Presto 1755 Review

Presto 1755 Review 

Presto 1755 Summary

3.9 out of 5

Pressure cookers are dime a dozen but one that meets all USDA recommendations for canning is rare. The Presto 1755 pressure cooker isn’t just huge with its 16 quart capacity but also safe to can regularly with. It is packed with loads of safety features and an excellent construction too. No wonder Presto gives 12 years warranty on this model. Interested enough to read ahead? Come see what we thought of the 1755…

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Presto 1755 Introduction

Welcome to the world of pressure cookers and canners. Presto builds pressure cookers that are equally adept at canning and in fact meet USDA recommendations. The Presto 1755 pressure cooker is no different. Professional build quality, stay-cool handles, heavy-duty aluminum build and a high strength steel lid locking mechanism make this a reliable model. This pressure cooker comes with a rack that helps keep the bottom away from contact with jars when canning. Canning in this manner leads to better overall seals as the liquid circulates all over the jars. Besides, being large it helps cook a lot of food at once and that too quick.

The lid isn’t just sturdy but features sealing attributes such as a sealing ring hidden inside that helps pack the steam inside. Steam release mechanism together with the pop-up pressure indicator help regulate the pressure within and maintain a steady reading at all times. Plus, the overpressure plug will release the moment extra steam builds up. Because this is a canning device, it features dial gauge pressure dials that are accurate. The Presto 1755 comes with a recipe/instruction booklet that has over 50 plus recipes such as chicken, fish, beef, pork, brown bread, pudding and plum. This pressure cooker can be cleaned with mild cleansers and to keep it spick and span Presto suggests using a fine metal polish, but only occasionally. By the way, Presto offers 12 years warranty on the 1755 16-quart pressure cooker & canner.

Our Presto 1755 Review

After having seen and tested so many pressure cookers, we stumbled upon yet another Presto model – the 1755 16 quart pressure cooker and canner. Now, having had an amazing experience with all things Presto, we had high expectations from the 1755 and to be honest, we weren’t disappointed.

First off, this thing is huge and if you aren’t into canning then this is definitely not the model for you. Unfortunately though getting a pressure gauge on such a device is impossible unless it is of such a large capacity. Basically, if you can’t find enough recipes to do in bulk and feed a lot of mouths, start looking for another model. However, if canning is something that interests you a lot then look no further than the 1755 Presto 16-Quart cooker. This pressure cooker is made to last for a lifetime and it shines with pride as if it knows this. From the outset, we were expecting a heavy pressure cooker but this one felt lighter than All-American 16-quart cookers. In fact, because of its lower weight, you can actually use it on a normal gas stove and a glass top as well. Yup, 16-quart capacity pressure cooker that works great on a glass top range as well!

Let’s quickly get the features and safety aspects out of the way. To those who are afraid of canning in a pressure cooker because they feel it isn’t safe – USDA actually recommends canning in this manner and the Presto 1755 meets all recommendation and safety standards set forth by USDA and other governing bodies. The lid features a hidden inner seal, pressure release and vent plus a auto-release mechanism that vents pressure if in case you aren’t vigilant enough. Let’s not forget the big gauge dial that sits atop the cooker, always giving you a precise reading of the pressure inside.

Now for the space inside the cooker – it can easily accommodate 7 Quart sized jars with the accessory rack. By the way, you should always use the rack when canning because it prevents the cans from touching the base of the cooker and thus keeps the water circulating at all times. In our experience when canning, this particular model needs a little vigilance because its dial isn’t weighted but that’s no big deal as the end result is perfect.

For those who wish to make recipes, the accompanying booklet is detailed with a lot of things. It also includes canning information on almost everything possible. Basically, Presto made a world class product and then gave away the secrets to utilizing its superpowers to the maximum.

Presto 1755 Specifications & Pros/Cons



Key Features

  • Massive capacity allows for canning a whole lot of products. It can easily gobble up 7 quart jars! You really won’t need a larger pressure cooker ever.
  • Even with its massive size and capacity, it isn’t too heavy. This lets you use it on a glass top range without worrying about damaging it.
  • Pressure gauge keeps a proper watch over the readings inside and thanks to the auto venting mechanism, this cooker never really piles up excessive pressure.
  • Designed to withstand the rigors of everyday use for decades without needing any major repairs. Yes, you need to replace the inner seal and maybe at times recalibrate the pressure gauge but those are things you anyways do with all pressure cookers.
  • The handles are designed to stay cool even under full pressure and high temperatures.
  • The lid design prevents excessive pressure build-up and even accidental unlocking. Once the unit pressurizes, it stays locked till the gauge reads below acceptable psi.
  • Presto has designed and ensured that the 1755 meets all USDA recommendations for canning.
  • The size can be a little on the plus size for most average home users. Unless you are a diehard fan of canning and storage for the long haul, such a huge capacity is overkill.
  • Those who do not know canning can find this pressure cooker intimidating with the dial and all but thankfully the recipe booklet gives basic information on how to can various items.
  • The seals can sometimes leak a little steam out. If that happens release the pressure inside and open the lid. Remove the seal, wash it and put it back.

  • High Capacity – Measured by Presto, this pressure cooker will easily accommodate 7 Quart jars or 16 quart liquid. That’s a lot of space and enough for any average homeowner’s canning requirements.
  • Durable Construction – Made from warp resistant aluminum, this pressure cooker is not just durable but also extra strong.
  • Works On All Ranges – Design allows it to work on smooth top as well as regular gas ranges.
  • Intelligent Lid Design – The lid features cover lock, air vents and the ability to automatically vent pressure when closed properly.
  • USDA Recommendations – The Presto 1755 meets all recommendations from USDA for canning at home. In fact, this pressure cooker is the safest way to can at home.
  • Accurate – Thanks to the gauge dial you can easily read the pressures within and adjust your canning or cooking accordingly.
  • 12 Year Warranty – With 12 years warranty cover, you really cannot go wrong with this pressure cooker.
  • Included Accessories – This pressure cooker comes with a great recipe/instruction booklet to get started. Besides, it also ships with a canning rack.

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Our Final Conclusion For The Presto 1755

Presto always makes great products. The Presto 1755 pressure cooker and canner did not disappoint us this time though there are better models of pressure cookers out there in the market from Presto itself and a few other brands. If you are only interested in canning then forget every other model we have reviewed on this site and go get this one. However, if you occasionally plan to can stuff and cook the rest of the time, this might be few quarts too large for your family. On the plus side, if your family is large then the 1755 should be a perfect choice.