Omega 9000 Review

Omega 9000 Review 

Omega 9000 Summary

4.5 out of 5

Omega, not a brand that you would associate with centrifugal juicers. But, the Omega 9000 is just that – a centrifugal juicer that is almost as good as Omega’s trademark masticating juicer series. Decent power, superior construction and excellent efficiency is what you pay for when you buy an Omega. Come and find out whether the Omega 9000 scores high on our juicing meter! We promise you won’t be disappointed one bit.

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Omega 9000 Introduction

The Omega 9000 juicer doesn’t look classy or modern but it is, in all senses, an extremely efficient machine designed to do just one thing – juice!

This Omega promises to squeeze and churn out nearly 25% more juice than any pulp ejector ever can. Additionally, the 9000 series happens to be UL listed. It also offers a pretty neat 1/3 HP commercial grade induction motor that is not just powerful but also quiet. Being a brushless motor, it doesn’t wear quick neither does it make noise. Next up, all metal parts are made from surgical level heavy grade stainless steel so you are set for years to come. Practically speaking, the Omega 9000 is the culmination of years of juicing research and good design improvements. Not only is it efficient but also rugged and durable. Made in USA, Omega trusts in its craftsmanship enough to offer a long 15-year warranty cover.

Our Omega 9000 Review

Now Omega is best known for masticating juicers not for making centrifugal ones but with the Omega 9000 and the 10000 units they make an effort in competing in the centrifugal market. Being avid fans of the Omega brand, we could not resist giving the 9000 with the metal top a spin. Let’s be upfront and quickly reveal our verdict – It is a dream juicer with minor quirks but definitely reeks of Omega quality and efficiency!

To start with, the construction on this juicer is phenomenal. It is all out surgical quality stainless steel or high grade commercial polycarbonate. Together the two materials provide the juicer with superman like abilities. Yup, the construction instils immediate confidence though, we were disappointed to learn that the 9000 just does not come in any color other than white. Bummer since black is what we would go for. Putting that minor niggle aside though, the design and construction is top notch.

Next up, the performance. Well, it gets slightly more complicated here. To start with, this one uses vertical baskets with filters that manage to pull juice out of the pulp. Naturally, pulp starts gathering up and to ensure that you get more juice for your efforts, it relies on a last line of paper like disposable filters. This unfortunately means that eventually, the filters will clog up and you have to replace those made from paper. Thankfully, getting 200 of them is no more expensive than $12. On the flipside though, because of the use of multiple layers of filtering, it is one of the easiest centrifugal juicers to clean up. By the way, the pulp truly is dry and works great as compost, manure or even as ingredients for specific recipes.

What can you not do with this juicer? Just couple of things really and it isn’t a negative as much as technology limitation. Because this juicer relies on a last line of paper filters, it doesn’t do good with leafy or watery veggies. The filters tend to hold back more of the pulp than normal if you try juicing leafy veggies. A trick around this is to add in harder or drier ingredients first and then juice leafy stuff but it only works if you plan on mixing your ingredients. The good news though is that 1/3 HP induction motor doesn’t whine even when churning through carrots in a bunch!

One last thing you ought to know, the Omega 9000 centrifugal juicer is backed by a long 15-years warranty and from what we gather, you never really have to use it because folks have been juicing for over a decade without any issues. Every few months you have to buy new paper filters and every few years you might have to change the discs but that is all the maintenance this juicer needs. Also helps that it is super easy to clean thanks to stainless steel and polycarbonate components.

Omega 9000 Specifications & Pros/Cons



Key Features

  • Superior Construction – Surgical grade stainless steel plus high quality polycarbonate material together make for a durable juicer that is guaranteed to go a lifetime with proper care.
  • Long Warranty & Confidence – Whenever a company offers warranties that stretch past the 5-year mark, we feel safe in promoting them. Well, Omega is confidence enough to be giving a whopping 15-year warranty on this particular model!
  • Maximum Efficiency – Centrifugal juicers are not known for their efficiency in producing the driest pulp and squeezing out the most juice. This design however manages to topple all such preconceived notions on centrifugal juicing technology. It makes 40% more drier pulp than any competing model out there.
  • Simple and Ergonomic – The design is simple. It is compact enough though a bit heavy. However, the biggest advantage of its ergonomic design is the single on/off switch. No complicated buttons or speed selectors. It just juices everything with the flip of a switch.
  • Powerful yet Quiet – 1/3HP motor ought to produce a lot more noise but thanks to the commercial grade induction motor on this unit, it isn’t just powerful but also quiet.
  • For its size, this juicer is actually a tad on the heavier side. Not that we are complaining but you need to know this if you plan on storing it in your kitchen cabinet after use. Best to find a permanent place for it in your kitchen.
  • You have to keep replacing paper filters every now and then depending on the frequency of usage. Thankfully, you can stock up on them for a nominal price.
  • Not that great with leafy veggies because of the filtration system. If you plan on juicing just leafy veggies remember to remove the paper filter first.
  • Efficient thanks to the design of the filter and unique juicing action. It manages to produce nearly 45% more juice than any competing centrifugal juicers in the market today.
  • Every single juicing component that comes in direct contact with either pulp or juice is made from high grade stainless steel, the kind used for surgical equipment.
  • All non-metallic components are commercial grade polycarbonates that are durable, elastic and environment friendly.
  • The motor on this juicer is rated at 1/3 HP. It is cased in a heavy stainless steel unit and offers noiseless functioning thanks to induction type brushless design.
  • It uses a vertical basket spinning continuously to pull the juice out of the pulp thus leaving behind the driest pulp.
  • Workmanship is of the highest level and it shows in the 15-year long warranty cover. Not to mention it is made wholly in the US plus is UL listed.

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Our Final Conclusion For The Omega 9000

Considered by many as leaders in juicing technology, Omega’s 9000 series is nothing short of a miracle. For a centrifugal juicer it comes pretty close to the juicing efficiency of a masticating juicer without taking that much time. Yes, it has its quirks and limitations but as with any kitchen appliance, with time you will come to love all that it can do. If you happen to be an avid juicer, someone who regularly juices variety of stuffs and wants the most nutritious juice in the smallest possible time without sacrificing on quality then the Omega 9000 is the model that you should get. And, don’t forget that when you buy the 9000 series you are backed by a long 15-years warranty! Now, that’s called ‘customer satisfaction’.