Hamilton Beach 63220 Review

Hamilton Beach 63220 Review 

Hamilton Beach 63220 Summary

4.7 out of 5

The Hamilton Beach 63220 is an outstanding Stand Mixer that showcases Hamilton Beach’s expertise in the market sector. The technology featured in this particular model is fantastic, especially considering that it is also one of the most affordable models currently available. It is a firm Zozanga favorite for the Stand Mixer category.

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Hamilton Beach 63220 Introduction

The Hamilton Breach brand is well known for their kitchen appliances. They make well made, good value pieces of kitchen equipment. The Hamilton Beach 63220 tilt head stand mixer carries on in the same vein. The Hamilton Beach 63220 is a 4 ½ quart capacity mixer with 12 mixing speeds and a 400 watt motor to power it. It uses the same highly efficient action as do the KitchenAid mixers. Having the mixing attachment rotate in one direction while the offset drive housing rotates in the other.

This action gives 28 points of contact every rotation to ensure a thorough and complete mixing of ingredients without any need to stop and scrape the sides of the bowl during the mixing.  The 12 mixing speeds ensure that the right speed for what you are mixing is always available – not too fast or too slow. The 4 ½ quart mixing bowl, which secures to the base of the mixer during mixing, comes with an easy carry handle. This allows the bowl to be carried and poured using one hand with the other free.

The Hamilton Beach 63220 comes complete with a range of 3 mixing attachments, a flat beater for mixing cakes, cookie dough, potatoes or fudge, the dough hook is ideal for making bread and rolls or pizza dough, while the whisk is designed for whisking liquids like egg whites or cream. Particularly useful is the included splatter shield. This is in 2 parts and allow for the addition of extra ingredients while the mixing is in process, with no splatters over the counter or you while you add.

When finished using the mixer all the attachments, the bowl and the pouring shield can all be cleaned in the dish washer. The mixer itself can be wiped down with a damp cloth.

Our Hamilton Beach 63220 Review

The Hamilton Beach 63220 Eclectrics All-Metal 12-Speed Stand Mixer is a robust all metal stand mixer with a 4 ½ quart capacity stainless steel mixing bowl which, with a small turn locks the mixing bowl in to place on the mixer base.

The Hamilton Beach 63220 measures 18 inches x 12 inches x 18 inches high. The power to the mixing head is supplied by a quite powerful 400 watt electric motor. The Hamilton Beach 63220 comes with 3 mixing attachments, a flat beater, a dough hook and a whisk. They all attach to the mixer head with a simple push and twist action. There are a choice of 12 speed settings which are electronically controlled. The set speed is maintained no matter what is being mixed, even when additional ingredients are added the motor may start to slow a little but will soon regain the speed that has been set.

The Hamilton Beach 63220 uses the highly regarded KitchenAid mixing mechanism. This is what is known as a planetary mixing action. What this means in English is that as the mixer head rotates the mixing attachment rotate in the opposite direction. This give the mixing attachment 59 points of contact for every revolution. This ensures that the ingredients are thoroughly mixed and that there is no unmixed ingredients left at the side of the bowl that mean the mixer has to be stopped while the side of the bowl is scraped. To help prevent the mixer from moving about the worktop when it is mixing there are 4 rubber feet that suck down on to the surface.

Although when a heavy mix such as dough is being mixed it does advise that the mixer should be attended because when the dough becomes completely mixed it can unbalance the mixer as it rotates and may cause it to move. The Hamilton Beach 63220 comes with a comprehensive instruction booklet and recipe guide. It advises how to get the best out of the Hamilton Beach 63220 and which attachments are best for which mixes.

As there are a number of speed setting it also included recommendations as to which speeds are most appropriate to get the best results. One item that comes with the Hamilton Beach 63220 is so simple and yet so effective – the pouring shield. Anyone who has ever poured flour in to a mixer when it is rotating will know the mess that can be caused with flour dust getting blown about and how careful you need to be to avoid this. The pouring shield minimizes this and any other ingredients that may try and escape the bowl as it mixes.

For such a large capacity mixer it can handle quite small quantities very effectively. The whisk attachment is shaped so that it is able to whisk as little as 2 large egg whites or 1 cup of cream. When all the work is done, the whisk, the flat beater, the dough hook, the mixing bowl and the pouring shield can all be washed off in the dish washer. The mixer itself had a protective coating on it which can be cleaned with a damp cloth.

Hamilton Beach 63220 Specifications & Pros/Cons



Key Features

  • Planetary mixing action make this one of the most effective stand mixers available
  • The 3 year ‘No Quibble’ warranty will give you a free new replacement Hamilton Beach 63220 if there is a fault with the mixer within 3 years.
  • Dish washer safe attachments, mixing bowl and pouring shield
  • All metal body construction, hand finished and coated with an easy clean protective coating
  • Electronically controlled speed to ensure that the speed that is set is a constant speed no matter what ingredients are added during the mixing
  • The Hamilton Beach 63220 can wander a little when mixing a large dough mix.
  • The planetary mixing action – this highly regarded efficient mixing action, as used on the more expensive KitchenAid mixers, ensure a thorough mixing of all the ingredients. The whole of the mixing bowl is covered by the beater meaning that there is no need to stop and scrape the side of the bowl to make sure that all the ingredients have been incorporated in the mix.
  • Pouring shield – makes adding ingredients while the Hamilton Beach 63220 is mixing so much easier by preventing the added ingredients being splattered out of the bowl
  • 3 year ‘No Quibble’ warranty – if at any time during the first 3 years of your ownership the Hamilton Beach 63220 becomes faulty, Hamilton Beach will supply a new mixer and collect the faulty one free of charge.
  • 12 electronically controlled mixing speeds – the speed of the mixing is controlled by electronics rather than mechanically. This means that the mixer will adjust the speed to the setting you select regardless of the extra ingredients you may add as you are mixing
  • Dish washer safe – all the attachments, the 4 ½ quart mixing bowl and the pouring guide can all be cleaned in the dish washer
  • Rubber suction feet – that suck down to the work top to help keep the mixer stable as it mixes

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Our Final Conclusion For The Hamilton Beach 63220

Hamilton Beach are well known for their good value, well made and practical kitchen appliances, The Hamilton Beach 63220 is a good example of that tradition. The planetary mixing action means that it is one of the most effective stand mixers available.

The pouring shield, which is a simple and relatively inexpensive extra, makes adding additional ingredients so much easier when the mixer is mixing. The all metal body is hand finished and coated with a special easy clean coating to ensure that it stays looking good for many years to come. The 3 year ‘No Quibble’ warranty is exceptional. If there are any faults with the Hamilton Beach 63220 within 3 years (excluding accidental damage) Hamilton Beach will send you a new mixer and collect the faulty one free of charge.

Some users have commented that when mixing large quantities of dough, for example, the Hamilton Beach 63220 does occasionally have the tendency to move. The only way to avoid this is to mix less or have a much heavier mixer. On the whole though users are very happy with the Hamilton Beach 63220 giving it a 4.4 out of 5 rating, with 85% rating it good or very good, from over 550 reviews.