Protein Shakes: Factors to Consider When Choosing One

Protein Shakes: Factors to Consider When Choosing One

Though commercial protein shakes are widely available, it is still best if made at home. For one, you will be certain of its nutritional content. And most of all, you can choose the type of ingredients that you prefer most. Many individuals use this type of food to build up their muscles and obtain the type of body that they desire. While some use it as supplements in their diet, a lot use it as substitutes of their actual full meal. Regardless of how you would like to take your protein shakes, there are 3 things that you have to consider. Among these are written below:

Your Protein Shake Must Have a Pleasant Taste

Can you imagine living most of your adult life trying to force yourself everyday to drink a protein shake with nasty taste? Foods must be something that one should enjoy and not something that one would fear eating. Though a protein shake is commonly known for its unpleasant taste, one must find a way to make it more delectable. You can add your favorite flavor like chocolate, strawberry, or vanilla to mask its unpleasant taste. There are many home made protein shakes suggestions all over the net; you can also experiment on them until you come up with the flavor that you desire.

Check Your Protein Shake’s Nutritional Value

Protein shakes are taken because of its nutritional value, so you may as well boost this part of your drink to make sure that you are making the most of it. Check your choice of protein powder and make sure that each of its serving will yield 25 grams of protein. Carbohydrate and fat content of your protein shake must limit to 2-3 grams/serving.  Again invest on protein shake powder with less fat and carbohydrates, or else you are defeating the purpose of your diet.

Check the Ability of Your Protein Shakes to Blend Well

Cheaper protein powder has some sort of mixing problem. You will need to shake your drink hard to mix it well. However higher quality protein shake powder yields to a smooth liquid food that you rave about. Whether you’re using a Blender or a hand mixer, we strongly recommend picking up one which gets the job done. Read through our comprehensive blender reviews and figure out which one is the best for your protein shakes!

If you are taking your protein shake to build your body muscle, you have to remember that it will never work best without a quality plan. This comprises strength training, nutrition, and proper intake of supplements. Without this, you will never progress in your muscle training program.

A protein shake is essential especially after work out to replenish the protein and carbohydrates that you have wasted during your exercise. With enough supply, you will be able to repair damaged muscles and revitalize your energy store. With its liquid form, your body needs less effort to digest it. Hence, protein shake is best taken than food for more fast result. If you want your protein shake to add up to your weight, you can add fruits and milk. For losing weight, it should be made with bare minimums to conserve calories.

So, if you have decided to employ protein shake for your body building needs; may it be to lose or gain weight, don’t forget to remember the essential factors of protein shake mentioned above.

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