Three Reasons To Start Juicing Today

Three Reasons To Start Juicing Today

Making a sound investment into a new Juicer may just be the best thing you’ve ever done this year. Research has time and time shown that juicing Fruits and Vegetables is a great way to increase your daily intake and get you up to the all-so-magical five-a-day target. Whether you’re into Apples, Bananas, Berries or even Mangoes, with a Juicer, you can combine your favorite tasting Fruits and Vegetables and drink a delicious smoothie.

With so many advantages to juicing, we thought we’d pick out our three favorite reasons to start juicing today.

  1. When you juice Fruits and Vegetables, your body absorbs all of the nutrients. This is perhaps the most important reason to start juicing today. Through your earlier years, you were probably subjected to processed foods and unhealthy choices – as the majority of the world is. This means that your digestive systems most likely aren’t optimal, and don’t get all of the available nutrients from raw Fruits and Vegetables. With Juicing, you break down the food – which allows your stomach to digest all of the nutrients and vitamins without any wastage. By juicing, you’re giving your digestive system a break. You won’t need to digest the vitamins and nutrients; but instead your body will simply absorb them.
  2. Juicing lets you hit your five-a-day goal with ease. With health organizations all over the world preaching the importance of getting our five-a-day, we often have to sit back and think just how important is it? By using a juicer, you’ll easily be able to get all of your five servings – and more if you so desire. Drinking a smoothie is a lot easier than eating 5 raw portions through the day.
  3. You can add fruits and vegetables to your diet that you’re not so keen on. We all have fruits and vegetables that we don’t like the taste or texture of. With juicing, you can easily combine your most-hated fruits into a smoothie and barely even taste the difference. If your favorite fruits are Apples, and your least favorite are Bananas, then simply make an Apple-focused smoothie and add one Banana into the mix afterwards. You won’t taste the subtle hint of Banana flavoring, but your body will be happy to absorb another set of unique nutrients and vitamins.


There’s plenty of other reasons to juice, but these are our top three. Getting your five-a-day is extremely important, and giving your body a constant supply of all-natural and healthy nutrients and vitamins is even more reason to pick up a juicer and start today. If you’re interested in learning more Juicing, why not visit our Juicer Reviews? We’ve reviewed plenty of models over the years, although our personal favorites are definitely the Breville 800JEXL and the Omega J8004.


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