Cuisinart DLC-4CHB Review

Cuisinart DLC-4CHB Review 

Cuisinart DLC-4CHB Summary

4.6 out of 5

Compact, inexpensive and meant for regular use but only for chopping and grinding everyday ingredients, the Cuisinart DLC-4CHB is a must for any kitchen. Finished with elegance and in brushed stainless steel, it fits the bill of a counter top appliance since you will most probably use it on a regular basis.

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Cuisinart DLC-4CHB Introduction

When you think of a food processor, you get an image of a large and powerful device with plenty of attachments and a large work bowl, right? Well, the Cuisinart 4-cup Mini-Prep Plus is nothing like that! It is in fact, the exact opposite with a petite body, just a single fixed auto-reversing blade, a tiny 4-cup bowl and a motor to fit into the compact base.

Do not get fooled by its petite appearance or its small motor. It can do a lot of things including blending, grinding, chopping, pureeing and emulsifying! This food processor uses an automatic reversible blade that can blend, puree and chop, without you ever having to remove or turn over the blade. One side of the blade is super-sharp and does great chopping herbs as well as to blend or puree. The other side however is blunt edged and this allows the unit to grind spices and pulverize with ease. By the way, the entire ensemble is dishwasher safe (other than the base of course).

This is your everyday food processor. Just add your ingredients, lock the cover and press chop or grind. It is simple and yet highly effective.

Our Cuisinart DLC-4CHB Review

We were expecting a really small food processor considering what we had already read up online. What came to us though was not that small, in fact it is just about the right size for everyday use. Now, do not keep heavy expectations from the Cuisinart DLC-4CHB that it will puree for you, knead dough and pulverize coffee beans. Nope, it will not do any of that and if it manages to do so then the motor will eventually seize up on you. What it is designed for however, and does rather well, is chop and grind. That is about it – do not try and push it to its limits. You paid less than $50 for this food processor so, why do you want to tax it as if it was a $200 appliance?

Construction wise, it is as sturdy as required. The base is heavy enough for the small 4-cup work bowl and tiny motor. You don’t really feel a lot of vibrations when grinding with it. It says brushed stainless steel online but it is not. The motor casing is actually plastic that is then coated with a faux stainless steel finishing. Not something we were pleased with but it isn’t a big lie. Not like a stainless steel casing would have increased the performance of the unit. Next up, the motor within the casing. It is small and you know it is not that powerful like your 10-cup processor when it whines against anything coarse or dense. Naturally, a strict no-no to any leafy vegetable you wish to chop and coffee beans too.

As for the blade and buttons, they are interlinked. Cuisinart says it uses something called the Auto-reversing SmartPower blade. This is just a fancy term for a simple blade that has two sides, like any other blade. The difference though is the blunt side is designed to grind. Naturally, you get two buttons – chop and grind. When you chop the sharp side of the blades attack the ingredients and when you press grind, the blunt side meets resistance. In other words, the motor can rotate the blade in both directions – clockwise and counter-clockwise. But, because of the dual direction, we feel the motor is a weak link in the product. If you overheat the motor by pressing down on either button for too long, chances are you will burn it out. Our advice is to alternate between chop and grind to keep the motor cooled and effective.

Finally, cleaning this baby is super quick and easy. Remove everything from the base and use a dishwasher. Because of its simple design, it cleans quick. This is vital considering the size of the food processor and the fact that you will most probably be using it on a regular basis.

Cuisinart DLC-4CHB Specifications & Pros/Cons



Key Features

  • Easy & Effective – Using the DLC-4CHB is child’s play. Two controls plus a single reversible blade equals zero hassles. Just pick whether you want to grind or chop, close the lid and let it rip.
  • Just Enough Capacity – Granted the 4-cup work bowl in effect does well with no more than 2/3rd filled to capacity but, the end result is always consistent. Chopping ingredients for dinner is what this food processor is really designed for.
  • Excellent Companion – If you have a larger more able food processor, then this Mini-Prep Plus is perfect because of its size and limited functionality. You save time and effort plus larger processors are tedious to clean and maintain but not this.
  • Long Warranty – 18 months on a device that costs less than $50 is pretty impressive. Of course, you have to stay within the limitations of the warranty but as long as you don’t drop the unit or try making peanut butter in full capacity, you should be fine.
  • Decent Recipe Booklet – While not packed with recipes, it has few good ones and the measurements are all with respect to the work bowl’s size and usable capacity.
  • The motor is underpowered. A little more power would have gone a long way in making this an indispensable kitchen appliance.
  • The 4-cup work bowl does not do well when filled above 2-cups.
  • Struggles against leafy or dense ingredients.
  • If you do not alternate between grind and chop, regardless of what you are doing, chances are you will get a puree.
  • Cannot handle more than 2 minutes of rigorous usage as the motor heats up quick.
  • The motor casing is not stainless steel but made from plastic, Cuisinart advertisements mislead a bit here.
  • Compact – Measuring just under 10 inches tall, it is one of the smallest food processors on the market. This makes it super easy to clean, maintain and operate.
  • Auto-reversing Blade – The blade features two surfaces, one sharp and the other blunt edged – allowing the unit to chop or grind.
  • Simplicity In Options – With just two buttons named “chop” and “grind” you don’t really get much options but the upside of this is that you can’t get confused ever.
  • Dishwasher Safe – The blade, work bowl, cover and spatula are all dishwasher safe making cleanup quick and easy.
  • Extras – This food processor comes with an instruction book that contains plenty of recipes created exclusively for the power and size of this device plus a custom spatula too.
  • Warranty – The DLC-4CHB is protected with a 18-month long limited type warranty.

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Our Final Conclusion For The Cuisinart DLC-4CHB

You have to consider two things before you decide on whether you need a Cuisinart DLC-4CHB food processor or not. First, do you plan on doing anything else other than chopping, grinding and dicing ingredients? Second, are the kind of person who likes to make a lot of whatever they do in the kitchen? If you answered no to both these questions, then get yourself a brand new DLC-4CHB. It is simply amazing for the price you pay. And, if you answered yes, then too get yourself the 4-cup Mini-Prep Plus as it will always save you time and effort when you just want to slice or dice ingredients quick!