All American 921 Review

All American 921 Review 

All American 921 Summary

4.5 out of 5

The All American 921 is one of the few pressure cookers on the market to receive consistent 5-out-of-5 ratings across the board from thousands of consumers. In our own testing, and in the testing of others, we could find no apparent flaws or negatives. The All American 921 is truly a masterpiece when it comes to pressure cooking.

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All American 921 Introduction

As most of us know, water boils at 100 degrees Celsius or 212 degrees Fahrenheit. Because water boils at that temperature it can therefore get no hotter than 100 Celsius or 212 Fahrenheit. That is not actually strictly true. Water boils at that temperature at sea level only (and even that is variable). What affects the temperature at which water boils is pressure. Several thousand feet up a mountain and water will not even reach 212 degrees before it boils.

A practical example of this is that tea needs water to be at 212 Fahrenheit to brew properly whereas coffee can be made at lower temperatures. This is one of the reasons that it is impossible to get a good cup of tea in the mountains but you can make a decent cup of coffee. A way to be able to get water to a higher temperature without it boiling is to increase the pressure. This is one of the reasons why car cooling systems are pressurized. It allows the engine to run at higher, more efficient temperatures without the water boiling over. This principle of increased pressure raising the boiling point of water is the theory behind pressure cookers.

As the pressure cooker is sealed, when the water heats up the pressure increases and at the same time makes the temperature point at which the water boils increase. Raising the temperature by means of a pressure cooker has a twofold benefit. Firstly the raised temperature cooks food faster and secondly the higher temperatures are beneficial in sterilizing when using the pressure cooker for canning. Usually the way that the pressure is contained in a pressure cooker is by means of a rubber seal that is held in place with clamps. The system used by the All American 921 is a little different. By having a heavy duty base and lid with precision machined mating surfaces there is no need to have a rubber seal. This makes the All American 921 a more robust and long lasting pressure cooker.

Our All American 921 Review

The All American 921 is a larger sized pressure cooker measuring 16 inches x 15 inches x 17 inches and weighs 20 lbs. when empty. The weight and dimensions are important for two reasons. Firstly the weight of the All American 921 when filled with foods can make it too heavy for many glass or ceramic cooking hobs. Secondly the diameter may cause the heat to spread out further that the heating element which can cause further problems with glass or ceramic cooking hobs.

One rare element about the All American 921 is that is actually made in the US by Wafco, Wisconsin Aluminum Foundry, where All American pressure cookers and canners have been made since the 1930s. Many people have the perception of pressure cookers as being of one particular style (electric pressure cookers excepted). There are flanges on the saucepan that interlocks with slots on the lid. There is a rubber gasket that goes between the lid and base to form a pressure tight seal. The base saucepan is usually made of lightweight spun aluminum. The All American 921 is made differently. Firstly the base saucepan is made from hand cast aluminum.

It is a heavy duty thick pan to give greater heat distribution, and a longer life and durability. The thickness of the base also means that the mating face can be machined to a fine finish. This lid of the All American 921 is made in a similar fashion. The end result is that the faces fit so well against each other that there is no need for a rubber gasket to ensure a pressure tight seal. This avoids having to have to replace the gasket from time to time when it becomes stretched or brittle and starts to leak. The lid is held in place to the base by 6 heat insulated wing screws. Just align the marks on the lid and the base and tighten the screws for a pressure leak proof seal.

There are 2 heat resistant carrying handles either side of the base to make moving the All American 921 around easier, even when loaded. The heat resistant handle on the lid is just for lifting the lid on and off and should not be used for moving the whole assembles unit, especially when it is full. There are 3 set pressures that the All American 921 can be set to, 5 lbs., 10 lbs. and 15 lbs. to alter the pressure setting it is simply a matter of lifting the round pressure weight and setting it in the desired location. A geared pressure gauge mounted in the lid gives you a clear reading of the pressure inside the cooker. For safety there is an automatic over-pressure release valve. As for the volume that the cooker will hold for canning, obviously that depends entirely on the shape of the containers that you are using but as a guide the All American 921 will hold approximately 19 pint jars or 7 quart jars at any one time.

All American 921 Specifications & Pros/Cons



Key Features

  • Made in the US by Wisconsin Aluminum Foundry (Wafco)
  • High capacity the All American 921 will take either 19 pint jars or 7 quart jars at one go (depending on shape of the jars
  • Easy to adjust pressure settings
  • No rubber sealing gasket needed, the machined faces of the base and lid provide a pressure proof seal
  • Over pressure safety valve
  • Geared pressure gauge
  • Heat resistant carrying handles
  • Thick wall construction for durability and even heat distribution
  • None readily apparent – negative feedback seems mainly aimed at a lack of a warning about glass or ceramic cooker hobs on Amazon’s webpage
  • Heavy duty construction – the base and the lid are made of hand cast aluminum with a fine machined finish
  • Thick wall construction – the thick walls of the saucepan help ensure that there is a more even heat distribution
  • Gasket free sealing – the faces of both the base and the lid have been machined to a fine finish so that when that are clamped together they will form a pressure leak proof seal
  • Automatic overpressure vent – if the pressure becomes too high in the All American 921 an automatic valve will vent the over pressure avoiding the risk of the pressure becoming too high
  • A choice of available pressures – a single easy to adjust weight can be placed in one of three positions giving a 5lb., a 10 lb. or a 15 lb. pressure
  • Heat resistant carrying handles – there is a carrying handle either side of the base unit for carrying the All American 921
  • Pressure gauge – a highly accurate geared pressure gauge is attached to the lid
  • Locking screws – there are 6 insulated wing screws for securing the lid to the saucepan base
  • Insulated lid handle – there is an handle on the lid to enable the lid to be removed safely even when hot
  • Large capacity – the All American 921 will take 19 pint jars or 7 quart jars at one time (depending on the shape of the jars)

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Our Final Conclusion For The All American 921

To call the All American 921 simple and straightforward is to do it a bit of a disservice. But what makes the All American 921 so good is that it is simple and straightforward combined with clever design and being very well made. This is a heavy duty highly efficient pressure cooker that is well engineered and manufactured. While other pressure cookers rely on rubber gaskets to form a leak proof seal, the All American 921 relies on good quality machining of the thick aluminum construction to make a metal to metal seal that is pressure sealed. To alter the pressure of the All American 921 it is just a matter of lifting a graduated disc and placing it in one of three marked positions, 5 lbs., 10 lbs. or 15 lbs. this is a very highly rated pressure cooker by its users.

From over 1,100 users who gave an opinion on Amazon, the All American 921 scores a very high 4.8 out of 5, with 97% rating it as either very good or good. Of the small number who did not like the All American 921 most of the complaints seem to be regarding the fact that it is not suitable for use on glass or ceramic cooking hobs. Amazon do not mention this but Wafco clearly state this on their product page.