Seal of Excellence

KitchenReviewsDirect is happy to announce that we are running a yearly seal of e-Excellence program. Taking over from the European Seal of e-Excellence, we reward ICT and Digital Media companies with an excellent track record in innovation marketing. Awarded annually since 2003 by EMF and its Partner Organisations, the Seal is widely known for distinguishing companies with innovative products & services and outstanding marketing.

Winners of the Seal of e-Excellence are entitled to:

  • Publicly display and proactivelly use the “European Seal of e-Excellence” logo in their own public relations and marketing programs
  • Free membership in EMF – the Forum of e-Excellence
  • Membership in the Club of e-Excellence, the LinkedIn Group of Seal winners
  • Preferential rates for all e-Accelerator and e-FundingFacilitator services (including a free business expansion audit and a free EU funding audit)
  • Free organisation profile in e-Match, the international ICT profiling and project matchmaking platform

Winners of the Seal of e-Excellence are selected by a jury from an open application process focusing on:

  • innovativeness of the product or sevice on offer;
  • effectiveness of its international marketing.

The Jury is appointed each year by the Seal organizers.

Members of the Jury for 2017:

Chairman: Philippe Wacker


Agência de Inovação (ADI)
Alexandre Ulisses Silva

Asociación Nacional de Empresas de Internet (ANEI)
Miguel Errasti

Associação Nacional de Jovens Empresários (ANJE)
Mário Vidal Genésio

Bulgarian Web Association (BWA)
Dora Vasileva

Club de Innovación (Club de Innovación)
Miguel Angel de Bas

Coordination des Associations Françaises de Multimédia (CAFM)
François Adoue

Czech ICT Alliance (Czech ICT Alliance)
Michal Zalesak

Digibusiness Finland (Digibusiness Cluster Programme)
Culminatum Innovation Oy Ltd
Irina Blomqvist

Margaretha Mazura

E-Accelerator (E-Accelerator)
Chris Vander Putte

Association of Electronics and IT Industries of the Basque Country (GAIA)
Jokin Garatea

eMatch – International Profiling & Project Matchmaking in the ICT and Digital Media Sector (eMatch)
Bård Krogshus

Interactive Technology Software & Media Association (ITSMA)
Surbhi Sharma

Internet Society Belgim (ISOC)
Rudi Vansnick

Hungarian Association of Content Industry (MATISZ) – Hungarian Association of IT Companies (IVSZ)
Jozsef Mlinarics

Politech Institute (European Center of Political Technologies)
Daniel Van Lerberghe

Shanghai Multimedia Industry Association (SMIA)
Ming Haoxia

Associação para a Promoção da Excelência do Software Brasileiro (Softex)
José Antonio Antonioni

Swiss Media (SwissMedia)
Roland Grunder

Medien- und Filmgesellschaft Baden-Württemberg (MFG)
Evandro Oliveira