Presto 01370 Review

Presto 01370 Review 

Presto 01370 Summary

3.9 out of 5

Pressure cooking is all about speed and freshness. The Presto 01370 does away with fancy features and concentrates on the actual process of cooking. Add the right amount of water, chop and add the ingredients, lock the lid, build the pressure and temperature and finally let it simmer. That is how simple this pressure cooker really is to use. Find out why we believe this to be a perfect beginner friendly pressure cooker.

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Presto 01370 Introduction

Tenderizing meat, poached fish recipes, vegetables steamed in a jiffy are just a few of the things you can do with the Presto 01370 pressure cooker. This 8-quart stainless steel machine is designed to last a generation of two with ease thanks to its stainless steel construction, triple layered bottom and sturdy overalls. Not only does the tri-clad base help in increasing the strength of the cooker but naturally makes this pressure cooker suitable for smooth top as well as regular gas ranges. In fact, with the pressure regulator valve automatically maintaining the cooker at optimal pressure, you need not do much other than mind the cooking time. The same valve also comes with a quick-release option that vents the pressure within safely in a matter of seconds if you happen to be in a hurry.

Bundled along with this pressure cooker, Presto provides you with a detailed 64-page recipe/instruction book that should provide enough opportunities to give the cooker a thorough trial before making your signature dishes. As for safety, the cover lock keeps watch over the pressure inside and seals the lid tight until the pressure drops to a satisfactory level.

Our Presto 01370 Review

Simplicity is the key to any Presto pressure cooker. These conventional style pressure cookers may look decades old by design but in terms of technology, they happen to be at the forefront of cooker research. Presto 01370 8-quart pressure cooker is yet another in a long lineup of trustworthy cookers and this one does a splendid job, provided you are willing to spend a few days learning the ins and outs of this appliance.

The size of the cooker is a tad smaller for our liking and while in the past Presto provided canning information with these cookers, nowadays thanks to USDA changing their recommended size to 12 quarts or more, Presto has stopped giving out canning instructions. Nevertheless, those experienced enough can do a water bath to can their produce. As for construction, there’s really not much to say here. It is like any other Presto pressure cooker, built to last a generation and then some. Stainless steel is now a standard material used to make pressure cookers but where this unit differs is in the base construction. Tri-clad base helps dissipate heat better and even makes it compatible with induction ranges and smooth top ovens.

Let’s get to the safety aspects of this equipment since it is a dangerous item to use if you don’t know what you are doing. Lid lock, pressure auto-release valve and a gasket to seal everything inside are all top notch safety features but these are not enough to ensure against accidents. Always stay vigilant of the steam billowing out. If you observe a drop in steam ejection, then either you have used less water than necessary for the cooking time or there is some sort of complication with the release valve. In both cases, stop cooking, vent the pressure and take a peek inside to diagnose the problem. For us, it often was the case when trying to make fall-off-the-bone broth. This takes around an hour but you have to start with a lot more liquid than usual as much of it is lost through escaping steam.

Finally, cleaning this pressure cooker is rather simple as everything is stainless steel, which is dishwasher safe. Just don’t rinse the gasket and pressure release valve in a dishwasher. Instead, clean these two components by hand and oil them up a little with olive oil or vegetable oil. One grip we did have with the Presto 01370 is that it is hard to close tightly in the beginning. Thankfully, as you near the end of your second week with this cooker, the lid does loosen up a little.

Presto 01370 Specifications & Pros/Cons



Key Features

  • Being a simple design, the learning curve involved is low though, you have to always struggle to get the lid in place.
  • Tri-clad base design allows for stove top ovens and induction heaters.
  • For a beginner, the detailed manual comes with 64 recipes that are easy and yummy.
  • This Presto pressure cooker is one of the cheapest in its lineup but it still costs more than many other brands.
  • All possible safety precautions are present on this cooker. Lid locking, auto pressure venting and quick cool option make life so much easier.
  • For an 8-quart unit, the Presto 01370 is not all that heavy and is in fact lighter than competing brands.
  • For the first couple of weeks, you may find the lid tad difficult to lock securely in place. Without any visible indications on either surface, locking it into place takes a few tries until it becomes an involuntary habit.
  • 8-quart does not offer that much room to can items and USDA no longer recommends such small pressure cookers for canning. On the flipside, it does a splendid job cooking any kind of recipe.
  • Being gasket operated, there are few components that need periodic replacements every year or so.
  • Cook Anything – Thanks to the automated pressure control and several safety features, you can concentrate on the cooking. It does vegetables, meat, fish, chicken in a matter of minutes and even tenderizes economical cuts of meat in a jiffy.
  • Rugged Construction – This pressure cooker is built using stainless steel with the base getting a total of three layers for longevity and even distribution of heat.
  • Smooth Top Range Compatible – Because of the design of the base and its unique construction, the Presto 01370 pressure cooker works just as well on smooth top ranges.
  • Pressure Regulator – The easy to attach, pressure regulator helps keep a tab on the pressure inside the cooker and it even allows for a quick cool option that releases steam instantly.
  • Lock Indicator – The cover features a lock indicator that turns opaque when there is steam inside but clears up the moment pressure drops below acceptable levels. It even prevents the lid from unlocking in the pressurized state.
  • Additional Accessories – This pressure cooker ships with a highly detailed recipe book and a 64 page instruction manual. As an add-on you receive a steaming basket made from stainless steel so you may steam while cooking another recipe.

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Our Final Conclusion For The Presto 01370

The Presto 01370 is affordable and easy learning with. This 8-quart cooker is simple, built to last and designed for safety. If you have always wanted a pressure cooker but never really mustered up the courage to buy one then do try this cooker. Other than a slightly annoying lid, there isn’t much else to write it down for. What truly makes this an excellent choice for newcomers is the 64 recipe booklet that it ships with and the stainless steel steaming rack.