Wheat Grass Juicers: How to Enjoy the Benefits

Wheat Grass Juicers: How to Enjoy the Benefits

Nowadays, more and more people are becoming conscious of their health. People are starting to feel the need to live a healthier lifestyle and continuously strive to find ways in improving their health. There are numerous benefits that a wheat grass juicer can add to a person’s diet plan. The grass from wheat contains 70% chlorophyll which can help increase the growth of cells in a person’s body. Wheat grass can also help build up a person’s blood and body. In addition to that, wheat grass can give individuals a boost in energy and stamina.

Grass from wheat can also do wonders for one’s diet since two ounces of fresh wheat grass juice is equal to two pounds of vegetables. Aside from that, it also functions as a body cleanser and eradicates the toxins found in blood cells. Moreover, it also contains thirty very important enzymes that are good for one’s health.

Benefits of a Wheat Grass Juicer

How can one obtain wheat grass juice from wheat grass? This can be achieved with the use of wheat grass juicers. Wheat grass juicers slowly extract juice from wheat grass. This is done in a slow process for if it is done in a fast pace, the enzymes may be destroyed thus removing its essential nutrients. Majority of juicers are running at 1000 RPM while a Wheat Grass Juicer runs only at 80-120 RPM.

If one will use a juicer that works in a fast pace, the enzymes will be oxidized by the centrifugal forces which can annihilate them. Moreover, wheat grass contains lots of fiber so if a juicer that is high-speed is used in extracting, it will clog up. Hence, it is best to use a wheat grass juicer that acts in a slow manner.

Wheat Grass Juicer Types

Now available on the market are several types of wheat grass juicers such as the multi-purpose electric juicers, the heavy duty or commercial juicers, the manual juicers and much, much more. You must never confuse a juicer from a blender for they are two different things.

If it is a quality Wheat Grass Juicer that you are looking for, then there are some things that you need to consider. A Wheat Grass Juicer that is of good quality slowly extracts wheat grass juice coming from grass blades by meticulously pressing it and then squeezing out the fluid containing the vitamins, chlorophyll and minerals. Some of the most recommended quality wheat grass juicers brands are; Samson, Green Star, Miracle, Lexen and Hurricane. Our favorite juicing model for wheat grass is definitely the Breville 800JEXL.

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