Hamilton Beach 33957 Review

Hamilton Beach 33957 Review 

Hamilton Beach 33957 Summary

4.4 out of 5

The Hamilton Beach 33957 is a versatile slow cooker that serves as a basic appliance. It is one of the more popular models from Hamilton Beach, mostly because of its affordable price tag. In our independent review, we found that this particular model lacked some crucial features – but still outperformed other models on the market.

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Hamilton Beach 33957 Introduction

When slow cookers were first introduced in the early 1970s they became very popular. Their popularity then waned a little but recently they have been experiencing a renaissance. The slow cookers of today are, thanks to electronic timers, far more flexible in the way they can be used when compared to their predecessors. The Hamilton Beach 33957 Programmable Stay or Go Slow Cooker with a 5 quart capacity is a prime example of what todays slow cookers offer.

As the name suggests the cooking time is able to be programmed for what length of time you select, in 30 minute increments, and which temperature, high or low, that you want to cook with. After the set cooking time is completed the Hamilton Beach 33957 will automatically switch over to the warm mode to keep the food hot for a total maximum time of 14 hours. The Stay or Go part of the name means that the cooker can be used at home as usual but it then has a sealable lid to allow you to take your cooked meal to parties or family gatherings without having to worry that the contents may spill out while travelling.

The 5 quart stoneware cooking pot is elliptical in shape meaning that you can fit up to a 5 lb. chicken or 2 x 2.5 lbs. roasts side by side in it. The stoneware bowl (not the lid) is safe for use in the microwave or a conventional oven and after use both the bowl and the lid can be washed in the dish washer.

The Hamilton Beach 33957 comes complete with a serving spoon. The serving spoon has a semi-circular cut out in it which clips on to the lid for when you are moving the slow cooker and, when used as a serving spoon, hooks over the side of the stoneware bowl to keep it from slipping in.

Our Hamilton Beach 33957 Review

The Hamilton Beach 33957 measures 12.3 x 16.7 x 11.2 inches and weighs a little under 13 lbs. when empty. If you are more used to the older type of slow cooker you will love the added flexibility that the Hamilton Beach 33957 gives you.

Firstly the elliptical shape, even though it is 5 quarts in capacity, make storage easier when not in use. The programmable timer lets you prepare the ingredients well before hand, even the night before as the stoneware pot is safe to put in the refrigerator, start the cooker first thing in the morning for whatever cooking time you want and know that when you come home a hot meal will be ready and waiting for you. And there is no need to worry about the contents being over cooked, when the cooking time that you set is completed the Hamilton Beach 33957 automatically switches over to the warming mode to keep the food hot until you are ready to eat, up to a maximum of 14 hours.

If you prefer there is a manual option of cooking that allows you to set the temperature and turn it off (or over to warming mode) when you want. All the cooking times that you will find specific to the Hamilton Beach 33957 are generally for a full cooking pot, which is about 2 inches below the rim. If the cooking pot is less full the contents are usually cooked between 1 and 2 hours earlier. Something to have in mind when setting the timer.

In all cases most slow cookers, including the Hamilton Beach 33957, should not be cooked with less than half full. One highly useful feature that the Hamilton Beach 33957 does have over many other slow cookers in the markets is its portability. The lid to the slow cooker has a sealing gasket and stainless steel clips that secure the lid to the pot preventing any spillages when the Hamilton Beach 33957 is in transit.

On the side of the cooker are 2 handles that are normally laying on their side which are used for carrying the cooker. With the serving spoon clipped to the lid, the Hamilton Beach 33957 is all ready to take to a party or family gathering where you can serve hot homemade food. Note; the lid clips should never be used to secure the lid when cooking.

The stoneware cooking pot and the lid are quite tough and durable and will in all likelihood outlast the cooker, however, they can get damaged or broken during general use. After a long search the only place that a replacement lid or a replacement stoneware pot could be located was on Hamilton Beach’s web site.The replacement lid costs about 60% of the cost of the complete slow cooker and the stoneware pot 130% of the cost of the complete slow cooker. That is before shipping charges are added, the lid plus shipping charges costs more than the complete cooker (including the lid).

Hamilton Beach 33957 Specifications & Pros/Cons



Key Features

  • Portable, can be taken on travels without any food spilling thanks to the locking lid and leak proof gasket
  • Automatic of manual cooking programs
  • Automatically switches to warming when cooking time is completed (up to a maximum of 14 hours)
  • The elliptical cooking pot can take up to a 5 lb. chicken or two 2.5 lb. joints of meat when placed side by side, more than if it was a round shape
  • Serving spoon that clips onto the lid for transportation
  • Replacement parts very expensive compared to the original cost of the complete slow cooker
  • Does not have a temperature sensor for cooking joints of meat
  • Portability – thanks to the lockable lid and the leak proof gasket the Hamilton Beach 33957 is able to be taken to parties and gatherings without the risk of the contents spilling out while you are travelling. The side handles (that are normally folded down) make carrying the Hamilton Beach 33957 easy.
  • Automatic warming setting – when the programmed time or the manual time set has been completed the Hamilton Beach 33957 will automatically switch over to warming mode, for a maximum of 14 hours total time, making sure that your meal is hot and ready to eat when you are
  • 5 quart capacity – large enough to take a 5 lb. chicken or two 2.5 lb. roasting joints (set side by side) in one go.
  • Dish washer safe – both the stoneware cooking pit and the lid are safe for washing is the dish washer
  • Oven and microwave safe – the stoneware cook pot (not the lid) are safe for use in wither a conventional oven or a microwave
  • A choice of manual or automatic cooking – the Hamilton Beach 33957 can be programmed for set cooking time of temperatures or can be used manually. Both modes will switch over to warming at the end pf the cooking cycle

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Our Final Conclusion For The Hamilton Beach 33957

The Hamilton Beach 33957 is, as you would expect, a very efficient example of a slow cooker. It is programmable in either an automatic or manual cooking mode. When the set cooking time is completed the Hamilton Beach 33957 will automatically switch over to a warming mode.

The warming mode will keep the food hot until it is ready to be eaten. This is for a maximum total time of 14 hours. Where the Hamilton Beach 33957 does stand out is in its portability. The leak proof gasket and the fact that the lid can be locked in place, together with the strong carrying handles means that the slow cooker and it contents can be moved to party or a gathering without any concerns that the contents may spill over while it is travelling.

The serving spoon that clips on to the lid is another useful little feature for when you are travelling with the Hamilton Beach 33957, saves having to look for a suitable spoon when you get to your destination. Being able to put the stoneware cooking pot in either the oven or the microwave is very useful, just a pity that the lid cannot as well. Overall the Hamilton Beach 33957 is very highly rated by users scoring 4.3 out of 5 from over 100 customer reviews.