Toaster Oven vs Microwaves: What are the Differences?

Toaster Oven vs Microwaves: What are the Differences?

If you’re trying to decide whether to purchase a microwave oven or a toaster oven, it’s a good idea to learn more about both of them. Check out an explanation of each type of oven and learn about their pros and cons.

Microwave Ovens vs. Toaster Ovens

Black & Decker Toaster Oven

This Black & Decker Toaster Oven is a standard model – featuring several programmable options.

A microwave oven heats items of food with microwave radiation. This radiation heats the molecules contained within the food as well as the container holding the food. A microwave oven focuses its radiation on the food item instead of heating the space all around it. Alternatively, a toaster oven has a heating element inside it that gives off infrared radiation. This means that the heat radiates off the heating element to warm up an item of food inside the oven. The entire oven receives heat when a toaster oven is in operation.

The Differences between These Ovens

One of the main differences between a microwave oven and a toaster oven is that a microwave uses less energy and cooks food faster than a toaster oven. Consequently, a microwave oven is more energy efficient. Another difference between these two ovens is that a toaster oven can brown an item of food inside it. A microwave oven can’t brown an item of food, it can only heat it up. There is a difference in size and weight of these two ovens. A microwave is usually heavier and larger than a toaster oven. Microwave ovens can cook more items of food at one time.

The Pros and Cons of These Two Ovens

Both types of ovens have pros and cons that people must consider before making a final purchase. One of the pros of a microwave oven is that it cooks food very quickly. Someone who wants a quick meal in a short amount of time would be happy with a microwave. Another pro is that a microwave is energy efficient. It uses a fairly small amount of wattage during operation. In addition, microwave ovens are attractive. They are available in a variety of colors and styles.

One con of a microwave oven is that sometimes cold spots can be left inside pieces of cooked food. Somehow the microwave radiation isn’t able to reach a particular area within a piece of food. This can result in food poisoning if there is bacteria present in the food. Another con is that some microwave ovens are very large. They can take up a lot of counter space in a small kitchen. One of the pros of a toaster oven is that it cooks a piece of food in an even way because of the heating element inside the appliance. Also, a toaster oven is small in size. So, a person with very little counter space can have this type of oven and still have room left to prepare a meal.

A toaster oven is light and easy to move around to different areas of the kitchen. One of the cons of a toaster oven is that it takes a fairly long time to cook an item of food. The oven needs to heat up and maintain its temperature. Also, a toaster oven isn’t big enough to handle several items of food at one time.

Both microwaves and toaster ovens have desirable features. A person’s decision depends on the amount of counter space that is available and how much cooking he or she plans to do with the oven. If you’re decided that a toaster oven is the best for you, consider checking out our top two rated models: the Breville BOV800XL and the Cuisinart TOB-40.

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