Presto 01264 Review

Presto 01264 Review 

Presto 01264 Summary

3.9 out of 5

Presto brings yet another pressure cooker. This time the model named 01264 boasts no extravagant features. At best it has an aluminum body with a tight inner seal and an auto-release valve to vent extra pressure. Find out what we think of the brand new Presto 01264 – should you purchase this pressure cooker when there are so many other brands out there?

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Presto 01264 Introduction

Pressure cookers are once more gaining popularity after having lost out quite a bit to other kitchen appliances in the recent past. Modern day pressure cookers all look so futuristic with LCD displays, buttons and panels but the Presto 01264 is more at par with the traditional cookers of yesteryears – the same ones that your grandmother probably used and loved doing everything with. A secret that they guarded with their life was that a pressure cooker was healthier and faster than conventional cooking – something that we all are starting to realize today.

Leading a hectic life, one that is governed by being on time, meeting deadlines and filing papers before losing out on a client, eating a healthy meal is difficult because good things take time. Well not anymore, thanks to the Presto 01264 costing less than $30 and its 6-quart capacity, singles and couples all can enjoy a quickly cooked fresh meal every day. Pressure cookers never lose the taste, nutrition of flavor. This multi-purpose Aluminum pressure cooker isn’t just quick but also durable and safe. Inner sealing ring to prevent escape of steam, heavy-duty lid locks and a pop-up pressure indicator with steam release valve all add to its safety rating. Plus, for those new to pressure cooking, the accompanying instruction manual and booklet contains nearly 65 recipes that are quite elaborate and yet easy to make. This pressure cooker from Presto comes protected by an extended 12-year warranty cover.

Our Presto 01264 Review

We tend to get supercritical of all our reviews and especially with brands and makes that garner a good deal of reviews online. If we believe a product is too hyped up, we don’t shy away from it and while we procure our products based on online ratings, ours is independent of any bias that might come from reading up on a product before purchasing it. Now that we have got this out of the way, it is time to review the Presto 01264 pressure cooker. In our opinion it is well worth the money you pay but is nowhere close to the Presto models we love and admire. Forget comparing it to an All-American or even an electric pressure cooker.

The reason why in our opinion, this is at best an emergency replacement for your kitchen is because of the frills it has – nothing! Pressure cookers back in the 70s and 80s were made like this. Aluminum construction, a simple whistle on top and a plastic handle was all you got back then. While our grandmothers were more than happy with such a simplistic device, we are from a techno savvy generation and we demand some amount of sophistication. We feel Presto missed a trick here. For another $10 they would not have lost a lot of customers in the market but they would have definitely gained a whole lot more, just by providing a pressure gauge or a quick-vent button.

Anyways, let’s get down to the actual performance of the pressure cooker. Being a simplistic design, it needs constant supervision and you better have some idea on pressure cooking, otherwise you are just going to overcook everything for the first couple of weeks. While the recipe booklet does get you started, many of the recipes are specialty items and not stuff you would cook on a regular basis. Once you get the water and timings correct though, things should get relatively easy. You just need to wait for the whistle to begin dancing and then turn the heat from high to low. Don’t go too low, the idea with these conventional designs is to go just low enough so that the whistle continues to dance but does not go full-blast. Then it is a matter of waiting for the right amount of time. Easy right? We thought so too except that none of this is automatic and there’s a lot of user intervention required. Nevertheless, those who don’t mind the extra mental effort or are just too used to hand-me-downs from grandmas, the Presto 01264 pressure cooker is perfect.

Presto 01264 Specifications & Pros/Cons



Key Features

  • Some folks consider 6-quart to be the perfect size for a small family of two to four. This pressure cooker is great for homeowners who want to quickly produce a meal for their children.
  • Simple design should make it easy for decades old users getting used to pressure cooking once again.
  • The recipe booklet is exhaustive with directions, warnings and above all – recipes that are mouthwatering to say the least.
  • Made from aluminum, the Presto 6-quart 01264 pressure cooker can withstand warp effect and is also compatible with a glass top burner or smooth top range.
  • Sufficient safety features such as auto-pressure release valve, pressure indicator and quick locking handles make it easy for a noob to begin pressure cooking.
  • When done right, a pressure cooker takes a fraction of the actual cooking time and tastes marvelous too.
  • The handle attaches to the pressure cooker base and lid by means of a screw that has a knack for dislodging when you want it the most. This screw keeps coming off every few weeks and a change in design is needed from Presto to prevent this.
  • 6-quart may not suffice for some, especially those with a large family or when there’s a party around.
  • Not everyone will appreciate the bare minimum features the Presto 01264 provides. A little more for slightly higher price could have been better.
  • Cooks Everything – Pressure cookers can cook just about anything without needing much guidance or effort. They do chicken, fish, lamb just as well as potatoes, rice and porridge.
  • Works On All Ranges – Thanks to the aluminum construction plus its lightweight nature, it is ideal for smooth-top ranges as well as regular ranges.
  • Auto Pressure Control – Instead of you standing guard over the pressure cooker, this Presto 6-quart cooker has a pressure regulator that automatically vents extra pressure if there is any build-up.
  • Cover Lock Indicator – The indicator rests on the handle and it shows if there is pressure within the cooker. This also locks the cooker until the pressure falls below a safe amount.
  • Ergonomic Design – The handles are designed for easier handling while being stay-cool. You also get a rack with this pressure cooker so you can multi-task.
  • Long Warranty – With 12 years of warranty cover, the cost price practically comes down to $2 per year as cost of ownership!

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Our Final Conclusion For The Presto 01264

Some pressure cookers never change over time. The Presto 01264 borrows its design cues and overall performance parameters from 70s and 80s pressure cooking greats. However, it looks and feels 21st century thanks to the use of space grade aluminum and even the safety features. If you don’t mind the 6-quart capacity and are happy making anything and everything with it, you simply won’t be disappointed with the Presto 01264 pressure cooker.