Hamilton Beach 33967A Review

Hamilton Beach 33967A Review 

Hamilton Beach 33967A Summary

4.8 out of 5

The Hamilton Beach 33967A is by far one of our favorite slow cookers. While it doesn’t beat the Cuisinart MSC-600, it is much cheaper and offers seamless slow cooking on the fly. This particular model improves upon the original 33967 and adds in some rather neat upgrades – resulting in the Hamilton Beach 33967A.

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Hamilton Beach 33967A Introduction

When slow cookers were available in the early 1970s they became very popular. Over the years their popularity started to wane. Now, the latest generation slow cookers with their technological advances and increased versatility, are becoming more popular than ever before. Many of the drawbacks with the original slow cookers have been overcome and additional features that increase their flexibility have been added. A very good example of the latest generation of slow cookers is the Hamilton Beach 33967A Set ‘n Forget Programmable Slow Cooker with its 6 quart capacity.

The Hamilton Beach 33967A offers a choice of 3 cooking programs, fully automatic, manual mode and probe mode. The probe mode is especially useful when cooking meat joint as the temperature probe ensures that the joint is thoroughly cooked through. Hamilton Beach believe that people would want to take the slow cooker and contents to parties and gatherings, with that in mind they have a leak proof lid gasket and clips to secure the lid in place.

Unlike some of the current designs the Hamilton Beach 33967A has a traditional stoneware pot which many people like to take to the table for serving. The 6 quart capacity of the pot will take up to a 6 lb. chicken or a 4 lb. joint of meat.

Our Hamilton Beach 33967A Review

The original Hamilton Beach 33967 was originally made in 2007 and proved a highly popular slow cooker. The 33967A is an evolution of the original with some additional features added. The 33967A is proving even more popular with users than is predecessor. Unlike many other slow cookers the Hamilton Beach 33967A is oval in shape which not only means that you can have some flexibility on placement depending on storage space available but the design has a sleekness to it. The body of the slow cooker is, as many modern kitchen appliances are today, of easy clean stainless steel.

The actual dimensions of this slow cooker are 10.4 x 16 x 16.1 inches high and it weighs in at 15 lbs. The Hamilton Beach 33967A offers a choice of 3 cooking modes, fully automatic, manual setting and probe settings. The probe is a very useful addition to the Hamilton Beach 33967 as it allows the temperature from the inside of a joint of meat to determine when the meat is cooked through.

This avoids having to take the lid off to repeatedly check if the meat is done properly. Simply set the desired temperature and once the area of the meat has reached that temperature the slow cooker will automatically switch to warming mode. For more even and efficient heating of the pot the Hamilton Beach 33967A has a wraparound heating element. An ongoing problem with slow cookers in general is that if the lid is removed a lot of heat is lost and this takes time to build back up, so a real plus for the Hamilton Beach 33967A there. If you are going out and want to have a hot meat on your return the set ‘n forget automatic setting is great.

Place everything in the pot, set and leave it. When the meal has cooked through the Hamilton Beach 33967A will automatically switch to warming mode and keep the food hot until you are ready to eat. There is a maximum timer setting of 14 hours, which is plenty long enough for most people but if you wish the timer longer, for example as part of a religious observance it could prove problematical. The manual mode is just that, set the heat level to high or low, switch off or turn to warm mode when the food is cooked. Yet another area that the Hamilton Beach 33967A wins plus points in is with the liquid proof lid seal and locking handles. This is great if you want to travel with your food, for example to a pot luck or a tailgate parties.

With the lid firmly sealed you can be assured that there will be no spills on the way. A feature that hopefully won’t be needed is the ability of the Hamilton Beach 33967A to keep working through brief power outages. How disappointing to return home only to find out that a little power cut means that there is no eagerly awaited hot meal there when you get home. When the meal is finished the stoneware cook pot and the glass lid are both safe to wash in the dishwasher.

Hamilton Beach 33967A Specifications & Pros/Cons



Key Features

  • Being dishwasher safe, the Hamilton Beach 33967A is simple and easy to clean.
  • The affordable price means that this particular model is suitable for every household – regardless of budget.
  • The probe cooking mode is one of the most innovative features of the past decade. The probe automatically monitors the temperature to ensure that meat is optimally cooked time and time again.
  • Lacks features compared to the MSC-600 – but is well under half the price.
  • Probe cooking mode – this is a very useful feature to use when cooking joints of meat of chickens. Just set the cooker to the desired temperature and when the probe measures that heat inside the meat it automatically switches to warm mode.
  • Lockable and seal-able lid – especially useful when taking the slow cooker for entertaining away from home. The sealed lid will ensure that there are no spills of food on the way.
  • Automatic warming mode – whether cooking in probe mode or automatic mode as soon as the cooking is done the slow cooker will automatically switch to warming mode to ensure that the food is kept hot until ready to eat.
  • Stoneware cook pot – excellent for heat retention and doubles as an attractive table serving dish.
  • 14 hour timer – maximum length of time for both cooking and warming. After 14 hours the cooker will switch off.
  • Power continuity feature – this can be particularly useful if you are prone to short power interruptions. The Hamilton Beach 33967A will continue operating for a short period of time, depending on the heat setting when the power cuts off
  • Dishwasher safe – both the stoneware pot and the glass lid are able to be washed in the dishwasher.

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Our Final Conclusion For The Hamilton Beach 33967A

The Hamilton Beach 33967A Set ‘n Forget Programmable Slow Cooker with a 6 quart capacity, is a very competitively priced slow cooker packed with some very useful and innovative features. Particularly favored is the probe cooking mode as this is a trouble free way of ensuring that your meat is cooked through without anybody having to be present to keep checking the internal temperature of the meat.

Additionally when the preset temperature is reached the cooker will switch over to warming mode. Slow cooker prepared meals are very popular at tailgate parties and pot lucks. The leak proof gasket and lid clips are a real benefit in these situations, ensuring that your food does not spill in your car while you are driving there. The switching over to the warming setting after the end of a probe or automatic program is particularly useful as timing are not always perfect and the food being hot when you want to eat it rather than when it is ready is a very useful feature.

The Hamilton Beach 33967 set ‘n forget in both the original and updated ‘A’ model have been highly rated by users for over 7 years and it is easy to see why.