Sugar Cane Juicer Reviews – Best Sugar Cane Juicers

A sugar cane juicer is a juicer made specifically to extract sugar cane juice from whole, unprocessed sugar canes. This allows for the freshest possible sugar cane juice to be produced without contamination from soil leaching or degradation of nutrients and enzymes from heat.

A sugar cane juicer is usually stainless steel because they must be durable in order to crush relatively hardy and fibrous sugar canes. A standard sized sugar cane juice is pretty large and can process four to five sugar canes at one time. Using rollers with a small space in between them, these juicers rely on electric or gas power to crush and squeeze sugar canes very thinly so that juice can most efficiently be extracted. Some sugar cane juicers are crank or lever powered and may require human strength.

What are the benefits of a sugar cane juicer?

Sugar cane juicers are designed for efficiency specific to sugar canes, so they can maximize the amount of juice extracted from a single sugar cane. Because of the unique shape and structure of sugar canes, it is almost impossible to juice them with anything but this specific machine.

These juicers are also made from extremely durable materials and have builds that can withstand tons of crushing power. This is necessary to work with sugar cane, which has a hard outer protective layer. On the plus side, this means that the juicer will most likely last for years.

A sugar cane juicer is also designed so that it does not produce very much heat. This is important in preserving the active enzymes and nutrients in raw sugar cane juice. Much of the benefits of sugar cane juice comes from it being made raw and unrefined.

Despite not using blades or anything that would generate heat, sugar cane juicers are very fast, producing upwards of four liters of sugar cane juice per minute depending on the model.

Sugar cane juicers are perfect for commercial and industrial use, particular for those who bottle sugar cane juice directly to sell to the market.

What are the drawbacks of a sugar cane juicer?

Sugar cane juicers are absolutely unitaskers that can process only one kind of juice. Unless you are a big sugar cane juice drinker, it would not make sense to make the investment in the range of hundreds of dollars for this heavy duty machine.

Because they need to be so strong in order to effectively crush sugar canes, these juicers are also very large and heavy. They can take up a sizable amount of space in a kitchen and are difficult to store. It might also take more than one person to transport the juicer anywhere, as they weigh a lot.

Sugar cane juicers are specialty products that can be difficult to repair when they run into problems. If you need a part replaced, it may take a special order from the manufacturer, which can be a tedious process.

What are the benefits of sugar cane juice?

Sugar cane juice comes with a whole host of health benefits. It is packed full of sugars that can be harnessed for energy while simultaneously quenching your thirst. They are perfect for rehydration after physical activity in hot weather and can act as a natural electrolyte.

Even though it is full of sugar, sugar cane juice is not unhealthy. These sugars contained in it have a very low glycemic index carbohydrates that can regulate blood sugar levels and help to maintain weight.

Along with sugar, sugar cane juice is also full of essential minerals like calcium, magnesium, potassium, and iron. It is also an alkaline food and can help to balance pH levels in the body.

Pressed freshly, sugar cane juice also contains tons of antioxidants that can be helpful in preventing cancer and other diseases. Live, active enzymes that are beneficial to health are also present when sugar cane juice has not be pasteurized or heated.

Aside from being drunk directly, sugar cane juice can also be made into sugar for household use or fermented into alcohol or vinegar. With a sugar cane juicer, you can make plenty of sugar cane juice to any purpose commercial or personal.