Juicing Ginger – The Miracle of Ginger Juice

Juicing Ginger – The Miracle of Ginger Juice

Ginger has always been an old kitchen stand by. With its fragrant and spicy tones, ginger has for centuries been ground up and used to add zest to many recipes around the world, including India, Thailand, Japan, China, the Pacific Islands, as well as the United States and Europe.

Not only is this wonderful root tasty and world renowned, it also possesses some surprising heath benefits as well! Consumption of ginger provides numerous essential nutrients such as fiber, vitamin B6, niacin, potassium, phosphorus, iron, riboflavin, magnesium and manganese. It also has no unhealthy, highly processed carbs and fats because it’s a natural root.

Ginger is so nutritious, in fact, that it’s currently being studied for possible medicinal uses. At the moment, the American Cancer Society is investigating ginger’s properties for their potential to prevent cancer! According the ACS, “Recent preliminary results in animals show some effect in slowing or preventing tumor growth.” Ginger is also famous as an herbal remedy for nausea of any kind, motion sickness, and seasickness, with studies finding it significantly better than a placebo in limited tests. Looks like our mothers were right all along about drinking ginger ale when were sick as kids (not that we ever doubted them, of course).

Studies have also shown that ginger can promote healthy, functional sweat glands, which helps regulate body temperature to help combat fevers– in fact, you can even selectively raise or lower your temperature depending on the age of the ginger! This effect also raises your immunity and helps your body to fight infections. On top of that, ginger is a tried and true anti-inflammatory agent, and the University of Cairo has found that it can lower cholesterol. On top of that, ginger has been found in a 2005 study by Cinvest, Inc Headache Care Center to be a helpful herb for combating migraines.

Wow, that’s a lot of health benefits.

All that said, you can bet that it has a catch: ginger is very potent, and should only be consumed in very small quantities by certain people. Ginger is not recommended for children under two years old, and children between six and ten should only ingest about two milligrams of ginger juice a day (We’ll get to how to make ginger juice in a second). It’s recommended that expectant mothers not take much more than a gram a day, due to conflicting research on whether or not ginger has mutagenic or antimutagenic effects on unborn children.

Most adults, however, can safely consume no more than four grams of ginger a day and reap the numerous benefits.

So, what’s a good way to easily get your recommended amount of ginger in, daily? Juice it! The idea of juicing ginger might seem like a daunting task, because of its naturally dry and fibrous texture, but don’t worry, it’s not as hard as you might think. Simply cut off a small sliver, no more than a quarter inch if its your first time using it, from your ginger root and add it to your juicer as normal. You can also juice it with whatever else you’d like to add. Keep in mind that ginger is very strong and will definitely add a kick to whatever juice concoction you’re making!

Now you’ve got a way to get your recommended amount of ginger in daily that’s tasty and offers tons of room to be creative. Use it to create a healthful and potent juice blend, or use it to add kick to protein or meal shakes. Ginger juice is also great for marinating meat because it breaks down proteins in the meat, which tenderizes it. Alone, it can be used in small amounts as an essential oil, as well.

With homemade ginger juice, you really do have the freedom to get creative with your food and keep healthy as well, so try it out!

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