Low Fat Slow Cooker Recipes

Low Fat Slow Cooker Recipes

Finding low fat slow cooker recipes can be difficult, especially considering that the majority of recipes incorporate some form of fatty foods. The difficult part of cooking something which is low in fat is being able to make it tasty, succulent and sumptuous, while keeping the fatty ingredients at a bare minimum. A good way though to get started with cooking low fat recipes is to begin producing your own soups rather than purchasing canned condensed soups, or rather, any form of purchased soups. It’s always best to cook your ingredients and recipes right from scratch, rather than taking the easy option out and purchasing something from the local store. The real tip to getting low fat slow cooker recipes is ensuring that your recipe and dish remains low in sodium, nutrient dense and ultimately, low in fat. It’s a myth that great tasting food has to be stuffed with fat and calories – but this is incorrect.

Slow Cooker Recipe Books

Without a doubt, one of the best ways to pick up some great low fat slow cooker recipes is to choose a book that has been written by a masterful chef. There are dozens and dozens of different books to choose from, so it’s entirely down to which chef’s you prefer, which recipes you prefer or generally, how you prefer to read your books. Some of the slow cooker books available on the market specifically focus on low fat slow cooker recipes, whereas others just focus on great tasting all-round slow cooker recipes that are perfect for the whole family.

Slow Cooker Revolution Book

The Slow Cooker Revolution, written by America’s Test Kitchen is one of the most advanced and comprehensive slow cooker books currently available on the market. It features plenty of low fat slow cooker recipes that are absolutely delicious.

The book has been written over a year long period, and contains some of their all-time favorite low fat slow cooker recipes. They also include simple, but effective guidance for improving your recipes, such as blooming garlic, onions and spices in the microwave for five minutes before popping them into your slow cooker. With over 200 low fat slow cooker recipes to choose from, and dozens of useful hinters, tips and tricks, the Slow Cooker Revolution is the absolute best slow cooker book currently available.

If you don’t have a slow cooker yet, we’d heavily advise reading our best slow cookers of 2016 guide and choosing which one is best for you!

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