Panasonic SR-DE103 Review

Panasonic SR-DE103 Review 

Panasonic SR-DE103 Summary

4.5 out of 5

Not all fuzzy logic cookers do a good job making white rice and several other variants. The Panasonic SR-DE103 Fuzzy Logic Rice Cooker however does an excellent job no matter the recipe you are preparing. We found its preset timer and other ergonomic features well designed and engineered to perfection. Ideal for beginners and pros alike, find out how this Japanese creation fares in our rigorous tests.

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Panasonic SR-DE103 Introduction

Make around 10 cups of high quality restaurant rice using the Panasonic SR-DE103. This rice cooker promises to make rice cooking easy. It features Advanced Fuzzy Logic that automatically handles the power output and even the total cooking time, thus letting you concentrate on making the meal grand. Among the menu options you have several excellent choices such as porridge, cake, steam, slow-cook and obviously white rice.

This countertop marvel comes with a 24 hour preset timer that is designed to help you make rice cooking super easy. You can preset the time when you need the rice cooked and leave home only to return to the flavorful aroma of hot cooked rice. Best of all, once it has finished cooking the rice on the preset timer, it automatically goes into the keep-warm setting that lets you savor rice at the right temperature no matter when you return home.

One key feature of this unit is its digital display that makes checking on the cooking status simple. Then there is the domed lid that helps keep moisture at bay, without it ever dripping back over the rice and the lid release mechanism that prevents accidental release when pressure’s built up inside the cooker. Not only is it technically superior but also a sleek and fashionable kitchen equipment.

Our Panasonic SR-DE103 Review

The best way to review a rice cooker is to compare it with another. In our example, we decided to have a faceoff between the Panasonic SR-DE103 and an Aroma non-fuzzy logic cooker. Another reason for doing this was to compare how well the Fuzzy-logic technology of the Panasonic works as opposed to a good quality simple rice cooker.

First and foremost, if you have never used a fuzzy-logic cooker then be ready to wait a little while longer than usual. The Panasonic rice cooker took approximately 20 minutes more. You can actually hear as the heating elements cycle on and off at various intensities throughout the cooking process as the fuzzy logic chip calculates everything. Once complete, the rice cooker will sound a sweet alarm indicating that it is now going to enter the keep warm phase. You can choose to stop at this stage or let it stay warm until it is dinner time. In our case, we immediately remove the rice to compare it with the Aroma cooker’s product.

The difference is startling. Without fuzzy-logic and a fixed cooking process, the Aroma made decent rice but the bottom stuck making the rice underneath crisper while leaving the top rice less cooked. It was overall dry too. Coming to the Panasonic cooker though, things came out way better. For starters, the entire serving was evenly cooked, succulent and moist but not soggy. Rice even had an excellent aroma to it. End result, it tasted way better than the average Aroma rice cooker end product. Hence, the extra money you spend on buying this rice cooker does pay off from the word go.

Coming to the other features of this rice cooker, you can actually make a lot more than the basic white rice. Brown rice, porridge, even cake – the possibilities are endless. Those experienced enough using a rice cooker will enjoy the 8 pre-programmed buttons but if are new to using a rice cooker of this kind then the instruction booklet can be a real bother. As far as white rice is concerned, the directions are crystal clear. But for every other recipe, the directions are confusing. This is primarily because the instructions are translated from Japanese or some other language. Even in the English portion of the manual you can find the use of some other language in-between. Nevertheless, a couple of tries is all it takes to figure out the right rice to water concentration for each recipe.

Panasonic SR-DE103 Specifications & Pros/Cons



Key Features

  • Fuzzy logic makes cooking that much easier since you can make an error with the water quantity and still eat well-cooked rice. It automatically cooks rice without needing any human intervention.
  • The pre-programmed buttons help quickly prepare any kind of rice or recipe.
  • Lithium Ion battery in this rice cooker remembers the time and other settings so you need not worry if you occasionally use it and rely on the preset timer.
  • Keep warm feature plus 24 hour advanced cooking timer all make life so much easier.
  • Does not have a huge learning curve even though the instruction manual isn’t clear enough.
  • Instructions are haphazard and laid out all over the book. There is no clear distinction between the languages used and you have to carefully flip through the pages searching for English.
  • When you do find the instructions, it can get confusing for first time rice cooker users.
  • The cooker is not cheap and considering its size, it is a tad expensive for our liking.
  • Fuzzy Logic – Automatically adjusts the power levels depending on the cooking instructions chosen and type of rice used. This results in even consistent results all the time.
  • Eight Program Controls – Total of eight pre-programmed controls provides you the most commonly cooked rice variations.
  • Preset Timer – This cooker features a preset timer that lets you defer cooking rice by up to 24 hours. Select the preset timer and add the ingredients. Once it finishes cooking, it even keeps the rice warm afterwards.
  • Keep Warm – A feature not commonly seen on mid-range rice cookers, the Panasonic SR-DE103 comes with an automatic keep warm feature that immediately kicks into action the moment cooking is complete.
  • Lid Release – The lid stays put until cooking is complete and pressure is vented. All you have to do then is to press the release button to unlatch the cover.
  • Ergonomic Design – Not only does this rice cooker come with useful side accessories such as a rice scoop, steaming basket and a measuring cup, but also a detachable power cord that makes storage a simple task.
  • Compact – The rice cooker is petite and thus easy to store and even bring to the table to serve. Space is never an issue with this cooker.

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Our Final Conclusion For The Panasonic SR-DE103

Rice cookers with fuzzy logic are just the best. And when Panasonic makes one, you know they are technologically superior in all sense. The Panasonic SR-DE103 is no different with its impressive range of user-friendly controls and features. Take for instance the timer option and automatic keep-warm feature or even the push button lid release. This together with the several pre-programmed options make the SR-DE103 a no-brainer of a purchase. Let’s not forget the long warranty cover on this cooker either!