6 Quick Tips On How To Juice With The Omega Juicer

6 Quick Tips On How To Juice With The Omega Juicer

In this article you will find 5 simple and quick tips on how to juice with the omega juicer. You can use these guidelines or change them as you need to. After reading them you will no the basic rundown on how to use a juicer.

1) Wash – Prepare vegetables by tacking them out of the bag or wrapper and washing them thoroughly. This is important to wash away any pesticides or chemicals that were used in farming.

2) Cut – If you are using larger fruits and vegetables it may be a good idea to cut your foods into smaller chunks to lighten the workload of your juicer and allow you to feed them into the chute easier.

(Depending on what you are juicing, use one, or the other of the 2 following tips)

3) Feed Food In – Next you simply start to put the food into the omega juicer through the chute. Be sure to use the food pusher and not push the food in with your fingers.

4) Attach Wheatgrass Kit – If you are trying to juice greens like wheat grass, spinach, cabbage or kale then use the wheat grass kit to juice these foods.

5) Pour Your Juice & Enjoy – This step is the funnest. Pour your juice and enjoy your fresh beverage.

6) Clean Your Juicer – This is not the most fun step, but is necessary. Clean your Omega juicer thoroughly to avoid any juice stains on the machine and to have it ready to go on the next round.

Use the above quick tips to make fun and healthy juice anytime with your Omega J8004 Juicer and you will make great beverages anytime you feel like a healthy snack.

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