How Vacuum Sealers can Keep your Food Fresh

How Vacuum Sealers can Keep your Food Fresh

If you’re interested in making your food last longer and saving money on grocery bills, the market is saturated with food preservation products: food dehydrators, special bags and containers, even salt and spices for people who prefer the old-fashioned methods. But if you want to preserve your food and save storage space at the same time, vacuum sealing is a relatively new method that’s rapidly grown in popularity. Vacuum sealing requires only a single appliance and a set of plastic bags, and the cost is easily outweighed by the money you’ll save on groceries every week. Vacuum sealing keeps your food fresh without sacrificing taste or nutrients.

What is a Vacuum Sealer?

A vacuum sealer is a simple tool for keeping food fresh and edible for longer periods of time. The process can vary across the different models, but generally speaking, users put their food in a bag or container, attach the container to the vacuum sealer, and wait while the machine sucks out the oxygen. The result is an airtight jar or package that prevents the growth of mold and bacteria. This increases the lifespan of foods that go bad quickly, including fresh fruits, meats, and vegetables. And dry foods can last even longer, including cereals, nuts, herbs, cheese, coffee, and more.

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How can Vacuum Sealers Preserve Food?

When most people think of food preservation, they think of dried and salted foods that can be stored for years. Many people believe that canning and drying are the only ways to preserve fruits and vegetables. These methods are certainly effective, but they also fundamentally alter the taste and texture of the food. With vacuum sealing, you can preserve fruits and vegetables in their original condition, then enjoy them again at a later date. Your food won’t stay fresh for extended periods, but it’ll keep its freshness longer than it would have otherwise.

Dampness, heat, and humidity are the conditions that people typically associate with mold, mildew, and bacteria. But even just the presence of oxygen can contribute to the growth of mold. We certainly can’t remove the oxygen from our environment, but we can seal our fresh food in airtight packages to keep rot and bacteria from creeping in. If your food has been spoiling before you get the chance to eat it, vacuum sealing helps extend the shelf life and reduces your next grocery bill.

Vacuum sealing also extends the life of long-lasting foods like nuts, seeds, cereal, potato chips, coffee, and more. If you’re worried about crushing delicate foods like pretzels or chips, some vacuum sealers offer special options for a more precise sealing process. You can also store food in jars and small containers, then suck out the oxygen with a handheld sealer.

What are the Benefits of a Longer Shelf Life?

If your food has a longer shelf life, you don’t have to eat it right away. You can store it in the cabinet or fridge, then take it out when you need it again. This saves money on your grocery bills, because you won’t have to keep replacing spoiled food. You also won’t feel obligated to eat certain foods “right away,” giving you more freedom with snacks and recipes in the kitchen.

Vacuum sealed food is also great for emergencies and power outages. Fresh fruits and vegetables won’t last indefinitely, but you can seal dried and preserved foods to extend their already long shelf life. If you’re a hunter, vacuum sealing is also a great way to preserve meat to ensure that it doesn’t spoil. Preserved dried foods can also be a great accompaniment to hiking and camping trips.

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