How Vacuum Sealers can Reduce Storage Space

How Vacuum Sealers can Reduce Storage Space

For centuries, humans have developed ways to preserve their food to keep it fresh and edible for long periods of time. Once we air-dried our food and preserved it with salt, processes that could take hours or days. But in today’s modern world, we’ve developed methods that preserve food in a fraction of the time. One of the most popular methods is vacuum sealing, a simple process that requires only a plastic bag and a special piece of equipment. With multiple brands and products on the market, vacuum sealing has become a full industry that’s helped countless people preserve food around the world.

What is Vacuum Sealing?

Vacuum sealing is the act of sealing foods inside an airtight package. Users typically put the food in a bag, attach the bag to a vacuum sealer, and wait while the machine sucks the air out of the package. With no oxygen to foster the growth of mold and bacteria, food stays fresh for a much longer period of time. People can store just about anything with vacuum sealing: cereal, nuts, seafood, herbs, cheese coffee, snack foods, and more. Fresh fruits, meats, and vegetables can also be stored, though they have a shorter shelf life than dried foods. Either way, vacuum packing helps eliminate unnecessary waste and can mean a shorter bill at the next trip to the grocery store.

How can Vacuum Sealing Save Storage Space?

Most methods of food preservation don’t give you extra storage space. If anything, they actually increase the size of the product. Jarred and canned foods often take up a lot of shelf space, as well as foods stored in plastic containers or canisters. The food takes the shape of the container–not the other way around. Vacuum sealing is the opposite. With vacuum sealing, the package is actually molded around the food to reduce space as much as possible, while still sealing the food in a protective, oxygen-free environment.

If you’ve ever stored food in a plastic bag, you might have noticed how much air remains trapped inside the bag, even if you try to flatten the bag to save space. Without a vacuum sealer, there’s no way to completely eliminate the air. But when you attach the bag to a vacuum sealer, the appliance can completely suck out the oxygen, essentially leaving you with a piece of food covered in a layer of plastic. Air can take up much more space than people realize–and when it’s gone, you’ll definitely notice the difference.

Unlike canisters and jars, these flattened packages can easily be stacked, sorted, and arranged in your fridge or cabinet. With so much extra space, you’ll be able to preserve and store more food than ever before. And when you’re ready to eat, the plastic is easy to open, especially if you’ve chosen bags that come with zippers. It’s the perfect way to preserve your food without the long, time-consuming process of other methods. Even the vacuum sealer itself can be easy to store, as many brands offer slim, stylish models that take up the least amount of space on a shelf or countertop.

Where can I Buy Vacuum Sealers?

If you’re interested in getting your own vacuum sealer and trying it out for yourself, you can buy several models online. If you’d rather inspect the product before purchasing it, visit your local retailer and see what they have available. Most vacuum sealers are stylish and affordable, making them a great addition to any kitchen. And some models come with extra options, like a handheld sealer for small containers and a free set of plastic bags to get you started.

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