extras that convert it in to a food processor it just mixes.

That being said it will mix, best and whip as well as most mixer and better than many. The mixing head can be tilted with the press of a button to allow for the easy adding of ingredients during the mixing process. The Hamilton Beach 63325 comes complete with a range of 3 mixing attachments, a flat beater for mixing cakes, cookie dough, potatoes or fudge, the dough hook is ideal for making bread and rolls or pizza dough, while the whisk is designed for whisking liquids like egg whites or cream. All the attachments and the mixing bowl are dish washer safe.

Our Hamilton Beach 63325 Review

The first good point that was noted about the Hamilton Beach 63325 is that it comes with the hassle free packaging, easy to actually get your purchase out of the box without getting stressed with having to use a high degree of ingenuity and effort to get to your new purchase. The Hamilton Beach 63325 is quite compact when the mixing capacity is considered, measuring only 14 x 14.5 x 14.5 inches and weighing in at 11 pounds.

The Hamilton Beach 63325 is only available in black with a stainless steel mixing bowl. Although black may not be the first color choice of many users, it does actually fit in well with most kitchen decors. What do you get for your money with the Hamilton Beach 63325, firstly there are 3 attachments, a flat beater, a dough hook and a whisk. The 300 watt motor delivers its mixing power through a choice of 6 speeds, with a manual fold setting.

The fold setting works by being switched in to position, when released the switch springs back to the off position. This is a very useful option when folding in ingredients to make sure that the maximum amount of air is added to the mix without over folding and removing the air, allowing for short measured pulses of folding action to be applied. Some experienced users of stand mixers may find that some of the instructions are a little simplistic, but they are ideal for the first time user.

Anyone who has tried mixing in butter straight from the refrigerator will appreciate the advice to allow the butter to come to room temperature before adding – allows the whole mix to be completed much quicker and efficiently. When it comes to highly efficient mixing, the Hamilton Beach 63325 performs exceptionally well. Utilizing the highly efficient KitchenAid mixing action the Hamilton Beach 63325 flat beater covers the whole width of the bowl and touching in several different places every revolution, this allows for all the ingredients to be thoroughly mixed without having to keep stopping to incorporate the mixture that becomes stuck to the side of the mixing bowl.

It also makes cleaning up at the end so much easier as well. The head tilts back with the press on a single button on the side and the mixing attachments just push in and pull out. To make sure that the mixer stays in one position when in operation there are rubber feet that makes sure it does not wander about the work surface as it mixes. The stainless steel 3 ½ quart mixing bowl locks in position to the base. While this is a great feature for stability when in operation, it does mean that only Hamilton Beach mixing bowls are suitable.

Replacement bowls are available, as are the mixing tools, but a replacement or second bowl costs about 60% of the cost of a new Hamilton Beach 63325 complete. That being said, how does the Hamilton Beach 63325 actually perform? In a variety of tests, on the whole its performance was very creditable, the flat beater was very effective and the action was the equal of the more expensive KitchenAid mixer. One area where it did seem to struggle though was when mixing a large batch of bread dough. It did mix it and mix it well but it seemed as if it was at the very limit of the motor. Smaller batches were handled without any problems at all.

Hamilton Beach 63325 Specifications & Pros/Cons



Key Features

  • Planetary mixing action the ensures complete mixing coverage of the whole bowl, meaning that there is no need to stop and start to scrape the edges of the bowl to make sure that all the ingredients are mixed evenly 
  • Fold setting, which is hold to fold, release switch to turn off, is a slow speed setting that allows the mixture to be folded to allow the maximum air to be kept in the mixture to help obtain lighter cakes etc. 
  • Excellent value for money
  • Can struggle with larger batches of heavy bread dough
  • Planetary mixing action – this is without a doubt the top feature of the Hamilton Beach 63325. After all it is designed for mixing and the performance of the mixing is the most important feature of it. All the ingredients are thoroughly mixed without any being left out on the edge of the bowl needing to be scraped in by hand
  • Compact and light – measuring only 14 x 14.5 x 14.5 inches and weighing only 11 pounds, the Hamilton Beach 63325 will be able to find a space in the most congested kitchen
  • Easy clean parts – the stainless steel bowl and the three mixing implements can be washed in the dishwasher after use
  • Folding function – the spring-loaded folding action on the power switch allows for precise speed control and timings when folding air into the mixture, enabling a lighter mixture
  • 6 mixing speeds – to allow the mixing speed to be regulated to suit the consistency of any liquids that are added and can be speeded up as the mix thickens
  • Easy fit mixing attachments – the 3 different mixer heads all have easy push in and pull out fittings to the mixer head
  • Nonslip feet – ensure that the Hamilton Beach 63325 stays static when mixing

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Our Final Conclusion For The Hamilton Beach 63325

The Hamilton Beach 63325 is a very good value for money tilt stand mixer. It benefits from a planetary mixing action, which ensures thorough mixing of ingredients, usually found only on much more expensive tilt stand mixers. The spring-loaded folding setting on the power switch allows for precise slow speed operation when folding air into the mixture, enabling a lighter mixture and lighter, fluffier end result.

The Hamilton Beach 63325 is slightly smaller and much lighter than similar tilt stand mixers with similar performance. This allows it to be easily stored without taking up to much valuable kitchen space and carried with one hand if it needs moving. If heavy duty dough mixing is needed day in day out, a heavier duty tilt stand mixer (and more expensive) is probably needed, but the Hamilton Beach 63325 will cope with the vast majority of domestic cooking requirements without any problems.

84% of users either rate the Hamilton Beach 63325 either good, with the majority of them rating it very good. This yet another one of the very good reasons why the Hamilton Beach 63325 is the 3rd bestselling tilt stand mixer on Amazon. If you are looking for an inexpensive tilt stand mixer you would be hard pressed to find a better one than the Hamilton Beach 63325 3 ½ quart capacity mixer.