Presto 01365 Review

Presto 01365 Review 

Presto 01365 Summary

3.9 out of 5

Compact and conventional by function, the Presto 01365 is a 6-quart stainless steel pressure cooker that looks futuristic without costing much. This affordable cooker is perfect for beginners and folks afraid of pressure cooking because of all those horror stories. It cooks enough for two servings or maybe even three so you can quickly whirl a meal for two in less than half an hour no matter the recipe.

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Presto 01365 Introduction

For those in a hurry and not enough time to concentrate on making a healthy balanced meal, the Presto 01365 Stainless Steel pressure cooker is a gift from above. With this pressure cooker, cooking any recipe is simple and thanks to its unique construction it works on induction, electric and gas. And if you have never managed to operate a pressure cooker in your life then the recipe/instruction book should come handy too. All this without burning a hole in your pocket, this Presto retails for less than $60 making it the ideal beginner’s choice.

Construction wise, it uses space-age technology. The tri-clad base has layers of stainless steel and aluminum sandwiched between that prevents warping, helps transmit heat evenly across the entire cooker and makes it suitable for use on induction tops as well. As an added advantage this cooker will last for ages thanks to stainless steel outer body but don’t discount the lid either. It features heavy duty safety features with an overpressure plug and vent pipe to prevent pressure build-up. In short, this is an inexpensive pressure cooker that is easy to use and maintain for years. We don’t see why this can’t become an heirloom kitchen appliance.

Our Presto 01365 Review

Let’s dissect the Presto 01365 pressure cooker. Having reviewed its more expensive siblings with loads more features, we were looking forward to a basic offering from Presto. We were mostly interested in the design and safety features since even in its simplest form a conventional pressure cooker does almost everything that automated electric pressure cookers can do today, albeit with a little more manual labor involved.

To start with, this pressure cooker can hold 6-quart volume, which translates to roughly 5.7 liters. This basically means it can take in an entire casserole. Just gather up everything, drop it into the pan or bowl, whatever you want to call it and add the required amount of water. Close the lid, light the stove and let it cook away. Yes, the Presto 01365 has basically nothing much to learn other than how to clean it after use and maintain it in the long run. The manual gets straight to the point by jumping into various recipes that include stew, soup, fish and an assortment of poultry/beef meals.

With the 6-quart capacity another added advantage for bachelors and couples is that you can make more than a single serving and keep the extra for the next day’s office lunch. Another wonderful thing about the Presto 01365 is its overpressure plug. Together with the pressure regulator it manages to maintain a steady pressure level without over pressurizing or losing too much steam.

And to top it off, this pressure cooker comes covered with a long 12-year limited warranty, which is standard on all Presto pressure cookers. Basically, if anything were to ever go wrong then you need only call Presto customer support for a replacement or repair. They actually prefer replacing defective cookers rather than repairing.

A word of advice, the Presto 01365 is a conventional pressure cooker, which means that you have to decide when to stop cooking based on the number of whistles or the time elapsed. Once you turn off the gas, do not forget to immediately run the cooker under cold water to let off the excess steam. Otherwise, you will end up overcooking your meal, without even realizing it. Being stainless steel, you can do this but if it were aluminum or any other material you can’t force cool. So, thanks Presto for sticking with stainless steel even in such a low price bracket. Something that happened to us but it may not happen to you, the lid took some effort closing down the first couple of times. Seems Presto makes its lids to fit tight and with a brand new gasket it can be a monumental task getting it locked. If you have trouble closing the lid with your brand new pressure cooker then remember to remove the gasket, clean it, re-install and try again. This should make it easier.

Presto 01365 Specifications & Pros/Cons



Key Features

  • 6-quart is more than ample for a bachelor or a couple. This pressure cooker can effectively hold 5.7 liters of water in it.
  • Thanks to the lavish use of stainless steel, the Presto 01365 is actually quite sturdy and reliable. It will never wrap or lose its integrity over time.
  • Presto’s instruction booklet is a real treat for those who have never used a pressure cooker in their life before. It has sufficient pressure cooker recipes to start with, all the while citing precautions and quick tips.
  • You can quickly reduce pressure and release the lid by running it under cold water without worrying about damaging it.
  • The handles are rubberized and easy to hold thanks to their design. Plus, the soft weight whistle on top simply sits without securing in place so there aren’t that many parts that can get damaged.
  • Being a gasket sealed pressure cooker, you will eventually have to replace the gasket. Besides, the top weight too can lose its integrity and is best replaced every couple of years.
  • 6-quart is great for almost all recipes but if you plan on making pot roast, chicken and such items, best to only half fill the pressure cooker as you need a lot of water.
  • Stainless Steel – The entire pressure cooker is made from high grade stainless steel to ensure longevity and durability. You need not worry about warping or degradation in strength.
  • Tri-Clad Base – Common to all conventional Presto pressure cookers, the tri-clad base basically consists of an aluminum layer sandwiched between an outer and inner layer of stainless steel. This helps spread heat evenly while allowing it to work on glass and induction tops.
  • Basic Safety Features – Pressure release device, a cover lock are all the safety features you get with this pressure cooker, baring its durable construction of course.
  • Long Warranty – The Presto 01365 6-quart pressure cooker comes with a 12-year limited type warranty.
  • Additional Accessories – Even though this is a lower end model from Presto, it still ships with a steel rack to steam vegetables, a descriptive instruction/recipe manual.
  • Easy To Maintain – The Presto 01365 is easy to clean and maintain as it is dishwasher safe and fully immersible too.

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Our Final Conclusion For The Presto 01365

Presto makes some of the most reliable pressure cookers. No wonder, they are heirloom kitchen products, passed down from grandmother to grandchild. This simple and inexpensive Presto 6-quart pressure cooker is no different. Sturdy by design, easy to use and compatible with any gas top oven, there simply is no reason why one should not invest into it, unless of course 6-quart isn’t enough for your family. In that case there are 8-quart to 12-quart models from Presto with way more safety features and functionality.