Omega NC800 Review

Omega NC800 Review 

Omega NC800 Summary

4.7 out of 5

The Omega NC800 is one of our highest rated masticating Juicers. It offers you with everything you could possibly need. A high-speed motor offers seamless juicing of stubborn Fruits and Vegetables, while the Omega brand name gives you an unrivaled 15-year limited warranty. Carry on reading to find out why we rate it so highly.

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Omega NC800 Introduction

The Omega NC800 HDS 5th Generation Nutrition Center Juicer is a new and more efficient juicer, extracting up to 12% more juice than the previous version of this machine – a huge leap for a company that is already renowned for its very efficient juice extraction systems.

The Omega NC800 uses a slow speed masticating method with a geared down electric motor that produces high levels of torque (turning motion) and its 2 stage extraction system maximizes juice extraction far more efficiently than the rotary or centrifugal method. This has several advantages, not least being the amount of juice extracted from a given quantity of fruit or vegetables. The pulp that is left over is a great deal dryer than pulp that is usually produced by rotary or centrifugal juice extractors. Due to the much slower speeds used in the extraction the resultant juice does not foam causing oxidization of the juice meaning that it will last longer and not separate when stored.

The slower speeds used in the Omega NC800 also means that the nutrients and enzymes are not destroyed in the high speed, which causes heating of the juice, method. The end result is greater quantity, longer lasting, better tasting juice with more of the healthy components retained in the juice. The machine boasts a large feed chute which means that the amount of chopping is reduced due to the ability to insert larger pieces of fruit or vegetables.

Due to the slower speeds employed the machines can work for long periods in one session without needing a cool down time. With the automatic pulp ejection system the output of the Omega NC800 means that is is quite happy to operate in commercial environments. The Omega NC800 is also adaptable, it can make nut butters such as peanut butter, grind spices and chop herbs. There are extrusion dies that enable it to make various shapes of pasta and it also grinds coffee very well.

Our Omega NC800 Review

Straight from the box the impression given is that is a serious, heavy duty extractor. The Omega NC800 comes with a 15 year limited warranty which shows that Omega are confident that this well-built juicer will last for many, many years.

The juicer is not overly large at 14.5 x 6.5 x 15.5 inches, but weighing in at 20 pounds, it shows that it is a juicer that has been built using heavy duty components. Although the vast majority of the pulp is removed there is a choice of either of 2 strainers with the Omega NC800 one allows some pulp through and the second screens the juice much finer, producing a smoother drink.

Omega NC800 JuicerPreparing the fruit or vegetables to be juiced can often be a time consuming part of making juice, the Omega NC800 greatly reduces that amount of preparation need by having a large feed tube measuring 2 x 1.5 inches in diameter. A second time consuming part of juicing is having to clean out the soggy pulp residue. The Omega NC800 does away with the pulp removal by having an automatic pulp extraction system to allow for continuous operation and therefore a much faster production. Additionally the pulp produced by the Omega NC800 has had so much of the juice extracted that the pulp residue is very dry in comparison.

One caveat about the Omega NC800 is that due to its capacity to extract so much juice any residue that is left on the machine after use should be washed off or at least put in to soak soon after use as it will dry on relatively quickly. The parts needs to be hand washed as they are not suitable for the dishwasher. This is a minor drawback as the juicer dismantles very easily and the parts are able to be quickly cleaned off after use.

Anyone who is new to using a masticating juicer will notice that the juice from the Omega NC800 comes out smooth and not full of froth bubbles, this reduces the oxidation helping it store in the refrigerator longer. Also while stored it does not have the tendency to separate out as is common with other systems. The Omega NC800 claims to be a nutrition center due to its ability to process other foods as well. Nuts can be processed to make nut butters and oils, such as peanut butter.

Herbs and spices can be crushed and chopped, again this is the advantage of slower operating and higher pressures being used in that the oils in the herbs and spices are not overheated or destroyed giving a fuller flavor. While the Omega NC800 will not mix the pasta dough it will extrude various shapes using the extrusion dies that are included with the juicer.

As for grinding coffee beans, many people have high speed grinders that create heat which destroys the oils that give the beans the flavor, by using the Omega NC800 to grind beans the lack of heat in the processing means that all the flavorsome oils remain intact.

Omega NC800 Specifications & Pros/Cons



Key Features

  • The Omega NC800 boasts the world famous Omega Juicer design – giving you an unrivaled experience. The Juicer is simple and easy to operate.
  • The slower speeds offered by the Omega NC800 ensure that the absolute maximum amount of juice is consistently extracted from even the most stubborn Fruits and Vegetables.
  • The 15-year limited warranty offers stress-free Juicing – knowing that you’re covered for many years to come.
  • The working parts are not dishwasher safe – often meaning that you have to manually clean them yourself; which can be tiresome and often difficult at times.
  • Masticating juicing – the 2 stage processing of the fruit and vegetables at slow speed ensures a higher quality juice that will last longer, not separate and retain more of the goodness contained in the fruit and vegetables.
  • Powerful geared motor – the gearing on the Omega NC800 provides a high steady, slow speed, torque to the auger which allows for maximum juice extraction with no damage to the beneficial vitamins, enzymes and nutrients in the fruit or vegetable.
  • 15 year limited warranty – this shows more than anything else that if the manufacturers have the confidence to give a guarantee that lasts for 15 years, this machine will last and last
  • Versatile – the ability to process other foods such as nuts, herbs and spices as well as the ability to produce pastas in various shapes as well as grind coffee give make this not just a juicer but a food processor as well.
  • Automatic pulp ejection – this is very useful when processing larger quantities of fruit or vegetables as it saves having to constantly stop and start
  • Easy to take apart and reassemble – when cleaning the juicer easily dismantles to allow thorough cleaning without having any difficult to reach parts for pulp to get caught

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Our Final Conclusion For The Omega NC800

If juice is being made to benefit from the advertised healthy nutrients, vitamins and enzymes contained in the juice it makes sense to make the juice in such a way as to preserve the maximum amount without destroying them by processing them. That is a very strong plus for the Omega NC800.

For those who are serious about juicing or small to medium commercial concerns the Omega NC800 is an ideal option for all juicing requirements. It is ideal for batch producing juices as it will work for longer periods without having to stop to allow the machine to cool down or clean out any pulp. The quiet operation will be welcome as well. The ability to process other foods with the same machine is a definite plus for the Omega NC800 HDS 5th Generation Nutrition Center Juicer.

It is a pity that the working parts are not dishwasher safe but the ease of dismantling the juicer means that cleaning by hand is very quick and easy. The nice big feed chute (2 x 1.5 inches) means that you can save a great deal of time and effort chopping up the fruit or vegetables before inserting them in the juicer. All in all the Omega NC800 HDS 5th Generation Nutrition Center Juicer is an excellent juicer that is made to work hard and last.