Omega J8004 Review

Omega J8004 Review 

Omega J8004 Summary

4.8 out of 5

The Omega J8004 has firmly scored a place in our top three Juicers. Coming from leading brand Omega, you can expect pristine quality and sleek juicing on a whole variety of fruits and vegetables. As a Masticating Juicer, the Omega J8004 is perfect for the home setting where constant juicing is a necessity.

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Omega J8004 Introduction

There are many reported health benefits to drinking fruit and vegetable juices but even if you ignore the health benefits it is delicious to drink a glass of freshly juiced orange with your breakfast. The Omega J8004 is a juicer for the person who is serious about their juicing. The Omega J8004 extracts juice by what is known as the masticating method. Masticating, literally meaning ‘to chew’ juicers work by using a type of auger, similar to a drill bit, that presses the fruit or vegetables against a fine mesh.

This fine mesh allows the juice to flow through while the pulp is separated. The auger usually revolves at slow speed usually no more than 100 revolutions per minute. This is the most efficient way of extracting the juice together with enzymes, nutrients and vitamins. While at the same time these slower speeds help prevent foaming and any heating of the juice which can destroy the enzymes and nutrients. The Omega J8004 is so efficient at extracting juice that the pulp residue ends up much dryer than is normally expected from a juicer. The Omega J8004 carries the full name of ‘Nutrition Center Commercial Masticating Juicer’ as the very efficient juicing element is only the beginning.

This machine can also grind coffee, make nut butters, grind spices, extrude pasta and mince herbs and garlic among many other uses. It is a well built and string piece of kitchen equipment that is quite capable of enduring the rigors of working in a commercial environment. Omega proudly boast that their auger, the GE Ultem auger is 8 times stronger than standard plastic augers. The electric motor is geared in such a way that it is producing the equivalent of 2 HP (horse power) which is very powerful when compared with many competitive juicers.

Our Omega J8004 Review

The powerful and at the same time very strong Omega J8004 Nutrition Center Commercial Masticating Juicer, to give its full title, is physically packaged in to a very compact size of only 14.5 x 6.5 x 15.5 inches and weighs only about 15 lbs. The Omega J8004 comes with an almost unbelievable 15 year limited warranty (standard wearing parts are excluded from this). This guarantee shows that Omega knows that this machine is built to last for a very long time. So, what is so good about this juicer that is worth paying a little extra for? Firstly, the very efficient way in which this juicer extracts the maximum amount of juice from whatever you are juicing.

Omega J8004 Masticating Juicer

With high speed rotary juicers you are always left with a very wet pulp, this means that there is still a high volume of juice remaining which cannot be extracted. Additionally the high speed of the extraction causes foaming and a heat buildup. This heat buildup leaves your resulting juice with many of the beneficial nutrients and enzymes destroyed and the foaming causes the juice to become oxidized. The Omega J8004 uses the masticating method of which uses slower speeds, typically only 80 revolutions per minute compared with 1,650 to 15,000 revolutions per minute with more standard machines. This slower speed when combined with the powerful motor and the very strong auger and the two stage extraction means that the maximum amount of juice is extracted with low revolutions which prevents damage to the juice by not causing foaming which can cause oxidation of the juice and not increasing the temperature to destroy the nutrients.

Juice extracted by the Omega J8004 will not separate and last longer than juices conventionally extracted. The efficiency in maximizing the juice extraction can be evidenced by the relatively dry pulp that remains. The machine is designed for continuous operation. There is no need to stop and extract the pulp as this is automatically ejected as the fruit or vegetable is processed.

Although the majority of people will buy this machine to extract juice, Omega has done some serious thinking and thought what else the J8004 and its masticating system could be used for. Among the alternative uses suggested for the J8004 are grinding coffee beans, again the slow speed and lack of heat buildup is a real asset here. Making your own nut butters such as peanut butter. Extruding various styles of pastas with the pasta nozzles. In the food processor mode the J8004 can be used to process garlic, onions peppers etc., including herbs and seasonings.

After use the Omega J8004 easily comes apart to make cleaning quite easy. One important point to note is that, due to the high efficiency in extracting juices from foods the residual pulp is quite dry. This means that if left for any time it will solidify so users suggest that it is either cleaned or at the least soaked in water straight after use as this makes cleaning much easier.

Omega J8004 Specifications & Pros/Cons



Key Features

  • The Omega J8004 represents one of the finest Juicers on the market. It has all of the features and technology you could possibly want.
  • The 15-year warranty ensures that you’ll have a Juicer for life. As of yet, we have not heard a single bad thing about Omega’s warranty guarantees when it comes to their Juicer products.
  • The masticating system found in the Omega J8004 is absolutely superb. This particular model seems to extract the absolute most possible juice from Fruits and Vegetables – and beats out many rival models.
  • The automatic pulp ejection and easy clean procedure making cleaning up a breeze in the park. There’s no more scrubbing with a scourer for hours on end.
  • The price tag isn’t the least bit attractive. However, you are buying one of the best Juicers on the market and benefiting from a 15-year warranty.
  • Masticating juicing system – this is undoubtedly one of the best features of this machine. The ability to extract the maximum amount of juice from the fruit or vegetable being processed without destroying any of the beneficial nutrients or enzymes is a huge plus.
  • 15 year limited warranty – it shows the confidence that Omega has that this is a high quality machine that is designed and built to last
  • Automatic pulp ejection – this allows for a continuous operation without having to keep stopping to take out residual pulp and clean the sieve
  • Attachments – that allow the machine to carry out other tasks about the kitchen on one machine such as coffee grinding and pasta extrusion.
  • Easy clean – the simple way in which the Omega J8004 comes apart after use to clean avoids much the nuisance of having clean awkward to get to places in other juicers
  • Dry pulp – not only does this show that the maximum of juice has been extracted but it is much easier to handle as a waste product
  • Juicers stay fresher for longer – the low speed and the avoidance of high temperatures means that the juice made will stay fresher for longer and not separate when compared to conventionally made juice
  • Quiet in operation – lower processing speeds mean a quieter operation

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Our Final Conclusion For The Omega J8004

The first question when it comes to juicers is, does the resultant juice taste good and is it full of nutrients, vitamins and enzymes. Well, without a doubt the slow processing speed means that heat does not destroy any of the nutrients, vitamins or enzymes. As for taste that is entirely subjective. Without a doubt this is a very high quality juicer that can double up for other kitchen tasks at the same time. When tasting the resultant juice in will encourage to try processing other foods as well. Coffee is an ideal the low speed avoids ruining or wasting any of the flavors or natural oils in the beans.

The pulp ejection system allows for quicker processing of larger batches of juice without having to keep stopping to remove a wet lump of mush before continuing. The well designed juicer is so easy to dismantle after use that it removes one messy chore that is often associated with juicing.  Although it should be noted that as the pulp produced is quite dry, if the machine is not dismantled and the parts at least soaked in water residual pulp can solidify and make cleaning a little more of a chore.