Breville BEM800XL Review

Brevile BEM800XL Review 

Brevile BEM800XL Summary

4.6 out of 5

The Breville BEM800XL is a tilt-headed stand mixer that automatically scrapes the sides as it mixes. It even features a timer that counts up or down so you need not be preset when this mixer does its job. Automation plus aesthetics are its biggest selling point. Come see what we think of the BEM800XL.

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Brevile BEM800XL Introduction

Classic by design, Breville BEM800XL Scraper Mixer Pro Stand Mixer is an elegant kitchen appliance that merges together yesteryear designs with performance of a modern day marvel. The attention to detail on its features, be it standard or otherwise, is what you pay for.

No more scraping from the bottom with this stand mixer just because your batter tends to stick to the sides. The beater attachment on this Breville stand mixer comes with a scraper end that does the scraping for you. The scraper beater has flexible edges that mold and fold continuously as it moves around in the bowl thus scraping anything stuck to the bottom or the sides of the bowl. It even manages to scrape the dimple at the bottom! Finally, a stand mixer that lets you go about your other tasks without needing to address it every now and then. Besides scraping the bottom, the unique planetary mixing action helps prepare a properly mixed batter with even distribution thus ensuring that no ingredient is left behind.

This scraper mixer features total of 12 speed settings that you can change with the help of an easy-turn dial. A LED light strip displays the speed and another LED display handles the timer functionality letting you either count up or go down depending on the exact specifications of your recipe. But, it isn’t just the functionality that sets the Breville BEM800XL apart, it even looks chic. Aesthetics are an integral part of the design and this 5-quart stainless steel mixer takes up large portions with ease while looking cool too.

Our Brevile BEM800XL Review

Stand mixers like the Breville BEM800XL aren’t designed for commercial use. They are meant for home users who need a single device that can do different kinds of batter and mix together various ingredients. If you are interested mostly in bread dough then go for something more rugged and sturdy. While the Breville will work fine, bread dough is a tough nut to crack and it will quickly eat away from the life of your stand mixer.

Moving to the actual review, three things that we absolutely loved about the Breville BEM800XL are its speed controls, the tilt head and the bowl/beater combination. First of all, the use of a LED strip that gradually lights up as you twist the speed knob is so futuristic. By the way, as you turn the knob you get a slight click sensation that lets you know you are going one notch up or down. Total of twelve speeds is more than sufficient for most purposes and though the LED lights are hard to see when turning the knob, the writings on the speed dial help a lot because they not only show you what purpose each speed has but also what attachments work best with that particular speed, just in case you forget.

Coming to the tilt head mechanism, we absolutely love any stand mixer that offers a tilting head. This is because, it makes the addition of ingredients, removal of the bowl and scraping of the sides much easier. One click of the button on top and the head can be swung to the sides allowing complete access to the ingredients inside. We do have a major concern with the way the tilt head operates. You already know that this stand mixer uses a timer that can count upwards or downwards. Problem is that the moment you unlock the head, the timer resets. Even if you press the pause button first, the timer will reset after the head moves a small distance to the sides. Other than that though, we found the tilting head to be useful in our day to day activities.

Finally, the working bowl and attachments. Well, unlike Kitchen Aid or other brands, this bowl is wider with less tapering sides and a more spacious bottom that bodes well for us. Why? Well because you can easily scrape the sides on this stand mixer even while it is in operation. But, wait! You needn’t do that because the beater already comes with removable flexible scraper pads that always brush against the walls and the bottom in a rhythmic fashion thus ensuring that nothing ever sticks anywhere in the bowl (not even the tiny dimple at the bottom).

Brevile BEM800XL Specifications & Pros/Cons



Key Features

  • The wide bowl shape is great for all kinds of mixing and dough making since you get to see what’s happening inside and can add ingredients from the sides too, without stopping the mixer.
  • Total of 12 speed options is more than sufficient for any kind of recipe. So long as you don’t use it for making ice cream batter or bread dough on a regular basis, the power and speed settings hould be sufficient.
  • Love the number of attachments and the unique design of the scraper add-on. With the scrapper add-on, the stand mixer automatically scrapes the bottom and sides.
  • Weighing in at less than 17 pounds, this stand mixer is much lighter than competing KA and other brands or models.
  • The cord storage space behind the stand mixer helps it sit pretty on the countertop without an ugly black cord dangling around.
  • Two additional scrapers come along with this stand mixer, one designed exclusively for the sides that we particularly love as it can be used while the unit is in operation.
  • The speed knob also shows what attachments are compatible with each speed setting.
  • The tilt head of the stand mixer immediately shuts off if it unlocks and moves less than an inch away from the bowl. This isn’t handy if you only want to add a little ingredient to the center.
  • If you set the timer then do not raise the head, it will reset the timer. The pause button doesn’t help either.
  • The wattage rating on this stand mixer suggests it is 500 watts but in reality, it operates more like a 300 watt stand mixer.
  • Not suitable for regular bread dough and other such tasking activities.
  • Easy Handling – Handles on the head of the mixer plus the base both allow for easy movement and handling.
  • Tilt Release – The mixer head swivels away from the bowl when released using the Tilt-release button. This allows for easy addition and removal of attachments, ingredients or even the entire mixing bowl.
  • Lights & Indicators – This stand mixer features LED lights to show the speed plus a LED display for the time selected.
  • 12 Speed Options – Total of 12 operation speeds to choose from and the ability to pause midway through operations so your timer doesn’t run when you add extra ingredients or check on consistency.
  • Easy Cord Storage – Why leave the cord flapping around in the open? Such an aesthetically designed mixer looks good only when it has a hidden internal cord storage. You can find it to the rear of the mixer.
  • Timer Functionality – No need to stand guard over the mixer thanks to its timer functionality that cuts off power automatically.
  • Add-ons & Attachments – This stand mixer ships with a flat beater, scraper beater, dough hook and a wire whip. Additionally you get 2 pouring shields and obviously the 5-quart stainless steel bowl.
  • Bowl Lock – This stand mixer will not operate if the bowl is not locked into the base.

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Our Final Conclusion For The Brevile BEM800XL

As far as home appliances go, the Breville BEM800XL is a perfect addition. Yes, it costs a lot more than many other stand mixers but if tilt-head is what you want then this is the best option you got at the lowest cost. 5-quart is more than sufficient for an average homeowner too and the attachments this mixer comes with will suffice for all.