Hamilton Beach 33969 Review

Hamilton Beach 33969 Review 

Hamilton Beach 33969 Summary

4.7 out of 5

The Hamilton Beach 33969 is one of our favorite slow cookers. It has firmly established itself as a prime contender for slow cooker of the year. It’s affordable for every family home – but don’t let this worry you. In our tests, we found that the Hamilton Beach 33969 delivers an outstanding level of cooking quality time and time again.

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Hamilton Beach 33969 Introduction

When slow cookers were introduced well over 40 years ago they quickly became very popular. Almost everyone who cooked at home had one, although some people used it once or twice until it joined the heap of kitchen gadgets that were never used. Over the past 10 years or so the slow cooking market has become popular again, due to lifestyle changes and the ability of slow cookers to be much more user friendly.

As slow cooking enjoys a resurgence, manufacturers are constantly striving to make sure they have a model that stands out from the rest of the field often by adding little extras, some of which are more useful than others.

Hamilton Beach’s latest offering is the Hamilton Beach 33969A Set ‘n Forget Programmable Slow Cooker, 6-Quart capacity. In basic terms it is an updated version of their very popular 33967A model but at a lower price. Like its predecessor the Hamilton Beach 33969A comes with a choice of 3 cooking programs, fully automatic mode, manual mode and probe mode. The probe mode is especially useful when cooking meat joint or a dish where the temperature is a vital part of the cooking.

The temperature probe ensures that the joint of meat is thoroughly cooked through by measuring the temperature at the probe end. Again like the 33967A model the Hamilton Beach 33969A benefits from having the leak proof lid allowing it to be easily transportable without the risk of spilling any of the contents.

Thankfully, Hamilton Beach have retained the traditional stoneware cook pot rather than change it to the stainless steel or aluminum pots that are becoming more common. The 6 quart capacity of the stoneware pot has the capacity to take up to a 6 lb. chicken or a 4 lb. joint of meat.

Our Hamilton Beach 33969 Review

The Hamilton Beach 33969A Set ‘n Forget Programmable Slow Cooker, 6-Quart, to give its full product name, is a highly flexible, high specification example of what is available in the slow cooker market today. If you are more used to the older designed slow cookers, the technological advances have made today’s slow cookers even more cook friendly. On the Hamilton Beach 33969A there are a choice of 3 cooking modes, fully automatic, manual and probe.

In fully automatic the temperature is selected, the cooking time that is required and just press the button and when the cooking is complete, the Hamilton Beach 33969A will automatically switch over to keep warm mode, making sure that your food is cooked and hot ready for when you want to eat. The manual setting is just what is says, you turn it on and the off when you are ready. It is surprising that more slow cookers do not have a probe mode. This is particularly useful when cooking joints of meat for example. All that is needed is to insert the probe into the center of the joint, set the required temperature that you want the meat to reach and press start.

When the probe registers that the meat has reached your set temperature the cooking is switched over to keep warm mode, avoiding any over cooking of the meat. A simple feature that will rarely be needed is the power interruption protection of the Hamilton Beach 33969A. This allows that if there is a short power failure the Hamilton Beach 33969A will keep the cooker running for a short while. Hopefully it would never be needed but if it means the difference between coming home and expecting a fully cooked dinner only to find that it stopped midway through because of a brief power outage, it is well worth the peace of mind.

The Hamilton Beach 33969A has a wraparound heating element, which when combined with the heavy stoneware pot means that there is an even heat distribution throughout the food giving an evenly cooked meal. The 2 carrying handles and the locking mechanism and leak proof gasket on the cooker makes this an ideal choice for when you need to transport the meal anywhere, such as a potluck or tailgate party. The locking and gasket ensure that there will be no spill as you drive to your destination. The Hamilton Beach 33969A has a 6 quart capacity, large enough to take a 6lb. chicken or a 4 lb. joint of meat.

So does that mean that the Hamilton Beach 33969A is overly large itself? No quite. In fact, it only measures 10.2 x 16 x 16.1 inches and weighs 14 lbs. when empty. When thinking of carrying this model around with you, don’t forget to add the weight of the food as this can contribute to the overall weight once meats and vegetables are thrown in. When it comes to serving the meal that has been cooked in the Hamilton Beach 33969A, the stoneware cook pot is an ideal table serving dish. In addition to the 1 year limited warranty, Hamilton Beach provide a toll free, US based customer support service to help with any queries about the cooker or use.

Hamilton Beach 33969 Specifications & Pros/Cons



Key Features

  • The Hamilton Beach 33969 is affordable for every household, and contains most of the features and functionality that you would need to cook any meal.
  • The overall build quality of the 33969 is fantastic, especially considering the low price. Hamilton Beach have also done a fantastic job of ensuring that you don’t burn yourself while carrying it around with you.
  • The warranty isn’t the best on offer – and some users will be disappointed by this.
  • The LCD programmable display is minimal, and simply doesn’t give you enough control over the cooking process for tougher meals.
  • 3 cooking modes – a fully automatic program mode, a manual mode and the probe mode, which is ideal for cooking joints of meat. The probe mode gives a read out of the current temperature of the meat as it cooks and when the set temperature is reached it switches the Hamilton Beach 33969A to keep warm setting automatically
  • Stoneware cook pot – helps ensure an even temperature through the food to ensure even cooking. The stoneware pot can then be removed to be used as a table serving pot
  • Automatic switch over to warming mode – when cooking in either probe mode or automatic mode as soon as the temperature is reached at the probe or the set time for the cooking is done, the slow cooker will automatically switch to warming mode to ensure that the food is kept hot until ready to eat
  • Securable and sealable lid – highly useful when taking the slow cooker for entertaining away from home. The sealed lid will ensure that there are no spills of food while driving to the destination
  • Large capacity 6 quart cook pot – large enough to take up to a 6 lb. chicken or 4 lb. joint of meat
  • Power interrupt protection – will keep slow cooker on during a brief power outage

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Our Final Conclusion For The Hamilton Beach 33969

The Hamilton Beach 33969A Set ‘n Forget Programmable Slow Cooker with a 6 quart capacity, is a very competitively priced slow cooker packed with some very useful features. The cooking probe is a very useful device for cooking meats in the Hamilton Beach 33969A as it not only takes a great deal of the guess work out of cooking meat in a slow cooker but as soon as the temperature that is set is reached it will automatically switch over to the keep warm mode. Similarly when the cooker is programmed on automatic mode after the set time it will switch to warming mode.

As timings for meals are sometimes a little changeable, the warming mode will ensure that the food is ready to eat when you want it. A hot meal at tailgate or pot luck parties is always welcome. The Hamilton Beach 33969A with its locking lid and leak proof gasket is an ideal way to transport hot food without any fear of it spilling its contents while in transit.

The Hamilton Beach 33969A comes with a 1 year limited warranty and a toll free, US based customer support line. Users of the Hamilton Beach 33969A are full of praise for the Hamilton Beach 33969A and it rates 4.3 out of 5 on Amazon from over 800 reviews, it one of their top selling slow cookers.