How To Juice Beets With Your Own Juicer

How To Juice Beets With Your Own Juicer

If you want to quit smoking, then it may be time to begin the fun of juicing raw beets. Beet greens make the body more alkaline, and this amazing process causes the nicotine to stay in the blood longer. Your craving for a cigarette is reduced. Moreover, the green tops are rich in folate, which protects lung cells from damage that can start cancer. So, throw the green tops in the juicer along with the beet roots. You’ll have two doses of prevention. Read on for even more reasons why you should start drinking raw beet juice daily.

Grow Your Own Natural Food Pharmacy – Preppers are inspiring consumers to live close to their food supply. How convenient is it for you to collect all the vitamins and minerals that you need from your own garden just by stepping outside the door? The cost is lower than the drug-store vitamins.

Turn them into super-foods by running them through a juicer. You’ll spend less food preparation time in the kitchen, your home stays cooler in summer, and your raw juice concoctions are nutrient dense for high energy. Raw juice drinks may be your only health elixir that has absolutely no bad side effects. You’ll notice less mood swings because your brain is getting healthier. Everybody wins.

Hydrate With Raw Juice – Raw fruits and vegetables have high water content. This means you have less chance of becoming dehydrated. Your first clue to the beginning of dehydration is a minor headache. Your brain is signaling that it needs water. Since it is a major organ, it will remove water from another vital organ. The heart muscle is next in line for water loss. Keep your heart muscle and brain hydrated and happy by drinking beet juice and plenty of fresh water. It’s that easy.

Feed Your Body and Lose Weight – Fast-foods lack the nutrients that your body needs to function properly. Every cell needs vitamins and minerals daily and lots of them. Living on processed foods cause your body to continuously feel hungry because it is trying to get the nutrients that it needs.

You’ll eat more to satisfy your hunger, and you’ll gain weight on the empty calories. Malnutrition is next. Can a person weigh 600 lbs and suffer the starvation disease of rickets? Yes! Juice some raw beets and regain control of your health. You’ll slim down in the process.

Benefits of Juicing Raw Beets

If you want better health, check out some of the nutrients in raw beets:

  • potassium – lowers blood pressure
  • calcium – strengthens bones and teeth
  • vitamin C – builds heart muscle
  • vitamin B – prevents iron deficiencies and anemia

Beets are also loaded with fiber to keep your intestines operating on an even level and your blood sugar normal.

How to Juice Beet Roots

This is the easy part. Use fresh beets from your garden or the farmer’s market. Try some deep purple beets with betacyanin to aid in removing toxins from the body. Scrub them clean with a vegetable brush, and drop them in the juicer. There is no need to peel or even discard the green tops. These parts are power-packed with nutrients.

Since garden-fresh beets have more nutrition, use them right away. Add some raw carrots and apples for a special blend. You’ll notice elevated energy levels the first day. The human body has a lowered immune system when it’s malnourished. Why be sick and tired when you can be well?

Now that you know all about beets, and their amazing juicing potential, you can get started today by growing your own in a backyard garden. Moreover, if the green thumb eludes you, start shopping today at some local farmer’s markets. Design some of your own raw recipes and watch your health make fantastic improvements. In addition to this, it’s a great idea to invest in a Juicer that has been developed with Beets in mind. Two particular models that seem to handle Beets exceptionally well include the Breville 800JEXL and the Omega J8004.

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