Nesco PC6-25 Review

Nesco PC6-25 Review 

Nesco PC6-25 Summary

3.9 out of 5

A do-it-all appliance that is like none other – the Nesco PC6-25 also happens to cost a fraction of what it ought to, considering everything it can do. Slow cooker, pressure cooker, rice cooker and so much more – this Instant Pot embodies a number of advancements over its predecessors.

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Nesco PC6-25 Introduction

Available in three sizes of 5, 6 or 8 quart, the Instant Pot DUO50 is your 3rd generation pressure cooker that incorporates features and capabilities from lot other automatic cookers niches. Calling this a jack-of-all-trades is not accurate. It is rather a master of all that it does. Cooking rice, slow cooking stew and meat recipes, pressure cooking to save time, sautéing and browning before or after pressure cooking – you name it and this 3rd gen marvel does it all.

Thanks to the many advanced features, this smart electric pressure cooker reduces cooking time by nearly 4 times while also improving energy efficiency by up to 70%. Best of all, it makes the most delicious of nutritious meals in a simple and consistent manner. Building on the IP-LUX line of pressure cookers, the DUO50 comes with plenty of enhancements that aid in safety, functionality and ergonomics.

So what all can you do with this modern marvel? In our limited time with this cooker, there really wasn’t anything left to make! We made rice, risotto, browned meat and then cooked it till it fell off the bones. We even managed to make excellent yoghurt and chili! Imagine being able to make your entire days’ worth of food in a single session.

Our Nesco PC6-25 Review

Being a pressure cooker, it is subject to stringent tests and norms as it should be. Safety after all, is a major aspect in rating or reviewing any closed cooker. With regards to this, we are pleased to see plenty of improvements over the previous few models. For instance, the value release gauge now has just two positions to fiddle with (open to let steam out and close to slow cook) instead of the plethora previously seen for various states. Likewise, the lid and its latch have built-in sensors that jingle a tune whenever the lid is locked into position, unlocked and/or lifted off entirely! Add to this, the fact that the cooker will not begin, regardless of the settings chosen, if the lid is not locked properly into position.

Noteworthy other safety enhancements include the provision of a cable carry at the back to prevent trapping underneath the cooker, handle cut-outs to quickly store the lid upright, better insulation of the stainless steel cooking pot from the aluminium heating insides and a larger LCD display so you never make a mistake choosing your options.

Speaking of options, this cooker’s got a whole lot to boast of. We counted a total of 7 cooking options each that can be custom defined in terms of cooking duration, pressure and sequence. If you want to brown or sauté the ingredients before slow cooking, you can set it up in the exact same sequence, determine the time duration for each and let it rip.

Operating the unit is pretty simple and the good part is that a quick start guide accompanies a more detailed manual. Following the guide on our first day with the cooker, we decided to prepare simple steamed fried rice. First step, add all the ingredients to saute and pick saute as your option. Once we set the time to saute, we found the cooker then calculates if it has all required information to begin operations and if it does then it beeps a few times before beginning to cook. After sautéing our ingredients, we added rice with just enough water and gave it a good twirl, closed the lid, shut the steam valve and picked the rice cooker option. Good thing with this option, you don’t really need to set the time. Once enough pressure builds up, the lid locks into position preventing accidental opening during operations. This unlocks only after cooking is over or if you shut down the cooker intentionally midway through (lid unlocks only after all the steam escapes).

We just cannot stress enough on the fact that this pressure cooker is a major improvement over anything else in the market. Safety, features, operation, construction, durability, looks and functionality – it has everything neatly parcelled into a single affordable package.

Nesco PC6-25 Specifications & Pros/Cons



Key Features

  • Quick Programming – Don’t like hardwired presets, don’t worry this pressure cooker lets you change existing presets as per your liking. You can also program your own set of instructions.
  • 8 Hours Delay – You get a maximum delay allotment of 8 hours for times when you want fresh cooked food by the time you get home.
  • Inexpensive – Just under $80, this pressure cooker is often available at amazing discounts which is why you should get it considering it comes with cool-touch handles, a trivet, a cooking rack, non-stick insert and fully programmable options.
  • 15psi Pressure – Not many cookers can reach 15psi but the Nesco PC6-25 sure can, which lets you cook stovetop recipes too.
  • Superior Construction – The lid and handle are cool-to-touch even when fully pressurized and heated. Next, the cooking insert is dishwasher safe plus being non-stick. Finally, the base is sturdy, heavy and stable.
  • Stainless Steel – The entire body and base is made from stainless steel, which does add to the weight but it sure does make this a sturdy pressure cooker.
  • Bad units do ship out from Nesco, if you are really unlucky. Getting it replaced with a working unit can take up to a week.
  • The temperature gauge at times delivers faulty readings, you may have to reset the entire cooker to recalibrate it.
  • Customer service from Nesco is appalling to say the least but thankfully, online forums do lend a helping hand. Fact, is being a really popular model, it has plenty of forum postings.
  • LED Display – The clear LED display with touch interface makes reading options and selections much easier. No more squinting your eyes just to figure out the settings.
  • Cooking Rack – Comes with a cooking rack that prevents food from touching the sides of the cooker, for all those fussy eaters out there.
  • 6-Quart Container – Spacious and large enough for a small family, the 6 Quart capacity ought to suffice for daily usage.
  • Presets & Programs – A quick glance at the Care Guide reveals the number of presets and programs built into this pressure cooker. It can also be configured according to your precise recipes too.
  • Cool Touch – The complete lid and handle on top are all made from a material that stays cool no matter the temperature inside, making the lid easier to lift and remove.
  • Delay Start – Program now but start up to 8 hours later. Excellent when you wish to plan dinner and lunch in advance without being present in the kitchen.

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Our Final Conclusion For The Nesco PC6-25

In town for a pressure cooker with sufficient options and preset features to handle stovetop recipes? Try the Nesco PC6-25 pressure cooker. Easily customizable, sturdy in construction and loads of positive reviews to make your mind up, the model is a hot selling commodity on A primary reason, is the features and accessories it has – that even more expensive models tend to lack. Stay-cool handle and lid, non-stick cooking insert, presets and programs that can be overridden with personal settings, all these are reasons enough to purchase the Nesco PC6-25 at less than $80!