Presto 01362 Review

Presto 01362 Review 

Presto 01362 Summary

4.2 out of 5

A traditional pressure cooker by design and form, the Presto 01362 Stainless Steel 6-quart is a blast from the past. Not just affordable but also easy to clean and maintain. Let’s find out if this Presto pressure cooker can cook as well as it looks?

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Presto 01362 Introduction

Pressure cookers have once more surged ahead in popularity. They are now in demand not just by grandmas but by savvy twenty somethings too. Among all the technological advancements, here is the Presto 01362 Stainless Steel 6-Quart Pressure Cooker that looks and works like a traditional “Grandma’s cooker from the old 80s”.

Cooking in this pressure cooker is not just easy but also safe. Precise engineering has ensured that the lid locks down properly thus keeping the steam inside at all times. On top of the lid design, there are pressure indicators, automatic steam release valves and a overpressure plug too that goes off when the pressure rises beyond a specific point. In simple terms, this pressure cooker isn’t just affordable but also quite safe too. For those who have never really worked with a pressure cooker in the past, the unit is accompanied by a 65-page recipe booklet that covers the basics plus a few intricate recipes. Learn how to slash cooking time by over 30 plus minutes by using a pressure cooker and get used to the Presto 01362 at the same time. By the way, this unit is completely dishwasher safe – just remember to remove the rubber seals though.

Our Presto 01362 Review

If you only looked at the price tag, it would come as a surprise that the Presto 01362 is a pressure cooker with excellent five star ratings everywhere and yet it costs less than $50! You can almost hear your grandmother frantically warning you never to purchase any pressure cooker that sells cheap because they can blow up at any moment. Either these customers with five star ratings don’t have a grandmother who used a pressure cooker in the past or they are the adventurous types. We sure are and we had to get the Presto 01362 over to find out exactly how well it performs.

Now its been with us for well over 2 months and frankly, all the reviews were spot on. This Presto traditional pressure cooker isn’t just great, it is amazing! Quickly though, you need not worry about it blowing up or anything, it meets North American standards, is designed with heavy and reliable materials while packing in a few safety features too. How Presto managed to do all that without pushing the price higher is a mystery but the fact this pressure cooker is amazing is not! In fact, if you only had $100 and you moved into a new house with nothing in the kitchen, get this pressure cooker and an induction bottom – you can practically make anything in a matter of minutes without wasting much time or energy. By the way, cleaning up with the 6-quart is much easier. Thanks to its higher walls you don’t make any mess or splashes so you only have to clean the pot itself.

The good news is that because it is traditional by design, you can actually do more than just pressure cook. You can sauté your ingredients, make soup and also stock, boil vegetables or go the whole distance and create amazing recipes all the way to the finish. Meat falls off the bone in less than an hour for excellent soups, not to mention vegetables all retaining their nutritional values when pressure cooked – all sufficient reasons why a $50 investment makes a lot of sense to us. A little helping advice, if you wish to quickly depressurize the cooker then run cold water over the unit and the lid should be easier to open in a matter of seconds.

Couple of things that could have been handled better by design though include the top handle and the top itself. The handle is designed in a curved fashion and it is kind of bulky so holding it with one hand by the handle when the cooker is filled to capacity can be difficult. Not that you need to but just remember not to try this, instead use both your hands. Next, the lid’s design makes it harder to clean. While the entire thing is dishwasher safe, you still need to periodically clean the vents and openings which can be a slight bother to some. Nevertheless, it does an excellent job when you consider its tiny price tag.

Presto 01362 Specifications & Pros/Cons



Key Features

  • For less than $50, this pressure cooker is probably one of the most affordable traditional pressure cookers currently available in the market.
  • Design wise, it is pretty sturdy thanks to full stainless steel construction and heavy plastic handles. Not to mention this also makes the cooker completely dishwasher safe.
  • Packed full of safety features, it is practically impossible to open the pressure cooker when it is fully pressurized. Not to mention, it cannot over pressurize thanks to emergency release valves that automatically go off when the pressure becomes too much.
  • 6-quart capacity lends the cooker taller walls making it suitable to make soup, steam vegetables and even saute ingredients without the need of extra pans and pots.
  • The bottom off this pressure cooker is designed in a manner that makes it compatible with stovetop ranges, flattops and even induction tops.
  • Detailed recipe and instruction booklet gives sufficient idea on how to operate this pressure cooker plus you end up learning new pressure cooker recipes too.
  • The handle design makes it tricky to hold with a single hand. Those with tiny hands will actually find it is difficult to keep hold when fully packed.
  • The top is a bit tricky to clean properly. You will need to clean with a brush and Q-tip using hot soapy water once every now and then.
  • Works With All Surfaces – Designed for use with all heat sources including smooth-tops, induction ranges and even regular gas stoves.
  • Does More Than Pressure Cook – Maintains a steady pressure and can stay pressurized for as long as required to complete cooking. This makes it ideal to tenderize lean cuts of meat and make stews, soups, much more.
  • Durable Design – Tough durable stainless steel design plus several security features such as overpressure release valve, simple steam release mechanism, pop-up pressure indicator and more.
  • Long Warranty – Backed by an impressive 12-year long warranty that covers any malfunction of the cooker. This warranty is instantly redeemable but is limited to North America only.
  • Certified – Designed and made to meet North American Electrical Standards.
  • Additional Resources – Pressure cooker comes with a detailed recipe/instruction booklet and a steaming rack. The recipe booklet features over 64 recipes that are tailor made for a pressure cooker.
  • Dishwasher Safe – Dishwasher safe design for simple and easy cleaning, helping handles and quick lock design makes dismantling and cleaning the pressure cooker that much easier.

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Our Final Conclusion For The Presto 01362

It isn’t often that we come across a sub-$50 pressure cooker that is reliable, durable and pretty safe too. The Presto 01362 ticks all these boxes and more. It gets our seal of approval and while it isn’t your technologically savvy modern day pressure cooker with a LCD display and what not gadgetry – it is just a first generation pressure cooker that can work on any heating surface to make excellent traditional pressure cooking recipes. If you happen to be experienced with pressure cooking or want to start cheap then get the Presto 01362. It is designed for all kinds of people – grandmas and twenty somethings alike!