5 Surprising Vacuum Sealer Uses Outside the Kitchen

5 Surprising Vacuum Sealer Uses Outside the Kitchen

Many conscientious homeowners know the waste-reducing and money-saving benefits of a vacuum sealer in the kitchen. Food stays fresher for a longer time and is not tainted by freezer burn or bacteria. This handy device is not just for the kitchen, however. All around your home, garage, and garden, a countertop vacuum sealer can serve you well.

1 – Prevent Tarnish on Silverware and Jewelry

Metal items become tarnished when exposed to air, water, and in the case of jewelry, your body’s natural moisture and salts. The last thing you want on the family heirloom silver service is tarnish. Using your vacuum sealer to secure the pieces carefully allows the forks, knives, spoons, and serving utensils to stay as good as new for many years to come.

Silver and other jewelry can also be preserved in this manner. Some intricate pieces would be difficult to polish or expensive to have refinished at a jeweler. If you store them in an air-tight pouch, they will still sparkle beautifully when you want to wear them.

2 – Keep Important Documents Safe

Using the sealer function only, secure all your important paperwork in transparent plastic to make sure it stays safe from dust, fading, moisture damage, or mildew. This can be useful for everything from birth certificates to house deeds. If the item you wish to protect is one or a few pages and is very flexible, be sure not to use the vacuum of setting or the paper may crumple. Harder items like passports can stand up to partial vacuuming.

3 – Protect and Store Memorabilia, Photos, and Collectibles

High school yearbooks, postcards from favorite vacations, ticket stubs from your first rock concert, and more. These are items you may wish to save for your entire life and take out and look at to reminisce from time to time. Just putting them in a box or tucking them away on a shelf can invite damage over time. This is especially true for print photos. Many people have boxes of these from their parents or grandparents that they would want to keep forever.

Using a vacuum sealer to encase them in a thin, transparent plastic will let your memories live on forever. It can also make it easier to store them as you will not need an extra bin or box for large items like books, scrapbooks, or photo albums. Just stack them on the shelves instead.

4 – Storing Linens, Clothing, and Other Fabric Items

Most families have a selection of sheets, pillowcases, and towels that they use regularly and launder frequently. Many also have linens that have been passed down through generations or are only used for special occasions. For example, your grandmother’s embroidered tablecloth may only be used for Christmas dinner, or a set of sheets may be reserved for the guestroom when somebody visits.

Sealing these when not in use is an excellent way to preserve them and keep them fresh. You can also use your vacuum sealer to protect pieces of clothing you do not wear often, baby clothes you want to save for your next child or posterity, and things like Halloween costumes from one year to the next.

5 – Hiking, Camping, Boating, and Other Recreation

Any canoe or kayak trip puts your property at great risk of getting wet. Use your vacuum sealer before you head out to protect your paperwork, your gear, and even your smartphone from damage. Things like rain ponchos and extra clothing in case your boat tips over will take up a lot less room if they are vacuum packed.

Even if you are staying away from the water, hiking and camping also necessitate convenient packages that are easy to carry. A plastic sheath over anything will keep it clean. Also use your vacuum sealer to put together a first-aid kit and create snack packs to carry along. Clean, secure, and convenient: a vacuum sealer can do it all.

Thinking of buying a vacuum sealer for any of the reasons above? Be sure to read through our vacuum sealer reviews before committing to buying one!

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