Cuisinart DLC-2ABC Review

Cuisinart DLC-2ABC Review 

Cuisinart DLC-2ABC Summary

4.6 out of 5

Just 2-cups is what the Cuisinart DLC-2ABC can accommodate in its work bowl but what it can do with those two cups is amazing. It can puree, grind, blend, chop and mash. It does all this with just two buttons – chop and grind – making it extremely easy and fun to use!

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Cuisinart DLC-2ABC Introduction

Don’t judge the Cuisinart DLC2ABC by its tiny size. Yes, it is the smallest food processor in the Cuisinart lineup but it does pack enough punch to justify its existence. First and foremost, this isn’t a do-it-all food processor. While it can grind, puree, blend, chop and emulsify – it can only do really small batches at a time because of its 2-cup capacity work bowl. Helping it achieve its multi-purpose role is an auto-reversing blade that is blunt on one side and sharp on the other allowing it to grind or chop depending on the rotational direction.

This compact machine comes replete with a product manual, a spatula and a recipe booklet geared for its unique size. The motor is rated as a 250-watt unit that obviously struggles against denser ingredients but it should suffice for majority of menial labor such as pureeing baby food, grinding spices, chopping garlic and onion, etc. Good thing though is that this food processor does not take up any space, when compared against a 10-cup unit. So you can easily store it in your kitchen cabinet when not in use. To be precise it measures 5.6 by 9.8 by 8.2 inches (LxBxH). Some other features of this specific model includes dishwasher safe components and a Lexan bowl that handles stress rather well.

Our Cuisinart DLC-2ABC Review

There are really only two options available in the 2-cup food processor segment. Either you get this DLC2ABC from Cuisinart or a KitchenAid KFC3100. Having already owned a KFC3100 couple of years back, we felt we could give a more detailed review on the DLC2ABC by making a direct comparison review. From the onset, we got to say – the Cuisinart is a marvelous piece of machinery and their -revolutionary dual-sided blade technology is why it trumps the KitchenAid and any other 2 or 4-cup processor on the market today! Plus, the accompanying recipe booklet is actually great for beginners. It has recipes for one or two servings, exactly what it is designed for.

Because the blade design is sharp to one side and blunt on the other, it grinds anti-clockwise and chops clockwise. The end result is the ability to do a lot of things that smaller food processors are otherwise unequipped for. Moreover, you can control the consistency better when copping onions and salad items. All you have to do is chop for a few seconds and then grind for a second or two, repeating this cycle until you get the desired consistency and precision. The grind function actually tossed salad inside so larger chunks fall down closer to the blade and then chopping turns these larger pieces to the consistency you need. Likewise, when grinding chop for a second in between to toss around ingredients. For such a tiny appliance and a small price tag, it sure does chop and grind like expensive food processors!

Coming to the construction, 250-watt power is actually sufficient for its tiny work bowl. Note that although the container can hold 2-cups of ingredients, depending on what you do, 1-cup is almost always the effective capacity. Try to add anymore and you will get uneven results or worse – spillage. Speaking of the container, its lid actually shuts tight and does not impact the motor or blade movement so you can actually take the entire container off along with the lid when done. This is nice if you are making smoothies for one. Also the blade itself has a long handle sticking out like a popsicle, making it easy to remove without having to put your fingers at risk. The outer construction though is a bit shady with plastic being the preferred material. Please note, that this food processor only appears to be brushed stainless steel but is actually plastic, not that this affects its performance or reduces lifespan. Thankfully though all the components are dishwasher safe including the work bowl and spatula.

Cuisinart DLC-2ABC Specifications & Pros/Cons



Key Features

  • No Confusion – Grind or Chop, the options are limited and so is the learning curve. Wish to grind, then press the grind button and if you wish to chop, then press the chop button. Basically, you alternate between the two buttons depending on what you want to do.
  • Sufficient Functionality – Considering the fact that you can puree, chop, grind, make baby food, drinks for one – it offers a lot for a small price.
  • Easy to Maintain – Dishwasher safe components, easy to remove blade and clear instruction booklet makes it easy to use as well as maintain.
  • Auto-Pulse – The buttons pulse the blade so your preparations are quicker with this food processor. Try to alternate between the two buttons for a more consistent result though.
  • Recipe Booklet – The included recipe booklet is descriptive and has sufficient recipes to start with. Not exactly to our liking but at least for newcomers, it is a start.
  • Stores as Whole – Because of its height and overall dimensions, storing this processor with the lid and container attached is not a big deal. It fits into an average kitchen cabinet with enough space left around it.
  • More power maybe would have made it adept at handling tougher ingredients or leafier stuff. As it stands though, you have to do small batches only to ensure consistency.
  • Heating is a concern but it is to be expected with a 250-watt motor that is designed to rotate the blades in both directions.
  • Cannot fill the container to 2-cup capacity so the effective capacity of the container is just 1-cup.
  • The base is light because it is made from plastic so if you are not careful it can produce vibrations in the unit when under stress.
  • The bowl is made from Lexan material, which makes it dishwasher safe but it also gives it some amount of flexibility. We prefer our containers to be hard and rigid.
  • Sufficient Power – 250 Watt is enough for a 2-cup work bowl food processor. It chops, grinds, purees, blends, mashes ingredients with ease.
  • Compact – At just 8.2 inches tall, it is so small that you can store it with the bowl on top in your kitchen cabinet.
  • Dual Function – Just two pulsing buttons of chop and grind makes operating this machine easy.
  • Reversible Singular Blade – No blade changes necessary, this food processor uses a single blade with dual surfaces to handle both chopping and grinding functions.
  • Easy Cleanup – The blade, lid, work bowl and spatula are all dishwasher safe.
  • Meets American Standards – Designed exclusively for North America, the DLC2ABC is produced as per North American Electrical Standards.

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Our Final Conclusion For The Cuisinart DLC-2ABC

Those who have never used a food processor and are not sure whether they should get one, the Cuisinart DLC2ABC is a perfect starting model. You will quickly understand just how much time is saved by having a food processor handy. Furthermore, those who already own an expensive large unit, you already know the hassles involved in processing a tiny amount. The DLC2ABC is perfect to make small amounts of stuff so you will save time and effort in the long run, when cooking for two or just yourself. In other words, everyone should get a tiny food processor and the Cuisinart DLC 2-cup Mini-Prep Plus is our recommendation.