Black & Decker RC3314W Review

Black & Decker RC3314W Review 

Black & Decker RC3314W Summary

4.4 out of 5

Black & Decker as a brand name is usually enough to ascertain a product’s worth. The Black & Decker RC3314W rice cooker is simple, inexpensive and designed for those who really don’t bother with variety or experimentation. White rice is a good source of carbohydrates and energy in the day and if it is all you are after then this cooker is what you need. Find out if it is something you would want to get here…

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Black & Decker RC3314W Introduction

Simplicity is on display with the Black & Decker RC3314W rice cooker and best of all, it all comes packaged in a neat little offering that does not burn a deep hole in your pocket. This rice cooker can hold up to 14-cups of rice at once, which should suffice for most families. As for the cooking process itself, there is not much to talk on. One switch starts it all and when done, it flips back into the neutral position indicating that cooking is over. No complicated controls or options. Just a single switch to take care of it all. As for the keep-warm feature, it automatically kicks into place the moment you plug the rice cooker in. Two indicator lights tell you what stage the cooker is in. One signifies cooking and the other for warm.

This rice cooker features a heavy tempered glass lid that sits on top a non-sticking cooking pan that lets you see the cooker in action. Besides these two accessories, it does come with steaming rack that goes on top of the non-stick container so you can steam vegetables or fish as you cook rice. All components of this rice cooker are dishwasher safe including the non-stick cooking bowl.

Our Black & Decker RC3314W Review

One major concern with almost all users is that whether a cheap no-frills rice cooker does a decent job enough to justify using it on a regular basis. The thing to note with a rice cooker such as the Black & Decker RC3314W is that it is not a fancy control everything kind of rice cooker but rather a simple toggle switch device. Add the ingredients and flip the switch. It operates for a specific time period depending on the quantity of items inside and then shuts down regardless of whether the recipe is complete or not. We appreciate the simplicity of such kitchen appliances but personally do not prefer the lack of control over the actual cooking process.

As long as you measure the rice and water properly, you will get decent white rice. First measure rice using the accompanying 8oz cup with the cooker. Now, you ideally want to first put the rice inside the cooking bowl first and then add the water up to the markings inside depending on the number of cups used. For each cup, increase the water content by one marking. Unfortunately, this is not actually a 14-cup rice cooker. In fact, the included measurement cup is smaller compared to conventional measurement cups. Even then, it will not take 14-cups of rice as advertised. We found that it starts sputtering and throwing water all over the place after about 4 and half cups of rice. You could reduce the water used with greater quantity and add extra later in the middle of the cooking phase but then, that defeats the purpose of a rice cooker, which is to automate the process.

Thankfully, there are no extra controls so as long as you measured right and added the rice first before topping it with water, you should do just fine. However, the consistency of rice is uneven. At times, it will do a splendid job cooking rice without burning the bottom or undercooking the top. But, then at other times, the bottom sticks and chars before it finishes cooking. What we found was that because it is a simple cooker, the bottom actually stays on throughout the cooking process and this is why the rice at the bottom can burn. Solution is to periodically cycle the rice as it cooks to avoid burnt patches. Also remember to immediately take the cooking pan with lid out of the cooker once it moves to the keep warm phase as the heating pan is still hot and will eventually burn rice.

Does it make brown rice, GABA rice and the sorts? Our advice, don’t try these things! It is a simple rice cooker that does not understand varieties of rice. It only understands white rice and if you really want to make more than that then you have to experiment a little until you find the right concentration of ingredients.

Black & Decker RC3314W Specifications & Pros/Cons



Key Features

  • Simple as it can come. This rice cooker makes cooking rice super-easy and unlike expensive cookers with several options, there’s just one toggle switch to operate.
  • Automatic keep-warm feature lets you retain hot rice after its done cooking, just in case you are not ready to serve dinner.
  • Petite in size, this rice cooker stores easily on kitchen countertops.
  • The removable inner non-stick cooking bowl with glass lid makes it easier to serve rice afterwards. Besides, it makes cleaning up simpler afterwards too.
  • The accompanying steamer is an excellent afterthought since it helps you steam veggies on the side as you cook rice thus saving a lot of time.
  • Inexpensive and yet reliable, this rice cooker features the Black & Decker brand name, which means that you can depend on the rice cooker to never break down.
  • There are a few fakes in the market that look exactly like the real thing. Beware of the seller you purchase from and make sure you get it from the seller we promote here, since we received our test piece from him.
  • Can’t really make anything other than white rice with reliable consistency.
  • Too small for larger servings. Works best up to 3 cups of rice but can adjust at best to 4 and half cups.
  • Will burn rice at the bottom if left on the keep-warm setting for more than five minutes after cooking finishes. If you wish to keep warm then keep moving the rice around so the rice stays evenly warm.
  • Tempered Glass Lid – Thanks to the tempered glass lid, it locks into place and helps retain moisture, heat and the food inside. The upside to this is that you can see through the lid and peek at your meal’s progress.
  • Keep Warm – Once cooking is complete, this cooker automatically moves into the keep-warm phase so you need not stay close to the cooker. Serve only when you are ready to eat.
  • Light Indicators – Two light indicators let you know the cooking status. One signifies that the cooking is currently going on while the other indicates that the rice is cooked and is currently being kept warm.
  • Dishwasher Safe – All components of this rice cooker are designed to be compatible with a dishwasher and so you can throw them all in a dishwasher after cooking.
  • Steamer – The steamer basket latches on top of the non-stick bowl letting you multi-task by steaming vegetables, meat or fish.
  • Simple Operation – Just a single toggle switch is all there is to learn. Measure the quantity of rice to water required and flip the toggle to start cooking.
  • Non-stick Bowl – The cooking bowl is non-stick so rice cooks more evenly than conventional rice cookers.

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Our Final Conclusion For The Black & Decker RC3314W

In this day and age when Fuzzy Logic rules the roost, is there any chance for a simple inexpensive rice cooker to survive? Yes, and the Black & Decker RC3314W proves just that. It is a single button operate rice cooker with intelligent designing that costs a fraction of Zojirushi and Tiger cookers. The target market is infrequent rice eaters and bachelors who eat to survive and not to enjoy! As a rice cooker for such folks, it does a spectacular job at simplifying the process. Granted, this is not a world class performer capable of winning the World’s Best Rice Cooker title but it does offer an average performance.