Hamilton Beach 70670 Review

Hamilton Beach 70670 Review 

Hamilton Beach 70670 Summary

4.9 out of 5

The Hamilton Beach 70670 is an inexpensive food processor that impressed us from the moment we unboxed it. Boasting a sleek, slender and minimal design, Hamilton Beach have created an affordable food processor without compromising on quality. It firmly stands as one of our favorite food processors available on the market.

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Hamilton Beach 70670 Introduction

With two reversible slicing and shredding discs and a stainless steel chopping blade – the Hamilton Beach 70670 Chef Prep 525-Watt Food Processor, Black is ideal for coleslaws, salads, purees, nut butters, pates, hummus, dough for pasta and biscuits; salsas, shredded cheeses and coarse nut flours. The Hamilton Beach 70670 means that you have all the tools necessary to make whatever meals you want to – you’re the chef and the Hamilton Beach 70670 is your kitchen aid.

The Hamilton Beach 70670’s powerful 525 Watt motor ensures that everything comes out as you want it – even if you’re just chopping vegetables dropped through the oversized feed chute which allows for several carrots or celery sticks to be dropped simultaneously – fast food processing, made further efficient by how much food can be processed at once – what more could you ask for?

The precise speed settings: Low/1 – good for chopping food, such as carrots or cabbage for coleslaw, High/2 – good for grinding down things such as nuts for nut flour, different types of dough and making pureed fruit and vegetables, and Pulse/P – which offers you that bit more control so that you have total influence over how the food is processed, simply think it, think about it, put the food in the bowl or drop it down the oversized feed chute, turn the dial to the correct position(s) for the correct length of time and out comes your food, exactly how you imagined it.

The Hamilton Beach 70670 food processor measures ten by nine (by sixteen) inches and has an internal storage space for the power cord – so that when you have finished with the Hamilton Beach 70670, everything goes neatly away (although it’s VITAL that you make sure that the power cord has cooled if it got hot during the food processing before you put it away, as otherwise you may have a fire from the heated wire).

Our Hamilton Beach 70670 Review

We’ve had my Hamilton Beach 70670 food processor for almost four years now and I’ve had flawless results from it time and time again no matter how many people I’ve cooked for – often it’s just me, my other half and our two kids; but there have also been occasions when some of my friends or my parents have joined us and not once has the food processor slowed down, overheated or been unresponsive to any minute change I make to the dial.

Personally I’ve found that the Hamilton Beach 70670 is ideal for mixing a batch of fresh pasta dough, that I can then use to make a fresh and quick lasagne from – I can even do the tomato sauce in the food processor (I chop cheddar cheese, empty out, do my tomato and vegetable sauce, wash out, dry and then mix up the pasta dough, put straight into the oven, rinse out the Hamilton Beach 70670 put into the dishwasher, plate up the lasagne, serve and eat).

I’ve had varied experiences with food processors in the past – some will do purees and hummus but not nut butters or dough, others would do nut butters but not cheese etc. This is not the case with the Hamilton Beach food processor – it has met and surpassed every task I’ve set to it: purees, soups, stews, smoothies, nut butters, shredded cheese, coleslaws, sliced vegetables, pasta dough, pastry dough, hummus, salsa – I never once needed the one year warranty it comes with, but it’s still nice to have, especially while you’re still gaining confidence in it during your first year with it in your kitchen.

The 10 Cup Dishwasher Safe Bowl is great for making a large amount of food that can be stored within a small amount of time and thanks to the dishwasher safe material the bowl (and lid, blades and discs) is made of, you save less time washing up. It’s as easy as simply separating out the parts, wiping down the electrical stand with a damp cloth, putting the dishwasher safe components into the dishwasher, add a dishwasher tablet, close, set the cycle and forget about it until the beep signals that the dishwasher is finished. Then, simply store the Hamilton Beach 70670 altogether (ensuring that the cord is tucked inside the internal storage space).

Hamilton Beach 70670 Specifications & Pros/Cons



Key Features

  • The 2 speed option pulse allow you to process the food just how you want it.
  • The small dimensions make it portable for the everyday, average user.
  • It is strong enough to process most fruits and vegetables, although we wouldn’t trust it with the extremely tough foods.
  • A relatively weak motor when compared to other food processors.
  • The parts feel flimsy and poorly made.
  • 10 Cup Dishwasher Safe Bowl
  • 2 Reversible Slicing/Shredding Discs
  • 2 Speed Options Plus Pulse
  • Dimensions Of 10 By 9 (By 16) Inches

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Our Final Conclusion For The Hamilton Beach 70670

The Hamilton Beach 70670 is a true industry leader when you compare the features, speed, and motor power you get for the small price tag. While it isn’t the best food processor we’ve ever tried – the variety of food that can be processed, to the quantity to the simple storage space and dishwasher safe components do it a huge favor in helping it to become a consumer favorite.

The 70670 is the epitome of safety, speed and strength in its price range. There are no other food processors that are available with such a small price tag that deliver such efficient food processing.