Oster FPSTJE3168-000 Review

Oster FPSTJE3168-000 Review 

Oster FPSTJE3168-000 Summary

4.2 out of 5

Juicing is all about health and fitness. It is a lifestyle and so is the brand Oster. Loved and trusted by our grandmothers, Oster brings us its latest juicer – the FPSTJE3168-000 Big Mouth. As the name suggests, it has got a large feed chute and a large 600-watt motor. But, what else is it hiding underneath its svelte exteriors? Let’s find out…

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Oster FPSTJE3168-000 Introduction

Who doesn’t love the taste of freshly squeezed orange juice? But nobody likes to do the squeezing part and that’s why there are juicers. Unfortunately, not all juicers are capable of handling whole fruits like a complete apple or orange (without the peal of course). The Oster FPSTJE3168-000 Juicer however can accept whole fruits no larger than apples. This is just one of the many impressive features of the Oster juicer.

First of all, the fact that it’s made by Oster in itself gives this kitchen appliance quite some pedigree. A really old American trustworthy brand that knows what it is doing, Oster brings yet another marvelous piece of reliable engineering with the FPSTJE3168-000 Big Mouth Centrifugal juicer. This particular juicer packs a huge 600 Watt motor underneath that operates at just once speed and a single speed is all you need for fresh juice in the morning. Besides the juice jar holds a decent 1 quart and can be used to keep your juices fresh in the fridge for later. Did we mention that this Oster juicer is also quite cheap compared to other 600-Watt large feed-chute juicers? Yup, its nearly twice as cheap!

Our Oster FPSTJE3168-000 Review

The job of a juicer is to juice and nothing else. Does it matter if it costs a whopping thousand dollars or just a few? Does it matter if it has numerous states and controls or just one? Does it matter if it can make life easier or needs a lot of prep work? In our opinion the first two requirements are bogus, the last one however is always a welcome addition and probably the reason why technology and gadget makers tend to push out newer models – to improve and make human life that much easier to live. This brings us to the Oster FPSTJE3168-000 juicer, which costs under $50 and still manages to stand tall in the faces of Vitamix and Champion juicers! Yup, now don’t go expecting a performance at par with those hundreds of dollar worth of “gizmo-gasm”. Nevertheless, you can be excused to imagine some amount of technological prowess considering the brand here is Oster – an all-American brand known for its reliability.

That is what you get. The juicer is very effective in shredding out the pulp or mulch from the juice within. In fact, for a centrifugal juicer, the Oster FPSTJE3168-000 actually produces a pretty dry mulch. You won’t get more than 1/4th of juice out of that pulp and that too only with the best masticating juicers. Moreover, it somehow manages to distill the froth or foam thus leaving a pretty clear juice in the collecting jar, which by the way, can hold a pretty good one-quart of fresh juice. Pity though that Oster does not ship a cover for this jar, though you can store it as is in the refrigerator without worrying about decomposition until the next day. This is because, unlike most centrifugal juicers, the design of the juicer plus its stainless steel straining disc ensures that temperatures do not rise to alarming levels when juicing. The end result is the ability to juice a lot more without damaging nutritional value of your freshly squeezed morning energy potions.

Now, as for the negatives, the obvious exists. For starters it won’t juice to the last drop but then again neither will a $300 juicer do that. However, for under $50, this Oster juicer manages to squeeze quite a lot of juice. When you consider this fact along with the huge mouth on top, it begs the question – why go with any other juicer when this basically is a timesaver. Drop in peeled oranges or a whole apple and watch as it churns through them all in a matter of seconds, dismantling the liquid juice from the solid pulp and then distilling the foam out before leaving a clear fresh and cool juice in the collection jar.

Oster FPSTJE3168-000 Specifications & Pros/Cons



Key Features

  • Ergonomic and Simple – Oftentimes, well designed gadgetry tends to be easy to use and simple. The FPSTJE3168-000 juicer is ergonomic and simple with its single moving locking arm that engages the motor and a single toggle switch that starts and stops it juicing.
  • Stainless Steel Filter – Being stainless steel, it lasts longer and does not drop in efficiency over time. Basically this filter gives you “day-one” freshly pressed juice thousand days later.
  • Ample Power – 600-watt is a lot of power and it shows in all the things it can juice. Kale, pineapple, apple, crunchy veggies – nothing can stand in its way.
  • Thoughtful Functionality – Looks like the designers did not cut corners when it came to functionality. They gave a separate collection bin for the mulch waste and also a filter that removes most of the foam.
  • Large Feed Chute – And the most obvious advantage of this juicer is its massive feed chute that easily takes a large orange or apple without the need to slice and dice. You end up saving quite a lot of time juicing since you need not minutely prepare your ingredients.
  • Single speed can be limiting considering that it is a 600-watt motor. Oster could have at least given three speed options without it costing much to the designers.
  • The feed chute may be large but it still needs some amount of preparation and you cannot hurry things up by trying to squeeze a lot of ingredients in together. This will heat the juice up and ruin it. Be patient!
  • The motor sits such that its exhaust fan throws hot air out towards the side that collects fresh juice and if you happen to cross the 1-quart mark on the collection jar then juice might just start spilling over or flying helter-skelter.
  • A lot of plastics equals a lot of parts that can break so be gentle with this juicer. Remember it is a really affordable but reliable machine so go easy on it.
  • The stainless steel filter helps strain raw ingredients away ensuring perfect, nutritious and delicious juice in only a few seconds.
  • The motor on this juicer is rated at 600-Watts, which is sufficient for almost all sorts of fruits and veggies you can think of. Granted, the juice is going to get hot a bit with just a single speed option, but at least it juices everything.
  • Easy to operate design with a single moving locking arm to complete the procedure and prep for juicing. Starts rather easily too.
  • The juice jar can accommodate a maximum of 1 quart of juice – more than ample for a whole day even for those on juicing diet fads.
  • Easy to dissemble and clean up.
  • Comes with a recipe booklet and a guide book to help get started.
  • Pulp is collected in a separate container and can be quickly and efficiently thrown out to start juicing quickly.

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Our Final Conclusion For The Oster FPSTJE3168-000

Technology wise, the Oster FPSTJE3168-000 Big Mouth Juicer is competitive with many expensive models out there. It won’t be winning ‘mano e mano’ faceoff anytime soon with a competing juicer but it can go a few rounds easy. Foam separation, pulp collection, stainless steel filter, 1-quart juice container, 600-watt of raw power are all excellent reasons to invest in a juicer that is just under the $50 mark. They say nothing good ever comes cheap, but just because something is cheap does not necessarily mean it is all bad and the Oster FPSTJE3168-000 is testament to this fact.