MaxiMatic EPC-808 Review

MaxiMatic EPC-808 Review 

MaxiMatic EPC-808 Summary

3.9 out of 5

Pressure cookers traditionally made life easy but the Elite Platinum EPC-808 makes things ridiculously easy. Preset functions, non-stick cooking pot, 8-quart capacity, plethora of safety features and a bright LCD display all work in tandem to cook the most exquisite recipes with relative ease. We feel the Elite Platinum EPC-808 is the best electric pressure cooker in its price range. Find out why…

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MaxiMatic EPC-808 Introduction

Called an easy pressure cooker by experts, the Elite Platinum EPC-808 Maxi-Matic offers a wide range of pre-programmed options. Just set it and forget it! Making juicy roasts, fall-off-the-bone ribs now takes just half an hour to one hour instead of hours, as was the case with conventional ovens. Chicken breasts come out flavorful and moist – this pressure cooker isn’t just inexpensive but also a modern marvel of technology that understands recipes and adjusts accordingly.

The Maxi-Matic comes with a total of 13 pre-set menu functions, a browning feature and even a delay timer. Among the various recipes pre-programmed into this machine, our favorite include beef, potatoes, poultry, stew, white rice, beans and reheat. With so many wonderful options, it is nice to see that Elite opted for an 8-quart capacity cooking pot with a non-stick cooking surface. The pot even has measurement levels marked inside making it easy to add ingredients. The browning function is a welcome addition too as you can use the same pot to brown before pressure cooking, thus reducing the effort needed for specific recipes. This pressure cooker ships with all its accessories that include a measuring cup, spoon holder with serving spoon and a condensation collector.

Our MaxiMatic EPC-808 Review

The Elite Platinum EPC-808 pressure cooker is an electric pressure cooker and unlike several other pressure cookers we reviewed, this one actually had a lot of mixed comments. Some loved its simplicity and automation while others complained about the reliability. To us, it seemed to be more of a hit and miss case but we decided to review this particular model simply because it had been a while since we had used an electric pressure cooker.

Right off the bat, the size of this unit is impressive. Even though the manufacturers say the internal pot capacity is 8 quarts, the overall size of the cooker is not that much larger. Basically, it is easy to pick up and change location if you ever decide to take it along to a friend’s house just to show off! As for the cleanup, the pot is non-stick and that’s all you really need to clean ever. The lid needs a good wipe down and it is ready to go for another round.

Coming to the options on this unit, we are impressed with all the presets. There’s the usual electric settings of reheat, browning and keep warm but beyond that there are specific settings that work for particular ingredients such as poultry, soup, rice, fish, vegetable steaming and so on. We tried the poultry option and cooked up some chicken wings. The end result was marvelous and if you stick to the recipe booklet instructions that comes along with this pressure cooker, you will never feel disappointed. For those experienced with gas pressure cookers or canners, the good news is that being electric, everything is electronically controlled. The unit senses when the pressure is too high and automatically vents the excess, it shuts down for a few seconds when it gets hot and after finishing a recipe, it automatically moves into the keep warm phase. If you happen to be in a hurry, you can manually vent the pressure inside for a minute or two and leave the vent open.

One key aspect of an electric pressure cooker is the pressure it can maintain. This one’s rated at 12psi on high, which is impressive considering its affordable price tag. We aren’t sure whether it is designed to last and if the unit that became popular back in 2012 is what you get today but from what we read online, new and old buyers alike believe this to be a solid product worth investing into. A word of caution, give it a little rest if you plan on a cook-off.

MaxiMatic EPC-808 Specifications & Pros/Cons



Key Features

  • 8 quart capacity is more than sufficient for bachelors and small families.
  • Being electric, you aren’t using your gas stove or glass top ovens, thus letting you cook more items at once. This is handy especially when cooking for a large crowd.
  • Options to cook white rice, brown rice and steam vegetables or potatoes is a welcome addition as it lets you add, set and forget.
  • The non-stick cooking pot is easy to clean and so is the lid.
  • Layers upon layers of safety precautions coupled with a rugged construction gives us hope that the Elite Platinum pressure cooker will survive a good number of years with the right kind of care.
  • For beginners, the included instruction booklet has recipes and an explanation of each preset. Thus, getting used to all those buttons and electronic gizmos takes no time at all.
  • The LCD display is clear and bright; it is visible even when you aren’t at eye level with it.
  • Being electric, it tends to heat up a lot if used regularly. But with a few minutes of cooling down, you need not worry much.
  • Occasionally it will give out error messages but the unit resets itself. This often happens on extended use as the system goes through its various checks and balances.
  • 8-quart is a decent size but because this is a pressure cooker the effective usable space is much less. Would have been nice if the option of a 12-quart was available.
  • Valve Protection Pressure Sensitive – The pressure release valve on this pressure cooker automatically releases when it reaches peak pressure.
  • Floater Protection – A convenient floater keeps track of the pressure building up within the cooker. Once it reaches pressure, the lid no longer opens until the pressure falls below acceptable levels.
  • Lid-Lock – The unit will not start and build pressure until the lid locks into position. A key safety feature to prevent accidental steam release.
  • Anti-Clog Protection – The specific design of this mechanism helps prevent the pressure valve from clogging so it always works at peak efficiency.
  • Pressure Control – With the pressure switch you can control the pressure within the Maxi-Matic
  • Self-Release Device – In the event that the automated protections do not work, the inner pot will release thus venting pressure within the cooker.
  • Temperature Sensor – Not only does this unit have a pressure sensor but also a temperature sensor that cuts off power the moment high temperatures are recorded.
  • Fuse Protection – Being electrical powered, this pressure cooker has its own fuse protection that prevents overheating and overloading of the unit.

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Our Final Conclusion For The MaxiMatic EPC-808

Pressure cookers traditionally made cooking super easy. Now with electric pressure cookers like this Elite Platinum EPC-808 Maxi-Matic, it is easy and automated. Just add the required ingredients, set the time plus a few other options and your dish is ready to be savored. Best of all, this being electric, helps augment your stovetop cooker range when you really are pressed for time and have more than a single dish to make. And don’t forget all the presets!